32Edmonton, Canada
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My self-summary
Dustin F.
West Edmonton, Alberta

- Stable and responsible with a taste for the eclectic. Owns his own house and car while working as an electrician.
- Described by friends as loyal, nerdy, weird, kind, well-read and unique.
- Seeking stable relationships and love with no expectations. Friendship is never bad and short term can be great as well, but ideally a long term relationship is the goal.
- Open and communicative, trust is all important so honesty is as well.
- Very willing to try new things while also enjoying relaxing evenings taking in a show or talking into the night.
- No severe health problems or diseases to worry about or greatly limit potential activities.
- Has a rather large tattoo and no piercings, this could be a benefit or detriment depending on who you are.


4-month relationship
• First relationship, head over heels. Learnt about love and heartache and also how to move on and heal in time.

6-year relationship
• Long term, learnt about compromise while living together, willing to commit.
• Learnt what my limits were when things became toxic as well as what my needs are in a relationship.

2-month relationship
• Experienced passion and learnt that emotions and connection are more important than just the physical.

7-month relationship
• Learned to accept when differences are too much, needs are not met and when the passion is only one sided.

Seeking love and desire, not someone who needs me to support them but someone who wants me around to improve their life. Someone to share passion with, hold at night and laugh with during the day.

Am willing to meet with most anyone for a coffee or lunch date to determine compatibility as it works far better than a resume like profile could ever hope to accomplish.

References available upon request.
You should message me if
You want to get to know someone over a quick coffee as so much will be lost in text, especially when online dating can become very much like job hunting.

You want to chat with someone who is open and willing to chat about anything. I'm interested in learning as much about the world as I can and what's the sense in dishonesty?
The two of us