41Winnipeg, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm searching for a partner in PREP: Politics, Religion, Economics, and Philosophy. I don't have all the answers but I have enough to motivate me to find someone to work with. I'm at a phase in my development where I'm neither fish nor fowl, neither innocent nor wise. I wish to become wise and politically effective. It is an adventure of magnitude, and I calculate it would be better accomplished with another than to try and save the world myself.

My politics: Classical humanism and other heresies

My religion: Christianity/Catholicism

My economics: Scientific megaprojects backed by classical art

My philosophy: Leukocytic Neo-Platonism

"Art has for its object not merely to afford a transient pleasure, to excite to a momentary dream of liberty; its aim is to make us absolutely free; and this it accomplishes by awakening, exercising, and perfecting in us a power to remove to an objective distance the sensible world; (which otherwise only burdens us as rugged matter, and presses us down with a brute influence;) to transform it into the free working of our spirit, and thus acquire a dominion over the material by means of ideas. For the very reason also that true art requires somewhat of the objective and real, it is not satisfied with a show of truth. It rears its ideal edifice on truth itself--on solid and deep foundations of nature."
--Friedrich Schiller, On the Use of Chorus in Tragedy
What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
Writing unattractive profiles, apparently.
The first things people usually notice about me
"Ideal art must abandon reality and elevate itself with sufficient boldness above need, for art is the daughter of freedom, and she receives her rules from the necessity of the spirit, not from the pressing need of matter."
--Friedrich Schiller, On the Aesthetic Education of Man
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
"Animals are innocent. Why should they suffer? Why should children suffer? Will you tell me that? Why should any baby have to suffer, and die?"

"Why should men?"

"Oh, come on, now. Don't try that one on me. You've got answers for it! Like 'pain makes people noble.' And 'how could man be more than a talking, tennis-playing panda bear if it weren't, at least, for the possibility of suffering?' But what about animals, Hud? Does pain make turkeys noble? Why is all of creation based on dog-eat-dog, and the little fish are eaten by the big fish? Animals screaming in pain; all of creation an open wound, a fucking slaughterhouse!"
Six things I could never do without
Life support systems
Black clothing
Western Civilisation
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
"The task of culture is to guard over these [two] instincts, and to secure the limits for each, hence culture owes an equal justice to both, and defends not only the rational instinct against the sensuous, but also the latter against the former. Therefore its business is two-fold; first: to guard sensuousness against the encroachments of freedom; second: to guard the personality against the power of sensation. It achieves the first by the education of the power of emotion or sense, the latter by education of the power of reason."
--Friedrich Schiller, On the Aesthetic Education of Man
The most private thing I’m willing to admit

A friend once told me,
“Perfection only exists in pressure.”
Thus, /adieu/ to thee:
All or nil, the Greater, or, the Lesser!

Mind the sea-wash slick
Upon the metal deck and stand ‘fore her:
The Vessel: /Starfish/—
Destined for th’Hadean floor—should I dare!

Triple-hulled, immune
To all doubts the uncandled darkness brings,
Mount the ladder,
Down the hatch; farewell song of songs I sings!

O, Europa, bride
Bemisted, seduced, my fears shan’t deflect
The Erotic tip
Aimed at thine Wintered heart Zeus would collect!

Seal the hatch with welds;
Cyclopean metal limb transports o’er
Chopping, brackish green
Waves: a wet dream of the Black Goat of Yore!

Say my prayers within
This nigh-perfect globe, metal anti-womb,
Burial at sea:
Will I cut my fears, or will’t be my tomb?!

A mighty splashing
Down it goes, forty-five minutes till th’Trench;
My heart hesitates,
Did I Err, did I Sin—my Shield I clench!

To rest, she, I, come
At the bottom of the World-Ocean blue:
Pressure off the scale—
O, for a comrade, t’share this pressure, too!

Creaks and cracks appear,
The hull is not immune to the One Fear—
Some Thing is out there,
Some Thing Out There is really in here!

It came down with me
Within, the hull, I cannot escape It;
My bride it would rape,
My kin, slay, my comrade break, my throat, slit!

I pump out Blackness
Under pressure, every drop, cannistered;
I am not worthy;
Only invoke the Word I be preserved!

Silence now, lights dark,
I take the final plunge and pop the torch;
I cut the hatch seals…
And climb out to find a desert, of course!
You should message me if
Jesus Christ, Mortimer J. Adler, Dawkins, Hitchens, Shelley, Keats, Shakespeare, Cusa, AronRa, Lovecraft, Zen, Hawking, D&D, RPGs, LaRouche, Moore, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Frank Herbert, Dune, Arrakis, Pandora, Pirsig, Hesse, Sutter Cane, Paul Washer, Ravi Zacharias, John Piper, John MacArthur, Poe, AC/DC, Guy Debord, René Girard, Timothy Keller, Stefan Molyneux, Brahms, Furtwängler, Fidelbogen
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