40Milwaukee, United States
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My self-summary
I tend to take the road less traveled in life and I think it has made me an interesting person with quite a diverse set of traits and talents. I tend to challenge traditions, concepts and even people. I'd consider myself intellectual, sometimes witty, often sassy.

I have a playful, youthfulness about me, but will generally migrate to a place of maturity when there is something serious about a situation. I believe that I am a fairly spiritual person and extremely genuine.

I'm into the Arts and prefer them over watching sporting events. I would rather see a dance performance or see some live music. Admittedly, I've gotten into watching Packer games since 2010... drinking with friends is probably half the fun. Although I don't care too much about watching sports, that does not mean that I don't like physical activity though. I go for long walks with my dog, bike, do yoga and a bit of weight lifting. I also like to snowboard, skateboard, and rollerblade.

My strongest strengths are cooking and painting (also dancing and Dj'ing too). Scholastically, they would be in psychology and nutrition science.
What I’m doing with my life
Drinking quite a lot of wine apparently ;)

I'm in a transition period. I graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in psychology and have about 3/4 of a degree in dance completed. I've been on a break from school for some time now and have an entrepreneur's spirit. I've been running an eco-friendly housecleaning business for about 16 years but I'm becoming bored with that. I sell my artwork occasionally (paintings). And I'm also a dog walker/pet sitter.

I've been asking myself that very question, "What am I going to do with my life?". It takes a lot of self will, and courage to really make your dreams come true. And it also helps to have a partner there that shares some of the same, supporting one another and moving forward together. Most people I have been close to say that I have made them a better person or inspired them in one way or another.

I have started an online course to become certified as a Nutritional Therapist. It should be easy and I already know quite a lot about nutrition but it is good to have a certificate (aka, the piece of paper with your name on it), plus the course may come with some advice on to how to begin this type of business.

I get fairly depressed over the winter in Milwaukee and so it is a dream for me to live somewhere warm and near the ocean (it is here AGAIN) ... where I can make guacamole from the avocado and lime tree's that are in my yard, and never have to drink pasteurized orange juice ever again. Somewhere that I can ride my bike year round without complaining or worrying about weather conditions. I know where one of these places is in Mexico. I'm thinking about taking a vacation soon! Costa Rica, Maui, Thailand, India... lots of places left to explore. Would also love to check out Spain, Italy and France.

It would give me a great sense of accomplishment if I finished the dance degree, and feel good to just be dancing again... have seriously thought about graduate school in a "wellness" type of program.
Could be a blast to open a food truck or small restaurant with some of my art on the wall. My greatest passion right now is cooking (culinary art).
I have been told that I am a "Renaissance Woman". I feel like I'm standing in the center of a square and each corner is an attractive direction ... lots of ideas!

Also, I guess by being on this site I am passively absorbing and patiently waiting for that special someone to make their appearance ... Sometimes I wonder if I stop looking, he will appear naturally. It's a very debatable theory.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at painting, cooking (vegetarian/vegan food), Dj'ing, talking about almost anything, dancing, decorating/designing interior spaces, being organized and efficient, planning super fun vacations on a budget, cutting men's hair, (and a few other things). I have an eye for fashion/style. I also think I'm an amazing mommy to my dog. I'm also quite intuitive and can read people pretty easily.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a bit of a conundrum. INTJ personalities can be challenging to understand.

I'm not exactly sure what people first notice about me. Physically, people say that my eyes are pretty. I get told often that I don't look my age and that I'm quite pretty, but now that I'm 39 I don't attach any emotional connection to these comments. When I look in the mirror, I now see a lady who has aged well like a fine wine.

A first impression would probably depend on the context or environment in which you met me. Some might think, she seems interesting, or funny, or if I'm being loud and cocky, maybe I've been drinking... :)

Some might think, she seems a bit intense, or 'that was inappropriate' (self diagnosed Aspergers). I will have to ask around.
I have the tendency to either talk allot when in a stressful or "extrovert ideal" environment, or I may become shy and silent in certain environments. I can be overly confident and then socially awkward. It would be fun to meet myself...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books; Celestine Prophecy, Ishmael, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Biology of the Mind, The Alchemist, Eat. Pray. Love., Committed, Are you there Vodka? It's me Chelsea, The Four Agreements, Gospel of Relativity, Nutrition and Psychology textbooks, cookbooks.

