35 Sacramento, United States
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My self-summary
Yes, I'm in an open relationship (it's polyamorous aka: ethical non-monogamy). Yes, she knows I'm on here and that I'm dating (I hide nothing from her). No, it wasn't my idea it was hers (I'm ok with that). No, I'm not interested in casual sex (that's not my style). Now that's all cleared up here's my profile!

I enjoy spending time with friends, sarcasm, traveling, photography and blah blah blah. Probably the same stuff you're into. Oh and hiking, because you know not many people are into that.

When I walk down the street I actively avoid stepping on bugs and have been known to brake hard to avoid small suicidal animals (I guess you could say I'm kind).

I'm a 'yes' man and I like it.
"Want to go to SF at 2am?" "Hell yeah."
"Let's wake up at 5am and go hiking and watch the sunrise." "I'm in."
"Dude, let's go sky diving." "F*CK NO! Why would I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?"
Ok so maybe I'm not a yes man entirely but I'm game for most things.

As you can tell I lack a certain amount of gravitas, but that's because I give approximately zero f*cks.
What I’m doing with my life
Working (boats, science and stuff) and being my own unique snowflake; just like everyone else.

Also school (for fun and to further my career), climbing, photography and a little bit of running. I get this odd burning sensation in my chest wherever I run though. Is that normal? 😜
I’m really good at
-Remembering random dates with exact detail
-Wrestling dinosaurs
-Walking into objects
-Toasting the perfect marshmallow even though I don't eat s'mores. I know, I'm a monster.
-Sarcasm, witty banter, random tangents and segues
-Being flexible (no not physically, but mentally) there are few absolutes in life when it comes to me. Very few things are black and white.

One thing I won't bend on though is LGBT rights. If you're not cool with them having equal rights please move along.
The first things people usually notice about me
"How old are you?"
"Bullsh*t. Let me see your ID. Oh wow you are 33."
"I know. Why would I pretend to be older?"
"What are you?"
"I'm a human being."
"No, I meant what ethnicity are you?"
"Probably should have asked that to begin with."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Harry Potter, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (just found out they're making a BBC tv series. Not gonna lie I'm kinda excited), Song of Ice and Fire and anything written by David Sedaris.

Movies: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, LotR, anything by Christopher Nolan, and of course the Princess Bride.

Shows: Archer, Game of Thrones, The Daily Show, Top Gear (UK only), and Firefly.

Music: Pretty much open to most styles (not a big fan of gangsta rap) but I tend to lean more towards rock.

Food: Love it! I eat it all the time.

Drinks: Craft beers and whiskey neat. Red wine on occasion. I play this really fun drinking game where I read a book with a glass of wine and I take a sip whenever I get thirsty. 😉
The six things I could never do without
The Internet, music, friends, food, water, oxygen and my camera...also disregarding the rules.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Life, the universe, and everything.
-How to survive the zombie apocalypse.
-Your mom.
-Where I'm going to be in 5 years (I can't believe there was a typo there for years. How come no one pointed this out to me? Does anyone even read this?)
On a typical Friday night I am
Anything and sometimes everything. I could be sleeping out under the stars, backpacking, climbing rocks, attending fancy dinner parties, music shows, or going to some fun theme party.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I might have shed a tear during the first five minutes of Up. Hey, I'm only human.
You should message me if
We share some similar interests/values.
You have integrity, are honest, silly, sarcastic, sassy, witty and quirky.