29Medford, United States
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My self-summary
"Falling is easy, you just fall. Jumping requires strength of will."
"And you don't care where you land?"
"Landing is a lot like falling, you just land."

Points if you get where this is from.

I'm a fun, enthusiastic guy who loves being creative. I primarily like to draw and compose music. I'm admittedly a dork with my sense of humour, but it's part of my charm. Geez, I'm always really bad at writing profiles. It took me twenty minutes to think of two sentences ...so, from here on out I'll list a bunch of interesting facts about myself. It'll be more entertaining.

1. Scream is one of my favorite movies. I love satirical horror movies.
2. I can't help but laugh at people flirting. It's one of the most entertaining things to watch because people are never as smooth as they think they are. Cute, but funny.
3. If I could just eat sushi all day I probably would die happy.
4. I'm a big fan of musicals, which is partly why I compose.
5. You can tell when I'm tired when I go on very entertaining rants. Seriously, some of my best moments are during these times.
6. The words that get placed with me by other people are typically a dapper style and an adorable personality.
7. I'm 100% Sicilian, though I don't look it.
8. I own a stealth ninja sword, accidentally.
9. I'm surprisingly sporty, (playing not watching) all my friends are artsy so it doesn't come out that often but I love challenging obstacle courses and I rock climbing.
10. I like owning real books and CD's. Aesthetically, it's pleasing to the eye to see it laid out on a shelf. Plus, nothing beats the feel of a hard cover book.

So that's a little bit of me. I work better with questions and conversation so send me a message to learn more.
What I’m doing with my life
I studied music composition. I have a minor focus is theatre design, specifically costume, but I dabble in a little bit of each to get a better sense of overall construction of plays. My strengths lie in my concepts and my rhythms ...they sound cool but my musicians hate me XD but I'm also learning that I'm making a better lyricist.

For work I do store logistics at a clothing store called COS. I love my job so much it's the perfect combination of organization and numbers while still getting to interact in a fast pace environment.

I'm growing, I'm breathing, I'm flying, I'm seeing, I'm learning, I'm falling, I'm searching, I'm trying, I'm reeling, I'm gleaming, and overall I'm being.
I’m really good at
~I pick up on anything creative pretty easily.
~I'm pretty good at organizing items into small spaces. I blame that skill on Tetris as a child.
~Listening without judgement.
~Original concepts.
~Retracing moments. Looking back and seeing how and what made me into who I am today. (This is often retraced back to my parents)
~Knowing my choices and never regretting them.
The first things people usually notice about me
People typically comment on my clothes. I like creating outfits. My very open, friendly personality and guys and girls of all ages complement my ass.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Grimm's Fairy Tales, Ready Player One, The Magician Series, Cloud Atlas, Battle Royale, The Zombie Survival Guide, Geek Love, Neverwhere, House Of Leaves, and What If? among others.

Boardgames: Dead Of Winter, Risk, Superfight, Chess, Betrayal in the House on the Hill (Super excited for the expansion in October, Survival, Boss Monster, Flux, Settlers Of Catan, and Clue among many more. I hold board game nights at my apartment every saturday. My Favorite video games are Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dark Cloud, Pokemon/PokemonGo (shout out to Team Instinct) and Mario Party

Movies: Scream, The Devil Wears Prada, Clue, The Exam, How To Train Your Dragon, The Cabin In The Woods, Mean Girls, Final Destination, 10 Things I Hate About You, Oculus and Titanic just to name a few but really all horror movies.

Television: Scream the TV series (I'm obsessed), Sense 8, American Dad, Game of Thrones, Dead Like Me, Lost, Archer, The Amazing World Of Gumball, again just to name a few.

Music: My Favorite musicals are Last 5 Years, See What I Wanna See, Sunday In The Park With George, Ragtime, Next To Normal and Into The Woods but for popular music I also like Adele, Sara Bareilles, Mumford & Sons, Florence + The Machine, and Beyonce. I'm also a big fan of Igor Stravinsky.

Food: Sushi, Chicken, Broccoli, Burgers, Blood Oranges, and Artichokes.
Six things I could never do without
Contacts (compared to the others this one is odd)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
New concepts for stories
If a zombie attack were to happen right now; where would I find my weapons, where's the nearest escape route, how to save the person next to me - friend or stranger
On a typical Friday night I am
It can range from anything between hanging out with friends getting drinks, staying home and composing, or working. Board games! I'm a big fan of board games when I can get others to join in.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am The Doctor. My TARDIS is my mind, it's a lot bigger on the inside. I believe in the impossible and the joy of everything that surrounds me. I'm immortal between the moments you blink and though my companions leave I keep the pieces they gave me along the way.
You should message me if
I peeked you interests in anyway. I'm a really easy-going guy and would love to get to know people; friends or for romance. Just make sure you say more than just 'hey' in your message.
The two of us