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My self-summary
An ethical hedonist and mensch with an edge, I am trying to use my law degree to make the world a better place. A Brooklyn/Jersey Jew, I returned in 2009 to DC from a 2 year sojourn in Oakland to try to affect the national political dialogue. I'm looking for someone to challenge me, intellectually, spiritually, and sexually. In turn, I'll challenge you back.

I can be fun, earnest, intense, passionate, positive, enthusiastic, organized, lazy, filled with righteous anger, conversationally aggressive, soft-spoken and listening, spiritual, grounded, idealistic, geeky, and friendly. i'm GGG, half-Israeli and a clergy kid, and I believe strongly in social justice, queer rights, sex-positive feminism, and drug policy reform, and I'd be happy to share those passions with you if you're interested.

I am passionate, hedonistic, and thoughtful
What I’m doing with my life
Working on on reproductive rights and drug policy. Wanting to start writing a pop culture critique blog from male sex-positive feminist POV but haven't yet. Deepening my relationships with friends and family, and having fun with them. I'd like to learn the guitar, too, and get a cat, since they're awesome.
I’m really good at
-singing (I did a capella in college, and performed in law school, and along with karaoke, have been doing a Jewish a capella group here in DC-I even have solos!)
-massage (you won't be disappointed)
-I make a mean tofu or chicken stirfry
-arguing political points (I mean, I'm a lawyer and an advocate, I like to argue :)
-being a good listener when people that i care about have problems
-other things
The first things people usually notice about me
-my smile
-my big energy and loud boisterous voice
-when they look more closely, and maybe feel, they notice my big, muscular arms and pecs
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Online: Dailykos; Savage Love; Metsblog; Espnfc, GiantsFootballblog; TheKnicksBlog; Amamda Marcotte on;;; lots of great links from my Facebook newsfeed

Books: Harry Potter (esp. 3 & 7); Stephen King (esp. It & The Bachman Books); Laurell K. Hamilton; Neil Gaiman (esp. Neverwhere & Sandman); Marjane Satrapi; Rachel Kramer Bussel; Alison Tyler; Audacia Ray; Carol Queen; Tristan Taormino; Ethical Slut; Fast Food Nation; Slut by Leora Tannenbaum; Look Both Ways by Jennifer Baumgardner; Hothead Paisan; Black Hole by Charles Burns; The Walking Dead series; the Saga series, the Preacher series; the DMZ series; the Fables series; the Lucifer series; Raymond Chandler; James Ellroy; Milan Kundera; Lord of the Rings Trilogy; The Moor's Last Sigh; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; Vox; Siddhartha; Clockwork Orange; Catch-22; Sinclair Lewis; Roger Zelazny; Suzanne Collins' the Hunger Games trilogy, Kurt Vonnegut; Douglas Adams; Jeffrey Eugenides; Tom Robbins; Jonathan Lethem; Caleb Carr; Michael Chabon; Herman Wouk; How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less; John Irving; Shalom Aleichem; Shakespeare; Bitch Magazine; myths and fables (esp. Greek); graphic novels; erotica & erotic comics;

Movies: Seven, Requiem for a Dream, Secretary, Wet Hot American Summer, Heathers; Princess Bride; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Don't Mess with the Zohan, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World; The Big Sleep; Mel Brooks; Traffic; Happy Gilmore; The Virgin Suicides; 12 Monkeys; Fargo; Fight Club; The Game; Zodiac; Memento, Do The Right Thing; Blade Runner; The Untouchables; The Matrix (only 1, of course); The Warriors; LA Confidential; Usual Suspects; Reservoir Dogs; Pulp Fiction; Kill Bill Vol 1; Die Hard; Blazing Saddles; History of the World Part I; Black Swan; Garden State; Rent; Guys and Dolls; Dude Where's my Car?; City of G-d; The Last Samurai; Blair Witch Project; Up in the Air; Away We Go; Avatar; Inception, School of Rock; Dazed and Confused; Waking Life; Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, Mad Max: Fury Road, Pussy Riot -A Punk Prayer, The Opening of Misty Beethoven (the original); Erika Lust's Cinco Historias para Ellas, Madison Young, Kevin Smith; Alfonso Cuaron; Pedro Almodovar; Guillermo Del Toro; Terry Gilliam; Israeli movies; the Marx Bros.

