57 Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
It's taken a long time, and through trial and error, to realize the type of partner I'm seeking. Intelligence and an intellectual and emotional connection are important, in addition to shared activities and of course, intimacy and human touch. I am here to find the love of my life. It's so easy to say isn't it? We've all lived busy lives, and somehow, now find ourselves searching again.

Consider me a straightforward person. But do not mistake being straightforward with being simple. I am quietly confident with a tendency to understate. I have a willing spirit, an honest heart, and an eagerness to explore and experience.

Traveling, on and off the beaten path, adventures and what various cultures have to offer, and to lands where we don't speak the language. Finding those fabulous little out of the way places, where ever in the world they may be. This doesn't include package tours to the Caribbean (unless it's just for a weekend). And I have a lifelong desire to learn, and a flexible mind to be able to be able to put it to use.

Am single again for the past seven years (permanently separated, divorce pending), after 23 years of marriage. Three kids, all finished university, but two came back (do they ever really leave?) No baggage, just a little pocket lint as a reminder to not repeat past mistakes.

Me, in a nutshell. (might need a coconut shell ;)

Personality: Have been told I am respectful, sensitive, romantic, and very loyal. Innovative and an unconventional thinker, and can often string a couple words together.

Culture: Live theater, galleries, museums, Toronto symphony, an occasional concert or cultural events. Finding a nice little restaurant or pub with character, an outdoor concert or just roaming about the city.

Outdoors: Canoeing, kayaking, boating and boat trips, sailing, cross country skiing and occasionally camping. The camping has become a little more civilized, but a wilderness camping or canoe/kayak trip to a spectacular destination would be awesome (Yukon River canoe trip?). Past sports include SCUBA, and horseback riding, both to high levels.

Sensuality: Respectful, I like women and treat them as equals. Enjoy sensuality and giving. Gentle, attentive, compassionate and passionate. I care deeply.

Handyman: Can fix almost everything, renovating houses, and builder of dreams. Fixing things mechanical that is, found fixing relationships a little tougher. But I've learned a great deal the past few years.

Honest: I really am 57 and a full 5'10". I am separated. A woman recently told me a status of Single is justified because I've been separated so long. I want to be honest and open, and expect the same in return. I've been questioned if my pictures are representative. My weight has changed. I'm lighter and in much better physical condition from the 2013 pictures.

Exercise: I don't have any routine, but I keep physically active. Have no trouble climbing up a tree that doesn't have many branches. Recently began regular 5k+ HIIT walk/sprint, 2-4 times per week..

But really, what do all descriptions of likes, dislikes, dreams and desires really mean? They aren't a checklist, just descriptions of what has come before. What really matters, is where we want to go, what we want to do together. Similarities, common interests and intimacy create a relationship. But it's how we handle and resolve differences, that keeps us together.

An observation about communications. Women sometimes assume when they communicate through words or gestures, the meaning or intent is obvious. It may be obvious to you...... Men, as members of the right brained fraternity (some may say, small brained), we often need communication that is a little less subtle. And occasionally delivered with a little more impact. A club, swung with sufficient velocity is often appropriate to embed thoughts . ;) .... I can laugh at myself too.
What I’m doing with my life
I am living my life and being true to myself.
Everyone at our age has a substantial life history. It's not the history, it's how you deal with it.
I’m really good at
Being innovative and a connective thinker, new ideas and concepts come easily. I have a world view and don't always follow the crowd. That's what it takes to be innovative. Engage me in a debate, and my intensity will show through. Although I have learned to temper my responses and emotions. (I've grown accustomed to the taste of tongue.)

I have knowledge and wisdom on seemingly endless topics, which has occasionally earned me some (complementary) nicknames....;)
The first things people usually notice about me
Maybe you can fill this in.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books have taken a backseat to magazines and periodicals, covering a broad spectrum of topics. Typical ones include science, nature, outdoors, travel, mechanical, building and architecture, and occasionally cars (hotrods, although I don't have one). More recently, the occasional relationship book (not the picture type..;))

I don't watch much TV, and don't have cable, but shows I enjoy are science fiction, documentary shows, international news, and selected movies.

Food, I can be satisfied with basic healthy food, but always have unusual and various ethnic foods thrown into the mix. And I am learning how to cook, which means more than just boiling water and burning pots.

I enjoy theatre, had a subscription to Toronto Symphony, concerts. Occasional club. At the other end of the spectrum, there is watching for shooting stars, satellites and Aurora Borealis, while lying on the back of a boat, floating in the middle of a lake .
The six things I could never do without
My family
A few good friends
Travel and a passport
Stimulating conversation
The great outdoors, especially near or on the water
A cozy fireplace
Building things (haven't had much time lately)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why is it so difficult to find a match? Then I remember spending a number of days traveling by car in Africa, with a Liberian driver and a South African engineer. Everyone was speaking English, but the other two had very heavy, but different accents. The funny part? The South African complained he couldn't understand a word the Liberian was saying !! So I was translating English to English.....

That's what it's like on here sometimes. We may all speak the same language, and all say the same things, but don't always understand each other??
On a typical Friday night I am
Either out with friends, or heading home to relax.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not so much private, but an observation out loud.

Why is it so difficult to find a compatible partner? I hear comments that there are some many women looking yet can't find anyone?.
You should message me if
If you identify with anything written above, it would be interesting to talk.

I am looking for a long term relationship. Not looking for a one night stand, or anything short term, other than friends.

It's now up to you. Take a chance, maybe?.... :))

I will add that nothing written above is "criteria" I am looking for in a partner. All I ask is for loyalty, a desire to learn and explore, and a willing spirit.