31Zeist, Netherlands
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My self-summary
OK, this rewrite was really overdue! Some more work still remains though, as it does not reflect the person i am. Feel free to tell me what kind of person you think i am, and ill tell you how right you are! Who knows, I might learn something.

Ok lets get started on me. Make the world a better place, start yourself. for the rest. im a cuddle addict.

for some reason i have this compulsive need to comfort the ones in pain.
My actions are always open for debate!
Also, i cry at Doctor who seasonal endings ;)

Most important thing is to have uncensored humor (or how the hell you might write that). I really enjoy making people smile. take that add some paranoia (not to much though) and you have me. and for the less perceptive amongst you, im dyslectic (yes i know i cheated i used word spell check)

I am open minded, sweet, and loyal to a fault
What I’m doing with my life
Currently work at Rabobank International as Test Analyst (oooooh, what does this button do??). I think up situations that might cause computer programs to malfunction. Lets face it, the last thing you want to hear is: "Sorry that you had to spend a Christmas without food because our bank software accidentally transferred 99900 instead of the 9.99 you tried to pay"

I enjoy playing games with friends, from complex board games to roleplaying and card games. If it has rules and a winner, it sounds fun too me!
I fill some weekends cooking for all the volunteer on festivals like Castefest and Keltfest. Or do children's entertainment.

The one thing that gives me the most satisfaction is teaching someone a skill that will allow them to become happy(er) in their life.
I’m really good at
listening too people, hugging (surprise!), massaging, noticing that something is bothering someone and finding out what, respecting peoples boundaries.
Also I'm a pretty good cook
The first things people usually notice about me
ok, so im not sure why, but i tend to stick in peoples mind. i would like to think its my demeanor, i am always friendly, always spend a bit more time and effort on being a decent human being to others then most people.
So for instance when i walk into a dinner for the 3th time, the staff will often enough remember what i ordered the first 2 times and ask me if i plan on ordering the same this time.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A: i must admit i don't read much for relaxation. i need to read a lot for my work and as a dyslectic its just not always worth the energy. When i do read, it is often role play related.

B: Doctor Who, Kevin smith movies, Dark Knight, Boondock saints, Gataca, bowling for columbine, Equilibrium, Spawn, The Shawshank Redemption, V for Vendetta, American Beauty and last but most definitely not least Monty Python

C: im a fan of good music, not bands, nor styles. Al styles have a few songs that are awesome, though some have more then others. Currently i am quite taken by Skalmold

D: I really enjoy cooking and i like most foods. I have a problem with spicy food and dont do well with milk, but besides that i enjoy almost everything. one of my favorite dishes is a chicken curry (mild of course) of my own making.
Six things I could never do without
My friends..... and whel....gee 5 more....ehm do food and water count?
i mean i dont have many needs i could live on an island as long as al my friends are there. wait i could name my friends by name :P.
but i prolly cant do without them because I can't live without love and I don't necessarily mean romantic.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
a lot of things! mainly how to fill my life with the things i like, how to help people and how to improve.. whell just about anything
And for some reason occasionally naughty thought gets in... but dont tell anyone ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
Cooking for a friend, watching a movie.
Hosting or attending a private party.
Rock climbing
Idd like to go out more, should get around to it!
All are possibilities!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
So what does "Mostly monogamous" mean to me.
It says nothing about what i want to do, it says something about where my boundaries lie in respect to my partners behavior.
It means that i am comfortable if my partner is intimate with other people. The level of intimacy i am comfortable with however does have limits.
What I would be able to do depends on where my partners boundaries lie.
You should message me if
I would love to find someone to go (rock) climbing with around Utrecht (and later maybe Austria or something) but it is by no means a prerequisite.

I am looking for people to have a nice time with, go on dates, having a reason to spend some extra time cooking.

So if we like each other and end up meeting, i dont do expectations. I know many users here expect "stuff" to happen with the people they meet here. I just expect a conversation and maybe a hug ;)

Disclaimer: The Writer of this profile is as dyslectic as Horses ass and wont spell right until hell freezes over due too the exstensive raining of pigs. thats all folks!
The two of us