32 Edmonton, Canada
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My self-summary
Note to self, update this damn thing and shorten it... But keep in some of the odd things you like to do because let's face it, to act entirely professional would be both a lie and make the whole process of meeting people seem like some sort of insincere job application.

Back again to give this site another try, hoping to meet someone to share passion and life with eventually, or at least be good friends.

Favorite Colors

Blue, namely really nice light sky blue sorta things.

Red and black, red on black? Black on red! These 2 colors mix so nicely a lot of the time, I just love it!

Favorite Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse! Hands down. Gotta be a disease based one so that the planet is habitable, and one that favors evolution of the species is probably pretty good in the long run. Plus zombies! I mean, come on! Although animal carriers would suck...
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I'm an electrician but that's not the plan forever. I'm going for my ticket so that I can always have it but I'm also training vocally and will add in other instruments as time goes by. Music is the most important non-person thing to me and I want to be able to make, perform and be around it as much as possible. I don't expect that to make me a living but what I do for money is less interesting I think.

I'm also working with 2 separate groups on developing games, one a computer game and the other a tabletop RPG (Yes they still make and sell those believe it or not :)) Game design is another big interest of mine and something I would like to continue with.

Started a podcast discussing whether or not hugely popular or critically acclaimed films deserve the moniker of "classic", it's so far really helping me see these movies in a different way and appreciate them on a different level I think.

I'm also working on going to the gym and hitting the reasonable to maintain and healthy physique I've always wanted. Good diet, help from a trainer/friend with the workouts and keeping it up as best as I can.

Socially I'm trying to meet people with similar interests, help my loved ones work towards their dreams and be the kind of person that I want to be.
I’m really good at
Being the Devil's Advocate. I can argue any point no matter what I personally think of the subject and quite often when someone is riled up about something I will argue against them just to calm them down even if I agree with them. I think it's very important that people question their beliefs and opinions to make sure that they aren't being hypocritical and actually believe what they say and say what they believe.

I've also been told I'm a great friend. I do my best to be there for people and help them out in whatever way I can

Being long winded, over-explaining or just generally tl:dr...
The first things people usually notice about me
Shouldn't I be asking you that?

The first thing I usually notice about others

The face, I'm all about the face.

I've always thought it respectful to look someone in the eyes while talking to them but amusingly enough I don't know the eye color of anyone I know, I'm looking at the face as a whole. The shape, texture, overall look and the lips are my primary focus. Shape of the eyes, fullness of lips and smooth skin with some slightly angular features I am all about.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In recent years I've read fewer and fewer books, though I've always preferred Science Fiction, Fantasy or most anything Stephen King. Luckily that guy writes enough and in enough different genres that you can get all your reading from him. Planning to re-read Three Kingdoms by Luo Guangzhong, World War Z was excellent and currently reading the Bible to make this as eclectic as possible.

Movie-wise I watch anything and while I can recognize legitimately good movies, I'm also a huge fan of awesome (aka terrible) movies. Stuff that's so bad that it's suddenly good again. I'm generally not a fan of musicals however and while it is a camp movie classic, I actually hate the Rocky Horror Picture Show...

I don't have TV but I download shows or watch them streaming online, such as Adventure Time, Bob's Burger's (Anything with Jon H. Benjamin really), Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Dexter... However the best show ever is The Venture Brothers and I encourage everyone to see it.

Musically I don't much like Jazz, Reggae, Country or Blues. Otherwise I listen to most anything though I lean towards electronica and metal. Music is my emotional outlet and helps make me feel alive, I honestly don't know what I'd do without it. Currently part of a church choir even if I'm not a member of the faith and if I've noticed anything about it it's that being involved in the music makes an song that much better.

Finally food-wise I'm a simple guy. Mostly because I hate cooking, but also because I've had one 40$ meal in my life that I could actually enjoy. I'm a big fan of wraps, pasta, pizza an sandwiches all with everything on them. Sure places can make subs and wraps with everything on them, but pizza, pasta and quesadillas I have to do myself because they always skimp and to get all the ingredients I want would cost a fortune if they even have them all. I'm also a fan of impromptu snack foods made up of whatever is lying around. I don't consider it a meal if I don't think it has enough nutritional value (In my uneducated eye) so I mix and match a lot of stuff until I'm satisfied and call it a day. But if I'm heading out I just can't say no to a good Vietnamese or Japanese restaurant. Also I'm a huge pastry man when it comes to dessert. Pie, strudel, tarts... Put some fruit filling in or around some soft or flaky pastry and I'm pretty happy until I eat myself sick.
The six things I could never do without
- Friends
- Music
- Games
- Uranium to power my internal systems
- A place to call home
- Music (It's doubly important!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Most everything. The world is very complex and I want to learn as much about it as I can so I have been trying to work out a personal and all encompassing philosophy over the last many years based on a few basic precepts. If I can make it sound good outside of my head where I think with more than just language I hope to write it out someday.

These days though sexuality and gender issues is more prevalent in my thoughts. I have some very feminist friends and work in the trades where I'd like to go more than a week without hearing a rape joke at times so combined with the women in my life who've been hurt by men I'm developing some nice misandry.

Of course the idea of a gender binary and sexual dichotomy have been bs to me since I was a teen and I think many problems would be greatly decreased if we stopped thinking in such simple terms and limiting ourselves and others.

I spend a lot of time NOT thinking about

Not too sure, haven't given it much thought...
On a typical Friday night I am
These days relaxing. Friday is one of the nights I don't have weekly scheduled and more often I get together with people on Saturday where we have the whole day free.

But you never know when plans suddenly happen :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Is a bad way to get people to message me most likely. I'll answer anything you ask me honestly since I am not a private kind of guy but there's bound to be something in there that without knowing me will sound worse than it actually is, and isn't that the same for pretty much anybody?

So ask me about something you'd consider private normally and I'll answer and call it a day! In the meantime let's go with I'm GGG.
You should message me if
You want to catch a movie downtown and grab a bite to eat at the E&C afterwards/before. I need to do that more often, it's good times!

You have the internet.

I've messaged you.

If you have any feedback whatsoever, it's always appreciated to know how I come across like, whether or not I was confusing, out of line or just not interesting. Or conversely if I did something right it's also nice to know.

If you read anything in my comments to the match questions or by me that angers or upsets you, 3 sentences can easily lose a lot of meaning in far more complex topics and I'd like the chance to defend myself. Plus it leads to interesting debates :D

Or if you make it all the way down here really. Something kept your reading and even if it's morbid curiosity all you really learnt was how I fill out questionnaires. What's the worst that could happen?