Music: Ani DiFranco; Billy Joel; Spoon; Guster; Phish; Grateful Dead; Bowie; Adele; Jeff Buckley; Johnny Cash; The Go Team!; Journey; Kelly Clarkson; Coldplay; Duffy; Beck; The Raconteurs; Liz Phair; Justin Timberlake; Taylor Swift; Radiohead; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Rihanna; Katy Perry; Britney; The Decembrists; Dave Matthews Band; Prince; DJ Shadow; Gnarls Barkley; Alicia Keys; Nelly Furtado; Prince Paul; The Roots; Gotye; Stevie Wonder; Scissor Sisters; Mika; Peaches; MGMT, Baby Teeth; Green Day's American Idiot; Outkast (esp. The Love Below); TV on the Radio; the Killers; Arcade Fire; The Shins; Lady Gaga; Madonna; David Broza; White Stripes; Franz Ferdinand; System of a Down; Yellowcard; Matt Pond PA; Air; Ambulance LTD; Apocalyptica; Sufjan Stevens; Jethro Tull; Pink Floyd; MIA; Broadway musicals like Rent, Les Mis & Tommy; Tchaikovsky; John Coltrane; Miles Davis; jazz; Jewish music; classic rock; bad pop; a capella

TV: Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible); The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, Rome, Deadwood, Veronica Mars, masters of sex, Jessica jones; Treme; Louis; Game of Thrones; The Sopranos, The State (MTV); Mad Men; American Horror Story (murder house, asylum and Roanoke seasons); Walking Dead, Master of none; IZombie; Orphan Black; Orange is the New Black; good place; crazy ex-girlfriend; HIMYM; Modern Family; Parenthood; The Office; Coupling (BBC); 30 Rock; Parks & Rec; Archer; Sports Night; West Wing; Ugly Betty; X-Files; House; Girls, True Blood; Breaking Bad; The Tudors; Eastbound and Down; Party Down; Flight of the Conchords; Rachel Maddow; Daily Show; Inside Amy Schumer, Caprica; Glee; espn fc; 227; Undeclared; Sleepy Hollow; sports. I used to list Lost, but the ending made me never want to watch it again. Also, Reality tv sucks, and its schadenfreude has tried to rot out the empathy-having core of our country. that's not to say you and i shouldn't go out if you enjoy it. We should, but you should just know I think this.

Food: (NY) Pizza; (Bay Area) Thai food & Vietnamese sandwiches; (CA) Mexican food; Chinese Pork Dumplings; Belgian fries; Matzah ball soup; coq au vin; good cheese; stir fry; vegetarian food; Indian food; BBQ; soft, fresh, chocolate chip cookies; chocolate croissants; It's It's sandwiches (Bay Area oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate); Belgian beer; great North American microbrews (esp. Dogfish Head, Victory, & Unibroue-I'm a beer snob); good wine (esp. my faves Gewurtztraminer & Barbera); Benedictine and Brandy; Strega; Sambuca; Flaming Dr. Pepper's (when I was in college) & Sake Bombs (Though I don't really do "bombs" much anymore more, obvs)

