35Woodbridge, United States
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My self-summary
Quick Facts:
5'8", lbs.-working on the gym to both lose and gain some
black hair, black eyes, perfect white teeth
animal lover (all kinds of animals, lizards, frogs, cats, dogs, etc,
fossil hunter
fishermen, crabber-men?
airplane flyer (1x)
helicopter flyer (1x)
soon to be zip liner
gym goer
gamer-electronic (nintendo, sega, xbox, playstation, pc, etc)
gamer-card games (kings, tonk, poker, etc)
gamer-board games (scattegories, uno, phase 10, cards against humanity, scrabble, etc)
comic book reader (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, etc)
regular book reader (Michael Crichton, Steven King, etc)
movie watcher (Jurassic Park, Alien, Predator, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, etc)
tv watcher (Survivorman, Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, How It's Made, Too Cute, Dogs 101, Cats 101, The Rifleman, Gilligan's Island, Macguyver, etc)
food eater (anything usually except some Italian food and parts of animals that shouldn't be eaten)

Hey you, thanks for checking out my profile, yes my name is Donatello Santiago, yes you may look up my name on your favorite search engine. I am a single Christian gentleman, from mixed cultures, both American and Pacific Islander, working at a great job within the Government, and currently seeking a friendship that may lead to a relationship with a God fearing Christian lady. I’ve been saved for 20+ years, but as the childhood song says, “He’s still working on me, to make me what I outta be.” I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs for Biblical reasons, which I can back up Scripturally, but don’t equate that to being boring, I love, LOVE, to make people laugh, and am told I should be a standup comedian, I can do voices, accents, and impersonations.
I am an animal lover, of all stripes, scales, fur, and skin. Animals are the wondrous work of The Creator and are to bring Him glory and to bring us joy. Pets are a great addition to any life, as long as the human care takers are knowledgeable and responsible for their 2, 4, or more legged companions. Currently I have two animals that live with me: a red phase Tegu lizard and a Pomeranian dog. As part of my animal interest, I enjoy finding fossils, digging through the Earth, finding fossilized remains of what the Biblical Noah's flood wrought. No, I haven't found a dinosaur, yet, but I have found all manner of teeth, jaws, shells, clams, snails, plants, and rocks, yes fossilized rocks, yeah I know, weird. I like to dig up alive animals too, but usually only when I'm crabbing...I love crabbing, and eating crabs for that matter, but crabbing and fishing are great hobbies.

Switching from the natural world to the electronic, I consider myself tech savvy, owning various tech gadgets ranging from a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone to a standard Motorola Droid, Xbox, Playstation, 3DS, PC, iPad, etc. I'm dangerous enough in various programs such as anything Adobe and Microsoft makes such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Word, Excel, Maya, Dreamweaver, etc; Painting programs such as well Painter and a few others I know my way around, because I am an artist by talent and degree, I like to draw mainly with graphite or charcoal, but I can put together a nice portrait or landscape digitally; I like to keep up with the digital tech.

I just joined a gym this summer of 2014, I have a workout buddy, and if you know my personality, I'm probably gonna overdue it, but I look forward to it, actually my arms ache right now as I type this, but it's a good ache. Also let's see some other things I've done recently...oh yeah, I flew an airplane, and not just any ho-hum boring Cessna airplane, I flew a World War II fighter jet!!! And I just recently flew a helicopter. And yes, I did yell "Get to da chooppaaaaaa!!!" like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in Predator. Lord willing I plan to go zip lining in Shenandoah valley this summer, as well as do some prospecting aka panning for gold, silver, gems, etc.

Anything else that I didn’t post, ask me, and I'll respond. Coincidentally, you got a few photos and my name right? Google is your friend. And yes, I Googled myself, and it takes you to, well see for yourself on the book of faces. So check me out, shoot me a friend request, poke, wink, message, etc; I am an old school romantic gentleman, meaning I will open doors for you, pull out your chair for you, buy you flowers just to make you smile, and I will treat you with the respect that you deserve, may God bless you!!!
What I’m doing with my life
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I’m really good at
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The first things people usually notice about me
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Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
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Six things I could never do without
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I spend a lot of time thinking about
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On a typical Friday night I am
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The most private thing I’m willing to admit
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You should message me if
You are a single Christian lady.

If you like any or all of the following:
All kinds:
cats, dogs, lizards, frogs, turtles, guinea pigs, etc, you get the drift.

Video games:
Assassin's Creed
Dead Space
Elder Scrolls
Call of Duty
The two of us