31Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
I seriously don't know how I have the worst luck with love, finding love, and just finding a girl in general..then I realized I live in Atlanta. Save me someone..

Edit: Most girls think it's sooo hard to find a guy? Well think of us guys trying to find a girl..it's hard as hell I realized because some of you girls think we're all jerks..that makes it twice as hard to even find a loyal girl who'll believe we aren't all jerks and actually decent loyal guys.

I notice most girls on here want the perfect guy..like really? You won't find perfect! Stop it please, I'm not perfect nor is anyone else, but you will find a good heart here, you simply can't find perfect overnight, but you can find someone who is best fit for you.

Notice: Tired and just whatever, I'm tired, trying, and done trying to search or somewhat see if love is out there for me. I've been walked over, rejected more times then mice have been experimented on probably, and someone how im still keeping it strong..but right now I've just given up on any luck that a girl will come around and jump out a bush and love me..I don't know, i have the qualities and everything but it seems people just judge my skin color or something. Lets be honest.

Before you read further and not waste your time, yes I prefer Asian women, but doesn't mean only asian women, I'm still open to any race. I guess that means, oh, I have yellow fever and im not ashamed, get over it. I'm pretty sure like most of Atlanta, most of you "only date white men," and deny it but do only date white men and hate blacks..i guess that means you have white fever dumdum..=) so keep reading if you actually wanna get to know me, I'm just being honest, because who wants a liar in a relationship, lets be open now right? :)

I just wanna go back to California..4 years in Atlanta and I haven't had date ( be it cause I'm black and we are all bad, thugs and smoke and do crime as the stereotype goes) , or good person i can call a friend in Atlanta because they betray or flak on me. Not to sound like a sad story, but i don't sugar coat things..I'm the most honest, loyal friend you can find! And a good lover..to whoever gives me a chance. Would be nice to just have a buddy that would love to explore Atlanta with me and attend events. Even if you don't want a relationship..I just want someone cool to be around here. That so hard to ask? lol

Naw..I don't have any money to compensate your services or be your sugar daddy, go elsewhere with that. If you really want love? True love? A best friend? Someone that will listen to you? Even at 3am in the morning? Then stay and keep reading. :

I tend to think the same women i see on here still looking after a year...you think..maybe it's because you don't give us guys a chance who actually care to listen and give you the time of day? But you're stubborn and stuck up on finding some rich ceo, or the perfect guy? I mean I have preferences also..but sometimes perfect isn't gonna happen overnight..you gotta find and create perfect with someone.

The longer i stay in the Atlanta, the longer i'll be single. I need out of this place, no one can handle my uniqueness it seems. Why is Atlanta the hardest place to find real or just a loyal relationship? I feel nothing is wrong with me, your lost, I'm the nicest, most loyal, unique guy you'll find here. Is it cause I'm black? I'm nothing like the others, so don't generalize me with the other black men you had or scared to date. (yes I know the south is backwards and stereotype black men unlike New York or California girls would love to have a guy like me.)

It's really sad, over 8 years on and off using this site and taking long breaks, I'm still single..have not found a decent woman who is willing to give me a chance cause half the women on here judge on the outside or just by profile without even having a conversation with me, or just don't like black guys. But then again I'm in the south, and it sucks here period as a black men for trying to find love outside of your race.

I'm a great guy..plain and simple..simple thing i want..is LOVE. How hard is it to find in Atlanta..it shouldn't be? Give this black man a chance ladies, stop stereotyping me as a thug, player, or whatever bad things you label us black men as, and think white men are better, no one is and we all act different and human. Cheaters in every race anyway. smh

Seems like all girls in Atlanta area just love white boys basically......us black decent men have 0 chance. Why is Atlanta the hardest place for dating? Like I'v been here for 4 years and of course I know it's not like California...but there has to be some hope here..geez..I'm the nicest guy you'll meet, but if taken advantage of i can be your worst enemy.

I always wonder why it's the same pretty, seemingly...nice women on here that are still searching for whatever good or tall or masculine guy? But I feel you all will still be searching and single due to overlooking what's in your face waiting. I'm not perfect but I'm the nicest loyal guy you'll ever meet, but the guy you never give a chance because you judge me on the outside instead taking time to talk and get to know me first.

Half of you girls are so picky, that's the reason you haven't found a good man, and most on here always mostly go for the white guy or tall. I'm short, but get to know me before judging that I'm the typical black guy, assuming I'm a thug, smoker or whatever you assume by seeing my outer skin.

Life is short..I've lost people..(r.i.p to my friend who passed in the Oakland fire.)
I just want to find love..love someone just as they love me, and be happy together! I'm sick of mind games. I' m a man not a boy. No time for that stuff anymore.And some of you girls should stop being bitter to every guy you meet just cause your ex did you wrong..that's where you're missing out on a great guy.,,who's profile you're probably reading right now..hm.

