36Cape Coral, United States
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My self-summary
Self-summary. How does one summarize themselves in a few sentences? I think it takes a little practice and a lot of luck. Ummm... I overcomplicate things.... if that means anything. Don't think too hard about it, it's not worth it. Did I mention that I overcomplicate things? I also repeat myself. I also repeat myself. Constantly. With a bottle of liquor. I think. Wait... gotta hold off on that one. Thinking might hurt too much. Just have the liquor, thank you. Did I mention I repeat myself?

I am romanesque, languishing, and myself
What I’m doing with my life
Working a lot, raising kids, trying to open a restaurant. Currently I'm biting my daughter's thumb. Yummy.
I’m really good at
Stuff... cooking (so I've been told)... fixing things, inane stuff... stuff... laughing... those little periods leading afer a statement... "..."... more inane stuff...
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not pretty. Really. People usually notice my hat, though. People tell me I would make a killer musician... at least that I would look like a killer musician.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite (a) Books 1. Musashi 2. DaVinci Code 3.(make fun of me if you must) Harry Potter (b) Movies 1. Donnie Darko 2. Equilibrium 3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 4. anime. thanks to my girlfriend. =) (c) Music 1. VNV Nation 2. Anything but rap/hip-hop/R&B (call me narrow, but I don't care... it's noise, and damn useless noise) 3. Anything but country (again, narrow, but I live in redneck-ville, and I'm sick of the aire of false-patriotism/arrogance/ignorance of most modern country) (d) foods 1. Indian food (damn good food) 2. Thai (there is a marvelous Buddhist temple in Tampa with a killer market sunday mornings) 3. Any eclectic foreign food that strikes my fancy
Six things I could never do without
3) mental freedom, 4)love (which is synonymous with Laura), 5) oxygen, 6) the ablility to read, 2) sentience 1) Andrew William Duff, born 12/29/07
I spend a lot of time thinking about
People. People are cool. And other things. I think about thinking... my family, school... my future. I'm going to be a doctor... =) My wonderful girlfriend (wife), she makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside =P I also spend a good deal of time thinkin about my family. Yeah. ***Another update! December 29, 2007, Andrew William Duff was born, 6lbs, 12oz, 19 inches. Woot! Duff is da daddy!***Update #3... Lillium Sakura Duff is due any time now, the first girl born into my family since like the early 60's!***
On a typical Friday night I am
Ummmmm.... You really don't want to know that. It's _reeeeaaaallllyyyy_ boring. I think. I don't remember, it's that boring.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Eeyore is my favorite. Deal with it. Oh, and I'm pretentious and overly self-absorbed, but I hide it well in pleasant company. It's not really private, and you may think I talk way too much about it, but it really is a big part of my life... that's my sweet Laura.
You should message me if
You have nothing better to do right now; you think I'm crazy; you think I'm sane; you think therefore you are (thanks Descartes); you hate me; you love me; or you just want to talk about anything to a complete (not perfect yet, but still in one piece) stranger. Oh, on a side note.... DOOOOOD.... I mean, come on! Someone write something about me.... make comments... like "I hate that pig-bastard, and wish he would go and fly a kite" or "Dooood.... he's complaining about not getting any comments... he rocks!" or better yet "Insert random comment here". I mean, really... be kind (rewind). Thanx saxchic! YOU ROCK!!!

Oh, and if you really want to take me away from my girlfriend (now wife), or take her from me... good luck, you will fail miserably, crash-and-burn like the Sopwith Camels of the golden age of dogfighting.
The two of us