38Olympia, United States
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My self-summary
Flannel sasquatch seeks valkyrie. Cool, tall, vulnerable and lucious.
What I’m doing with my life
I put on shows. Sometimes I crew them, sometimes I run them, sometimes I'm in them. Also, reading a bunch.
I’m really good at
Reading crowds, telling jokes and over-tipping.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
COMEDIANS: Hannibal Buress, Jen Kirkman, Hari Kondabolu, Eddie Peppitone, Myq Kaplan, Doug Stanhope, Myka Fox, Brian Regan, Morgan Murphy, Bill Burr, Iliza Schlesinger, Louis CK, Maria Bamford, Norm MacDonald, Ophira Eisenberg, Dave Chapelle, Chelsea Peretti, Keith Malley, Kristen Schall, Dave Attell, Rodney Dangerfield.

WORDS: Penumbra, videlicet, susurrus, carapace, melange, собака, y'all, sepulcher, caesura, arbitrage, panopticon, burble, genuflect, spelunk, vestibule, ossuary.
Six things I could never do without
1) Reason to believe that humanity is moving away from oppressive social constructs and their attendant destructive patterns, towards a peaceful society of mutual trust, benefit and dignity.

2) Tacos.

3) Art, writing or performance wrought so well as to shock me out of this meat robot and the tedious worries it can mistake for reality if I do not make a point of confronting it with the boundless scope of human potential through the kaleidoscopic lense of human creative achievement on a regular basis.

4) Fajitas.

5) The love, trust and good regard of the family, friends, comrades and collaborators I am blessed enough to number among the people in my world, as well as time enough to spend with them and trusted healthy boundaries through which to better appreciate and interact with them.

6) Burritos.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Warp drive in our lifetimes.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing a show, working a show or hiding from the scrutinizing eyes of humankind long enough to replenish personality reserves for the next charisma drain on my calendar.
You should message me if
You're fun or a monster or a fun monster. You want to trade important books and make out. You want to tell me some cool facts or introduce me to a good dog. If you try to hide your sweetness and your hope for tomorrow behind a studied veneer of detached cynical wit but you're not especially good at it. If you have a Hulu or HBO Now login we could use - I already have Netflix and Spotify.

If you're into hangouts for the moment but not ruling out taking a real leap with someone if things turn out fun and sweet and good with them.
The two of us