47Somerville, United States
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My self-summary
Polyamorous Pagan in the Boston area Geek community. I am also enjoy brewing, fencing, the SCA and English Civil War re-enacting (we Cavaliers won, no really - or we should have). I enjoy reading, but mostly stick to non-fiction, mostly science and computer texts. When I do go for fiction, it tends to be Science Fiction, though Humanist Fiction also rates highly. The Pagan path I am following is British Traditional Witchcraft/Alexandrian, and I have joined the Board of Directors of a local Pagan church. People tell me that I am oddly rational for a spiritual person, but it was also my studies in physics that pulled me into Neo-Pagan beliefs. I very deeply believe in the unity of the physical and the sacred. The physical, the natural, and thus, that which can be understood scientifically, is the foundation of the sacred and the spiritual. And I mean that in the relative, not the hierarchical, sense. One does not dictate to the other, but once one understands them, they can not be is disagreement. Neither forces or imposes, and they come into unity by truly being themselves.
What I’m doing with my life
These days, it is theatrical lighting tech work. Mostly for productions of Shakespeare associated with the SCA, or for a local Burlesque troupe, the Boston Babydolls. Involved with a reconstruction group trying to recreate the side sword (rapier) fencing style of Joachim Meyer, a 16th century German, as a living martial art. Trying to figure out how to get the financial freedom and time to return to school and finish my degree in Physics.

I’m dating Stormsdotter and would like to add a few more ladies to my dance card. She’s bisexual, and we would like to find a lady we can both date.
I’m really good at
fencing and swordsmanship/swordfighting. My prefered weapons are rapier and dagger, but I am a fair hand with the Mortuary sword.
The first things people usually notice about me
Either that I look like a dashing librarian, or that I just stepped out of a painting by Vermeer, or look it, at least. Or am trying too....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) Currently, The Martian by Weir, and also The Refridgerator and the Universe, which is about Thermodynamics.

b) Rewatched Blade Runner, it is always excellent.

c) My tastes are an eclectic mix, including historic music, ambient, goth, dark jazz, and classical.

d) Indian and Japanese are about my favorites. Though I am also a regular at Grendel's in Harvard Sq.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Physics and the nature of time, historic clothing, or going back to school.
On a typical Friday night I am
On the road to a SCA event or reenactment.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am both terribly shy and completely clueless. To make matters worse, I have an extremely hard time making the first move or even admitting to another person that I am interested in them. If you’d like to date me, please tell me so. Be blunt and straightforward. If you try to feel me out or beat around the bush, I will be completely oblivious.

Swords were the last and definitive form of masculine jewelry made, and everything since has been pointless ornamentation that detracts from the overall form.

Ok, something actually private-ish, or, at least, contentious:

Ultimately, I am a gender and racial negativist. The assumption that these qualities are sufficient justification for ideologies of separation and identity ignores basic physical realities about what forms us as people. Socially pre-fab gender and ethnic identities does not inform us about who we are. Not only is the mirror lying to us, but even that is our interpretation of its interpretation of who we are.
You should message me if
You have something to tell me. Or you are in the area and want to meet, either for a pint, to hear about fencing or the English Civil War, or any of my other interests. Maybe you want to try some rapier fencing or sword fighting as a gentlemanly martial study.

A quick word about what I am looking for. First off, I am naturally polyamourous, and would prefer a relationship that works within that dynamic. Beyond that, I am looking for a relationship that will not get to 'marriage' levels of seriousness, but still exists long term. Really want someone to go to the theater with, share food, movies, and evenings with. Also, looking for someone that has something interesting going on in her life that is either similar to or tangential to my interests. I can not sustain a relationship without that, I have tried. The sciences make for the best pillow talk.
The two of us