29 Miami Beach, United States
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My self-summary
No-good scoundrel who is nothing but trouble seeks disney princess
to take on a magic carpet ride over Miami for wild adventures
full of music, cool pet sidekicks, and tuna melts you will make for the trip.

We'll fly around and eventually land at the beach... which we'll have all to ourselves... and proceed to eat more tuna melts, swim in the ocean, chase after frisbees, picnic on the sand, and maybe smack a few seagulls trying to sneak in and eat our food (Damn it I hate it when they do that!)

It's all innocent fun and games until the sun sets, after which we wrap our naked warm bodies around each other under the blanket, and then we. Well here's a little bit about me... I wake up every morning and I get up from my bed, walk to my espresso machine, and tell it to shoot out 2 shots of espresso.

Sometimes it complies... other times it screams at me and lets me know there are no beans left in it to crush, and that I need to put more in it. Ok, fine, whatever.

After that, I pour one and a half cups of 2% milk into an aluminum mug and set it to heat to a frothy 140 degrees fahrenheit... which I then mix into the coffee in my cup.

Now I am almost ready to drink my cup of coffee, and sometimes I drink some of it right away... but not long until I remember it still needs something else.

Cinnamon. I MUST have my cinnamon on top.

I take out my cinnamon shaker and sprinkle it on top.
Three whole times.

And NOW I am ready to walk outside around my backyard, and enjoy the morning, coffee cup in hand.

And boy, is it a pretty sight! The sky is sunny, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, dozens of bees are flying around my face trying to say "hello" in their monotone buzzing voice.... Can you imagine that? Also, I've got a coffee cup in hand, and I'm soaking it all in... this day feels AWESOME.

If you're still reading, then you probably already want to get it on with me  are at least somewhat interested in me.

If you're fun and don't take any of this too seriously... then let's talk (and soon meet for cocktails in a crowded well-lit venue with lots of security guards)