34 Northcote, Australia
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My self-summary
I love the simple and straight forward things in life: Good food, close friends and company, getting outside, good stories, dreams, staring at wedge tailed eagles, observing how the plants, animals and land changes through the seasons. Im down to earth; I would rather follow/do something I enjoy than doing what is hip and the new thing. Im straight talking; I call a spade a spade and I often get frustrated and appalled by how people, particularly corporates and politicians, try to use euphemisms for something that really doesn't warrant it.
I like to keep fit and healthy: ride my bike to work as much as I can go swimming, eating healthily - lots of vegetables and fruit and not so much alcohol.
By the way, I should say that though I care about punctuation, spelling and grammar I am not obsessed with it. Reading through my profile you may see a few errors, etc. As long as the meaning and intention is there, right?
In terms of humour, I like Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Louis CK. That sort of vibe. Something that has meaning and challenges you. Typically I like it black, abstract or overly logical.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now spending most of waking hours in a 9-5er (which commonly extends to 6 to 6 er) dealing with bureaucracy and dodgy contractors. I work as an environmental engineer in project management. Its a job with purpose: the outcome we we aim to achieve is substitution of drinking water when its used for non drinking purposes. Ie future proofing Melbourne's water supplies.
Spending a lot of time further educating myself in stuff you don't learn at school. Schools are good for getting another Just Over Broke (JOB). Dont get me wrong I love study and I would like to go back to uni, but if i did i would rather study something that helps me be a better person (languages, philosophy, etc) as opposed to being more entrenched in the corporate life.
I’m really good at
Parallel parking my car.
Doing the dishes. My grandmother would say "concentrate on the corners and the hard bits, the middle takes care of itself".
You think that after 33 years, one might be really good at more. But aside from cooking really tasty meals for large groups of people, mountain biking, organisng hikes and other outdoor fun, project managing, doing handy man works about the house, etc... there isnt too much more i could put on my CV.

not proofreading my profile or messages on my phone. All my messages will be riddled with written errors. I need to get on top of this.
The first things people usually notice about me
Most people comment on my deep voice.
Unless im with my brother and then they comment on his deep voice and wonder why im higher pitch than him.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
FILM: anything Cohen Brothers, Jim Jarmusch, Kubrick, Tarantino. Something usually different or thought provoking. Favourites: Blade Runner (directors cut), Dead Man, Fight Club, 2001, Full Metal Jacket, The Departed, Taxi Driver, Usual Suspects, Donni Darko, Seven, Super Troopers, The Big Lebowski.
I recently watched Citizen Four. I put it up there as one of the scariest films I've seen. The other is "Enron: the smartest guys in the room". For an educational night in watch Michael Daisy's monologue on corporations followed by enron.

BOOKS: The last book that had me in stitches was a confederacy of dunces. Absolutely classic! ive been smashing out some Raymond Chandler recently and now some Alain De Botton. I love Raymond's colourful language in a 'Long Goodbye', but the rest of it is largely pulp fiction.
I used to read heaps of sci fi so some of favoruites have been Dune, Enders Game, Foundation. But I like books where I learn things, the invisible gorilla, text books, etc.

SHOWS/TV: don't watch TV or watch TV programs via netflix. Though when I was a teenager my favourite shows were Landline, Foreign Correspondent and Seinfeld.

MUSIC: most my music collection is stuck in the 1990's: Massive Attack, Beck, Faith No More, Radiohead, Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, Apollo 440, Kruder and Dorfmiester. Been loving Neil Youngs latest 'Psychedelic Pill', Trentemoller, Dick Diver, Talking Heads.
I enjoy some jazz. Miles Davis, Art Blakey, I don't know if if like Joe Zawinul.
Shubert, Strauss, Tchaikovsky
The last 5 songs that I 'shazamed' are:
Nils Frahm - Ode
Baris Manco - sari cizmeli mehmet aga. This is some pretty awesome 1970's Turkish Psych Rock
David Axlerod - The Edge
Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island

FOOD: malaysian, hands down. Though cant find a good assam laksa place in Melbourne. The best i have found is the straights cafe in Wantirna. Do you know better? I prefer my rustic/peasant style food to fancy gastronomy. Its about simplicity, taste and nourishment for me.
The six things I could never do without
Ive been thinking a lot about this, aside from the obvious ( good company). Ive thought, if im going away for the night or longer. These are mandatory when i pack:
Good book
Head torch
Tooth brush and toothpaste
Clean undies
Water bottle
Transport (bike preferred)

But from day to day:
An internet connection
Intellectual stimulation
Spiritual satisfaction (usually involves nature)
something that challenges me and help me grow.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
People of inspiration: what it would sound like listening to their internal dialogue.

It seems there are a lot of people on here that seem to care about the homonyms of to; too and two. Or you're; and your.
Why aren't they worried about the homonyms of poor; paw, pore and pour.
Or better yet yore and yaw. ?
On a typical Friday night I am
Could be out to dinner, at a mates place or packing for a trip.
If i have time and im not doing anything i might go to the Preston market.

In terms of partying though i would much rather balance it all out, have some fun in the evening but not get so smashed or out too late to miss the following morning or day.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ever since i turned 30 my eyebrows have gone crazy. I once pulled out a hair that stretched over my eye socket, thats a full 50 mm.
You should message me if
Any of these:
are environmentally conscious,
you ride a bike,
go bushwalking,
get into the outdoors,
have a back bone and are comfortable saying what you believe in.
you like dark chocolate.
Are worldly and still find things in the world amazing (for good or for bad) eg good: creating recombinant killer T cells for HIV immunity. Bad: how can people deny anthropogenic climate change, the efficacy of vaccination, etc.
You've got personality deeper than a cardboard cut out. Sometimes I wonder about mine?

You got through my profile without criticising my grammar too much. You see I kind of see writing this profile as a stream of consciousness like Ulysses: there is no structure to the thoughts that go through your mind.