QUICK NOTE: I'm the nicest guy you'll meet, but no one seems to give me a chance or atleast take 5 minutes to get to know me before judging if I'm suitable or not. A profile can't really determine everything about someone. I'm 5'4, I'm short, thanks for reminding me that you don't date short guys. I guess you know the main reason I've been single most of my life right? Besides being picky just like the rest of us on here of course.

안녕하세요, 제 이름은 티모시 입니다
한국어를 공부하고 있습니다.
Hopeless romantic woes of life
Most used rejection girls tell me: I'm to short..yes I'm 5'4 im sorry I was born and can only grow to this size and not bigger. I guess my niceness scares girls away also, they never had a real gentleman and can't handle me. To bad. You're missing out.

- A pc gamer nerd(Overwatch, Shadowverse, League of Legends, other mobas, mmorpgs. shooters.)
- Electronic music junkie ( trance, techno, house, dubstep hardstyle etc.)
-Traveler ( Been to China, Japan, Korea. Next places on list: Vietnam, Cambodia and others.)

Cultured guy, with a sense of humor and adventure. I've been walked over and hurt many times, but my heart is still holding on and being the good guy. Looking for a woman who appreciates a guy actually caring for her and being loyal.

Someone to share memories..
Someone to share the deepest secrets
Life without humor is like dead leaves. Laughter and positive vibes are what I look for in a woman, big plus!

But really Is love seriously this hard to find?

-I went to school at Georgia State and decided I didn't want to continue business so I went into communications.
-I got cum laude honors in Information Technology.
-I love to play tennis
- Korean hiphop to dubstep to American music of course.
- Love to write poetry at times.
What I’m doing with my life
Working at Amazon on Georgia Tech campus. Trying to keep my head focused and keep the negatives away.
I’m really good at
Cheering people up..most say, I love giving advice for other people even though I need all that advice i give to help myself lol. So whenever you have a bad day just come talk to me, I guess I'm Dr. Phil to some.
The first things people usually notice about me
I look younger of course..for my age...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-Electronic music genres such as; Hardcore Trance, techno, dubstep, trapstep, moombahton, hardcore dutch metal (Liv Kristine etc) chillstephardstyle, djs like Psyko Punkz [Headhunterz]] Ran-D dj anime Borgore Diplo basically all EDM genres if the beat is great!
-Korean Hiphop, Kpop
-American hiphop of course some of it..
-Metal goth heavy metal jrock American, German Metal UK Metal

American to Korean music I listen to a large variety..=)

Japanese music: Nujabes, Kana, DJ Okawari, Ak 69, Crystal Kay, Utada, Namie Amuro, Koda Kumi, Jasmine and more.

Korean hiphop and bit of kpop artists i like: Lexy, Weesung, Jay Park, 2NE1, Hyori Lee, BoA, Outsider, Drunken Tiger, Tasha, Rimi, Masta Wu, B-Free etc.

American music: Evanescence, Kayne west, and underground stuff, tired of mainstream sometimes.

Dubstep And not the mainstream, there's some good break beating bass sounding melodic dubstepping out there, :) wuub on baby!!
HardstyleHard bass Dj mixes etc etc

American shows: Once Upon a Time Supernatural, Hawaii five- O, Elementary

American Movies: Underworld series, Lost Boys, Resident Evil, Saw movies, the conjuring, anything good horror and action.

Korean dramas/movies: Iris, Poseidon, Dream High, Coffee Prince, What's Up, Vampire Prosecutor, Pasta, Killer Girl K, 49 Days, The Girl That Sees Smell, Angry Mom, etc

Japanese Shows/movies: Bloody Monday, Liar Game 1 & 2, Muscle Girl, Boys Over Flowers, etc

Taiwanese dramas: Death Girl, Clue Collector, Devil Beside You, Rock Baby, Princess Stand In.

Thailand Movies : My Ex 2, The Eye, Raging Phoenix, The Scare, Chocolate.

Games PC gaming mostly, Steam (add me if you have an account) League of Legends, Dota 2 , Strife, Heroes of the Storm.
Six things I could never do without
5. Women
6. Electronic music or EDM now it's called
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why asian girls seem to only date white men here in Georgia..but say that I have yellow fever..but they only wanna date white guys and not give black guys a chance. I never understand why they never see they have white fever then. ^
On a typical Friday night I am
Although if i had someone..I'd rather cuddle up to a movie. But if not out in the town at Opera, or rave, some edm event dancing the night away, or alone watching a movie or pc gaming..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I do the most natural thing people typical do who haven't gotten laid in nearly 3 years, masturbate? Nothing wrong with that i say.
You should message me if
You aren't racist and don't judge a person so quickly
Not fake...
Wanna go on adventures
Likes PC gaming (blade and soul, league of legends etc you get the point.
Like going to edm festivals
You like going to concerts basically and the outdoors
Your open minded
Want a good friend or maybe companion in life.
Sense of humor and loves to laugh and have a good time.

You'd be..well in regret to pass me up..? I'm like the all around guy you can't find that isn't a snob and has respect for a woman? If you find it in your heart to realize the right choice, message me, oh do it.
The two of us