Other non-pop cultural activities I enjoy: hiking (short couple hour hikes, long full day hikes to the shenandoah or old rag -haven't been to either yet! - I'm down), lifting weights, yoga booty ballet (occasionally), playing board games, doing Shabbat dinner w lots of lively conversation, singing (esp when someone can accompany w a guitar/harmonize), going to live theatre (esp anything commedia della'arte- or Fringe-related), watching my favorite ny sports teams on tv or w my MLB package on my computer/phone, going to museums or historical sites or beer/wine festivals, and traveling.
Six things I could never do without
1. vociferous political/philosophical discussion
2. great sex
3. good friends & family
4. NY pizza
5. my book/movie/CD collection
6. the rain
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-how to make the whole country more progressive/safe for people to use drugs if they so choose, even to their own detriment/better for the poor/equal for the queer/ a place where women have full control of their own bodies and stupid old white guys can't tell them not to have abortions;
-sexuality, sexual adventures, relationships
-how to plan the next fun random event I'm going to attend
-Judaism, Zionism, progressivism, and conceiving of a new version of a non-omnipotent G-d that works for me, as opposed to the one I grew up with, and sadly grew out of.
-why the DC heat/humidity from mid-May to late Sept. is so horrific, and what I did to deserve it :) (I must admit, summer '14 was really nice)
-Whether the NY Mets and NY Giants will finally have the year they're supposed to be having, and why they're not. (2012 Giants, 2015 Mets not included) although now I'm angry at the Giants and the NFL so this one is much less.
On a typical Friday night I am
Actually, Fridays are often low-key, after a long week at work. Sometimes, I'll just go home, maybe light the Shabbat candles, cook myself some decent dinner, enjoy an intoxicant, and watch a good movie. If others are joining me, perhaps great conversation, wine, and board games (Apples to Apples, Scattergories and Fluxx are faves)

But watch out Saturday and Sunday, I like to try great restaurants, go to art galleries, museums, burlesque, roller derby, beer bars, crowded bars that everyone else is at (this is very rare, and only when dragged with friends, but it doesn't totally suck), The Red Derby, dancing (this is aspirational, but with the right girl, i'd love to go dancing with her, I'm actually pretty good, esp. for a Jewish boy); to the movies, hiking, or simply stay home lifting weights/doing yoga and reading in the sun!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
-i believe that for most people, sexuality is probably more fluid than we assume, and that often socialization holds us back from fully exploring all of ourselves.

-When sleeping alone, I still have three awesome stuffed animals that sometimes join me. Because I'm ok w/ fucking with the gender and age paradigms like that.

-As much of a liberal caricature as I am, I actually strongly dislike listening to NPR (except for the one reporter I know from college). I find it soporific and a bit annoying actually. Which I'm aware is a very unpopular sentiment among the people who share my political beliefs.
You should message me if
-You are a sexually adventurous woman, who is willing to explore your sexual boundaries, and journey with me as I explore my own. Right now I lean towards some occasional non-monogamous exploration, but always together as a couple, as fun only (and not dating others), and designed to add to our intimacy and shared experience. Am of course down to explore whatever you're leaning towards too.
-You're Jewish and seeking a partner (or fun). Or If you're not Jewish, but you have thoughts on spirituality you'd like to share and you're into the fact that my Judaism is important to me, and that I'm excited to work with my future partner to practice Judaism together/create a Jewish home in a way that's meaningful to us (or seeking meaningful connection and fun along the way while you're engaged in your own search for a long term partner that I don't exactly fit).
-You believe in social justice/are progressive/want to change the world like i do, one conversation and action at a time
-you have tattoos, you're not DC "safe" like so many here are having kept their life experiences boring so one day they could work in politics, your profile is not generic, you have interesting ideas on feminism, queer rights, relationships
-you like to debate about important issues, and are looking for a worthy partner
-you are looking for someone to share DC's nooks and crannies, for which I continue to search. there's lots here, I like off the beaten path.
-you're a good person and fun
-You should not message me if you are Republican. I don't date or even make out with Republicans. Politically engaged independents and actual libertarians are welcome. I should add that at this point I probly don't want to date you unless you voted for Clinton in the general or you at least now realize you made a mistake if you did not. I was a Sanders supporter who worked hard for Hillary in the general. And if you're on the left and voted third party or didn't vote, and you still think you made a good choice, just know that I will seek to try to convince you that you did not.
The two of us