58Mountain View, United States
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My self-summary
As I type this I'm in my first visit to this page in many weeks. I'm spending a lot of time on this woman I met offline. I credit OKC with giving me enough dating experiences that I know this is a good one. Right now I'm too busy to even find out if you sent me a message. Sorry about that. Good luck with your search!

I have NPR going in the background a lot. I spend a lot of time as an active member of some large public groups: Bike Party, Green Party, various peace and justice marches, and all sorts of public stuff.

I'm a retired high-tech guy. I live frugally, do my own thing, and try to get along in the world. I'm not that tall, not that fat (working on that by riding my bike a lot), and I dress casually. I have a lot more control over my time than most people. Some might call me a nerdy and hippieish guy.

I take great pride in my small carbon footprint. I quit flying many years ago. My lights have been CFL twisties for ages. Nowadays I'm thinking of installing much more efficient LEDs in some of the sockets I use a lot. I've been car free for more than nine years. My power bill is generally around $20/month. I can go on and on about that type of thing.

P.S. If doing the quick match thing and you want to talk to me search for DontBeFuelish. Also, an email brings you to my attention for sure. Likes tell me nothing because I'm too frugal to pay for that feature.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently a self-employed local activist working for a more sustainable system. You can find out much more about that from my website, If we go to the same public event in San Jose or Mountain View I'm likely to be working the crowd. I've spent a lot of my life single, so there isn't a lot of personal baggage in my background.

Last summer I was enjoying gardening a lot. Ate homegrown tomatoes from July to October, with a few more as late as just after Thanksgiving. Had more zucchini than I could eat! Shared this year's grape harvest with a date after supper one evening. Last years grape harvest was eaten in about twenty minutes by a friend's daughter. (The year before I didn't get anything.) This year I got my first kiwi harvest. So excited about that! The collards and chard are still providing me with most of the greens I eat at home.
I’m really good at
One thing I often get good reviews about is taking pictures at Bike Party. Another is my eggplant dip which people specifically request that I bring to events. I'm also good at making bean dip and other edible treats. Also good at playing frisbee!
The first things people usually notice about me
...are the stickers on my bicycle. BICYCLING AGAINST OIL WARS is the biggest one. When I meet somebody else I'm likely to give them a one minute speech that boils down to "please reduce your use of fossil fuels". I think using less is the key to solving so many problems. I'm not shy about coming up with more ways to spread the idea around.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Starting in my teen years I read a book a day. I continued reading at least a few books a week until I got too busy with college to keep it up. I had more fun finding and reading Heinlein books than any other. I was surprised years after I became a political activist to find out that Heinlein was a populist political candidate before he became a Science Fiction author. I was surprised again when I read his political manual, "Take Back Your Government" and saw something similar to the activism style I'd developed for myself organically in that book.

I've not read much fiction in the past couple of decades, but lately it's been a novel or two a year Last year's best was American Gods by Neil Gaiman. My sister's daughter's husband gave it to me to read on the Greyhound bus on my way home. I didn't finish it during the trip but it got hooks in me. Took weeks to finally finish carrying it around as my transit read. This year the only novel I've finished is The Martian by Andy Weir. I started on a few others but they didn't grab my attention enough to get finished.

As a sustainability activist I've read a lot of books about oil and public policy. Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" is a good one but I liked the movie better. I consider Richard Heinberg to be the best author in the genre. His books, "The Party's Over" and "Powerdown" expand on the theme in many ways. The best overview of the literature on the topic is Rob Hopkins book "The Transition Handbook, How to Transition from Oil Dependence to Local Resilience." That one has a lot more social science in it than most of them.

For music and movies I follow my mom's advice, which was "bloom where you're planted." I can enjoy just about anything, but my favorite bands are Michael Franti and Spearhead, Sheryl Crow, and Cake. My attitude about movies is "I'll see it if you'll go with me." That is except for horror movies, which I avoid.
Six things I could never do without
My bed, bicycle, kitchen, enough public trust to enjoy talking to strangers, food and drink enough to get by, and the opportunity to do something different.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to make our world more sustainable. How to meet somebody that can fit into my low carbon activist lifestyle. How tired I am of being single.
On a typical Friday night I am
Riding my bike with bike party when possible. If it's the First Friday of the month, maybe I'm attending the First Friday Art Walk in San Jose. If you're single with nothing to do on the first Friday of the month and you like art, it's great! I recommend wearing shoes comfortable for walking and having a little money for drinks or whatever. It starts getting good around 8ish PM. There are at least half a dozen galleries/venues to check out along three blocks of S. First St.. Probably you'll have a good time, especially if you like art.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm allergic to cats. I had a girlfriend with a cat about a decade and a half ago and ended up allergic to my bed and the places she liked to sit, and generally miserable. My body rebelled. She was great in every other way, but I couldn't hack the breathing problems. No more. If you have a cat please go on to somebody else. Forget me. As a woman I met put it, "I've seen that movie."

What I really want is somebody to ride with on bike party rides. If you can keep a moderate pace for thirty miles or so on a bicycle on a Friday evening and enjoy it, PLEASE contact me. Having said that, I gotta confess that I probably know most of the women in that category, and they aren't interested in me. So don't think not being one of them is a disqualification.

How about this: So finally after two years of browsing profiles I finally meet this woman who can handle the bike riding of bike party. She starts going to rides and enjoying the scene. Ends up being a hot item with James. I'm glad she found someone she likes. I'm glad she also likes riding bikes with the rest of us. Adds a nice feminine touch to a group that is too heavy with guys. Now all I can think is "It would be great if there were more like her out there."
You should message me if
If you have read all the way down to here and you're still reading; I want to meet you. Don't delay, please email me now. I'm not an "A List" type, so if you don't email me I'll never get that you're interested.

I found a link to this essay on somebody else's profile:
It captures the essence of my philosophy on first dates. Let's do coffee or something like that if you feel at all interested! I really enjoy talking to people I've not met before.
The two of us