28 Heaton, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I don't want "to hook up", "discreet fun", "no strings attached" or any of that. I want to form attachments with hot poly women.

Thinking of messaging me? Entertain me! I love facts, jokes, puns, anecdotes and nonsense. I'm currently looking for friends who want to text and snapchat all day and turn up when I say "want to hang out in half an hour?" Sometimes I want to date the people who do that, but don't go counting on it.

My pet hate is people who are "looking for people who are single, for new friends" and guys twice my age looking for me to help them cheat on their wife

Ginger or sometimes not / medium-small / piercings / dyke-chic / excellent hip-to-waist ratio (fact) / usually pyjamaed / originated down south but never going back

Sarcastic / witty / politically curious / dorky, nerdy AND geeky / full of anecdotes / slightly too honest / amusingly overdramatic / excellent in a crisis / clumsy. Like so very clumsy

Poly / bi / friends before considering dating

Current partner total: one very excellent boyfriend
Dogs: a Patterjack and a Pugzu

Walks / dogs / classic rock music / eating / board games / trading facts, puns and stories / making people laugh / making stuff / naff pop music / history / washi tape

Moderate in all views / chilled out / anti-extremism, including Tumblr and Reddit's worst opinions / atheist / pro-happiness and freedom for everyone

The people I like most make me laugh unexpectedly, make me feel good about myself without being super emotional about it, have well-researched opinions, don't take themselves or their relationships too seriously, and get excited about learning new things. Skills at word play and good eyebrows a definite bonus.