47 San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
I am a traveler, and an adventuress, and a leader. I am sometimes funnier in my head than out loud, a writer, a chef, a musician, a computer security goon, and a compulsive floor sweeper. I've been known to write poetry and laugh at inappropriate things.

I'm a Jill of all trades, master of a few. I'm a lover of way too much, but I prefer a world I can be enthusiastic about. I love trying new things, but will order the same couple of items at my favorite restaurants once I establish them.

I genuinely like myself and other people. I learned the hard way how to be nice, and how to let other people be human, flawed, as we all are. But I still hate lima beans. I do however love golf and am passionate about playing hockey these days. I love to go ballroom dancing. Or swing though I'm not good at it. Board games or card games, and I'm in. Except Poker. I might as well just give you some cash and let's go to the movies instead.

I am articulate, quirky, and an extrovert
What I’m doing with my life
Okay, I'm re-writing this section to be honest about how much I play hockey. It's proving challenging to meet people who all seem to think there should be time to meet evenings, when in fact those are prime hockey-playing hours. For other friends, LiveJournal and Facebook connect my global friend network, and reading about each others' day to interject smart remarks keeps us in closer touch than without it.

I read less than I used to; anything from philosophy and history through sci fi and fantasy or even steampunk. I'm interested in any story that's told well with good writing and a plot. I don't like a lot of TV, but during Football and Hockey season I'll go anywhere with a widescreen and wings. When I find a show I really like I'll tend to just binge watch from Netflix or Amazon to avoid commercials.

Work.. is that pleasant pastime that enables me to travel. I work in security so yes - I know when you're a scam artist. (Yes, you - the shyster trying to find ways to separate women from their money. Please don't bother this week. I will play another day and find your IP to report to the FBI.)

I'm getting much better at finishing projects and avoiding procrastination, and refuse to even consider penguins or flying monkeys. Sometimes I'm frustrated when things get in the way of writing and making music.
I’m really good at
Bridge. Volleyball - grass or court, not sand. Writing. Cooking. Fucking. Dancing. Fencing. Playing board or card games. Making music. Cheering people up. Telling stories. Talking people into things. Having adventures/Getting in trouble (depending on how one looks at it). Making speeches from the soapbox du jour. Just started playing ice hockey 4 years ago, which is my new addiction.

Being with people. Being alone. I cannot comprehend how people could ever get bored.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm tall for a girl at 5'9".

My hair curls all by itself, especially when I don't want it to.

I express myself very clearly and usually concisely. I can speak extemporaneously about nearly anything, whether or not I agree with it.

I can be pushy when its about something important.

Wait, the first thing girls notice or guys? Guys either like busty girls or they don't. Girls notice different things. Go ahead, ask one.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors - I used to list them here. Now let's just say that I like reading stories that have plot, where stuff happens. Which is more rare in the stuff getting pumped out than I wanted to believe for a while. I'm over my supernatural smut phase, but still have my Sherlock + Cthulhu love.

Movies - Musicals (Man of La Mancha - best), Master & Commander, Oscar Wilde based movies, anything Kenneth Branagh's involved with, Bull Durham, Patton, Kelly's Heroes, Tombstone, The Godfather, Murder by Death, The Lion in Winter, the Sharpe's Rifles series. Oo, and Nero Wolfe.

Music - I used to list what I wasn't fond of here, until OKC's imprecise game started matching people with it on key words. (So you like X, I see! No, no I really don't.) I tend to like melodies, and things written and performed by humans. I'm informed that makes me quite racist. Piss off, Musikalisches Würfelspiel!

Foods - Southern and eastern Asian cuisine, sushi being right up there with Thai. Indian. Moroccan. Danish/Swedish. Good Italian/French. All things seafood. If it isn't American Diner food, I'll tend to like it. I'm a firm believer that the only thing that should be 'chicken fried' is chicken, and white lumpy gravy scares me. I don't eat a lot of pasta or bread these days.
The six things I could never do without

Playing hockey.




People. Pronounced "Penguins".
I spend a lot of time thinking about


Money, or rather the freedom it represents.

Power, and how to use it properly.

Politics, and how to play those annoying games I can't stand.

Philosophy; what are the tenets that should define my life.

Mysteries. When the fleet left La Rochelle, did it divide and go to Scotland and the Hanseatic league both? Why were there so many new masonic texts written in the 1920s? Did artists leave clues in paintings or is that all tripe? What the hell is happening to all my favorite socks to have them divorce one another, and leave one lonely with me while the other skips town on a bus?

On a typical Friday night I am
Playing hockey. Practicing an instrument. Writing a book. Catching a movie. Possibly home working on projects. With friends. Alone. On an airplane. I'm three sigmas off typical and happy to stay that way.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Really most of the above qualifies as private. Isn't it all stuff we'd normally tell someone in person after knowing them a while?
You should message me if
You can read - carry on a coherent conversation - have something to say for yourself - you're not waiting to be rescued, not waiting for something to make your life start - have a sense of proportion, and don't mind someone else having lived a very full life thus far, un-apologetic. If you are nice, civil, kind to strangers and those with different opinions I'll probably like writing with you. If you're funny it's double likely I'll write back.

I'm looking for a partner. Someone on my team. Also please use real words. U and R are not real words.