Movies; Fear and Loathing, The Fall, 2001 Space Odyssey, Drive, The Fountain, Tron (the original and the Legacy), Seven Pounds, The Fifth Element, The Devil's Advocate, Interstellar, The Libertine, Sweeney Todd, Natural Born Killers, Sex and Lucia, Girl Interrupted, Donnie Darko, Domino, In the Mouth of Madness, The Cell, ...

TV; Curb Your Enthusiasm, American Horror Story, Arrested Development, Dexter, Heroes, Portlandia, Orange is the New Black, The Daily Show - John Stewart, Bates Motel, The Voice, Breaking Bad, New Girl, America's Next Top Model, Nashville, Modern Family, Westworld, Black Mirrors, Game of Thrones, Black Books, Twin Peaks, AND almost all of the competitive cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen or Master Chef...

Music; Sade, Neutral Milk Hotel, Erykah Badu, Pink Floyd, John Mayer, Dead Can Dance, Woodkid, Bon Iver, LOTS of Electronic music (like Plaid, Vector Lovers, Plastikman), Willie Nelson, Lumineers, Lana del Ray, Rihanna, Morrisey/Smiths, Pistol Annies, Band of Annuals, Neko Case, Crystal Castles, Compay Segundo (cuban), Salsa music, some Jazz (like Miles Davis), dark and melancholic Classical music (like Chopin), The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, ...

Food; Is my life. I cook all of the time and love going out to restaurants. I wave between being pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan/raw. You would be surprised at how delicious and abundant this lifestyle is. It is far from scarce, that is an illusion. I enjoy ALL the different ethnic foods, but Indian, Mexican and Japanese are probably my favorites.
Six things I could never do without
LOVE, Great food/wine, sunshine/warmth, my dog, music, being physically active in general.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why people's height is shown in centimeters on here (not helpful)

My next move in life and how to make my dreams a reality (having many talents/skills can actually be paralyzing).

The weather forecast, because I look forward to those sunny, warm days.

Fun and exciting things to do: like planning a trip up north, a snowboarding or a tropical vacation, trying out a new restaurant, seeing a live performance, etc.

What my next painting might look like. And what culinary creation I might feel like making in the kitchen.

And you, of course.
On a typical Friday night I am
Having a few drinks, listening or dancing to music, checking out a DJ or a band, hanging out with a friend(s) and just talking, going out for dinner or cooking at home, seeing a performance of some kind, playing around on the internet, seeing a movie at the theatre or just staying in and watching a movie. I'm very comfortable being alone (self amused), but I enjoy company as well.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I'm still trying to conquer many of my fears... some of which are completely absurd, some are the result of damaging experiences, and some are simply because of a need for Perfection.

This need for perfection also can turn in to a negative quality that I have ... intolerance of other's.

Another thing that I will admit and it's not even that private is that I LOVE country music regardless of how uncool that may be to you :P
You should message me if
... You are good at giving massages (heehee)

You are a sincere, honest, patient (I'm a bit of a handful), and nurturing man.

You are educated or at least very intelligent. You've found some sort of success in life with one of your passions.

You love to explore and go on adventures. You love the outdoors.

You are a Gentleman, and believe Chivalry is not dead.

You enjoy the finer things in life. (that includes me)

You love animals, and are a vegetarian/vegan or at least a pescatarian. This extends in to respecting the earth as well.

You are also handsome ... (I understand that some people cannot gauge this).

You are not overweight or short (sorry). I don't want to be taller than you wearing 3" heels. Since okCupid uses cm, I'd say my minimum height that I would date is 5'9" (Math ... 5 x 30.48 = 152.4 plus, 9 x 2.54 = 22.86 equals = 175 cm)

Politically, you lean towards the left. You could even fall there. Or you realize that there is no government, but only banks and major corporations... making you a non conformist or anarchist.

You don't smoke cigarettes.

You also consider yourself a spiritual person.
The two of us