32Gainesville, United States
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My self-summary
***PLEASE READ!!! Sending me a message that's literally just a greeting or a sentence long will be deleted!!!!*** Make some effort, it demonstrates so much of your character that I will want to get to know more of. I'm no longer willing to settle for mediocrity.

Intense. Surreal. Charming. Satirist. Sarcastic. Wise. Bold. Deviant. Loyal. Devoted. Curious. Tenacious. Hopeless Romantic. Smartass.

So many find me intimidating but the reality is, I couldn't be lonelier really.

Looking to meet the intellectually minded and overall stimulating folk who are honest, loyal, and follow through on their word. I enjoy making some neat shit happen whether solo or collectively.

I'm an artist in a variety of ways. I draw, paint, write, design, and program. I'm crap with music but appreciate it intensely. Anything I can look at for a while I can possibly also draw pretty realistically. I enjoy challenging myself in finding more and more ways to express myself.

I'm a total pervert but don't think that means "easy". The fantasies just stay in my head really until I find that perfect someone who is down for all the costumes and snarky expressions of flirtation.

I have a sort of curse; It seems that if I find someone attractive I become invisible to them. True story.

-Pansexual. I'm attracted to people, not genitalia.
-Monogamous however I like exploring other adventurous women with a certain understanding and maturity.
-Alpha and Gender Fluid. I'm not particularly girly and have a stronger libido than most women.
-INFP. Type 4 w/ 5 wing.
-Charmingly Neurotic
-Nervous in large crowds.
-Nocturnal and sleeps a lot.
-IQ-140. High Spatial. (By a Doctor, not the internet)
-Scorpio, Capricorn Rising, Moon in Pisces, Year of the Rat but this matters none at all.

I'm like marla singer meets amelie.
What I’m doing with my life
Embracing a long term goal and starting up a very unique sort of business where I can hopefully begin to show an aspect of human nature in a very real way. It also is my effort to create a place where women are given the freedom to present their sexuality as they want and offer something very true to them.

I have circumstances in my life that make things a considerable bit more difficult for me and most would find overwhelming. I've had to become very strong and resilient to handle things I've been through and situations I may not have had control over. Naturally, these things have shaped and affected me but in no way have broken me. I've found that people who tend to not understand struggle and the importance of introspection and accountability pass judgment on me and are put off. The lack of understanding and willingness to ask questions is bothersome but this is how some people are and assumptions are things I have to deal with more than I'd like.
I’m really good at
Self employment and creating new endeavors.

Yeah...there are people who possess an air of confidence yet the personality of a potted plant and it's inspiring yet sad at the same time.

Listening to others and being a sounding board. Creating cathartic experiences for people to help them move through something or challenge themselves.

Keeping my word.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am incredibly easy to talk to and quite often have total strangers opening up to me. I'm a gentle spirit even with my seemingly "intimidating" nature.

I'm kinda fucking hilarious.

That I'm tall and very noticeable in a crowd.
My intelligence and ability to carry on a conversation.
The fact I know way too much about random crap.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm a female that plays video games...a lot. I also stream them. I also enjoy MMOs and am a nerd fantasy. I like horror, adventure, indie, and puzzle types of games and had a skyrim addiction for a while. Total PC gamer, not into consoles so much.

It's debatable that my interests might best be described as me being a late blooming otaku. It's mostly the art that I appreciate and as someone who does a lot of drawing, this style has become very interesting to me. Also for more loner types like myself there's just so much that caters to made up stories in my head of the perfect bishonen.

I also like industrial, experimental techno, heavy metal, 90's grunge, and drum and bass. I hate top 40's.

Food wise I eat completely keto. This used to say vegetarian however I've felt a lot better since adopting a keto diet and I actually eat A LOT of meat now. So, if that sort of thing puts you off, I definitely would as well.
Six things I could never do without
-The Internet.
-Music and other Creative Media.
-A place of my own where I feel safe.
-Snuggle buddies or basically having a meaningful connection with others.
-Hot tea.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I've had such a hard time connecting with others at specifically this point in my life. I've been alone for a while and continually seek connection and then hope it stays consistent!

If I'm the only actual altruist that exists or if someone else has it as a part of their nature to care for others without conscious thought or reward.

Why do people from other CONTINENTS send me a casual message as if that's going to go anywhere? I'm on here to MEET people in PERSON and if you are literally halfway around the world...why?
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably working unless someone suggests a fun idea then I will switch around my schedule.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am incredibly self conscious and my self esteem is barely above craptastic. I fear rejection and in the past have settled for mediocrity not going for those that I'm truly attracted to in fear I'm barking up a tree I got no business getting shade from.

I have an app on my phone that's basically a bishi/animated Japanese guy whispering sweet nothings [in Japanese] to me. He's also an alarm. Done laughing?
You should message me if
You want to yet for some reason are scared/intimidated...FUCK THAT. Yeah, I'm assertive and brassy but I'm on this site to meet others also. So please, know I'm a person, and while intense I'm a goober with hang ups of my own.

....Be concise, respectful, and have good intentions. Sending me a message that's 1-2 sentences gets deleted. Make an effort in writing me...this is, in fact, your first impression.

If I don't respond immediately, don't fret. I get a lot of messages and I try to respond to everyone who makes an effort.
The two of us