30Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary
Oh no. A self summary? This wasn't part of the deal.

I work as an artist (actor and director) based in Sydney and I could talk about my artistic practice till the cows come home but a self summary.. geeze alrighty.

I like to talk. Alot. Even more so if you don't. I can stuff room with facts about most subjects. Maybe cognative behavior therepy, herbology, anthropology to science, philosophy ancent mythology, etemology ...a lot of ologies (ologys?)

I love my work but forget to rest. To counter this I'd like to adopt a healthy amount of hedonisim in my life or maybe unhealthy amount would be a better idea.

I don't know. I'm very silly most of the time and very serious too. Does that help?
What I’m doing with my life
I work activly in the arts as a performer, director and teacher. I also occasionally produce and work in admin with various venues across Sydney I’m called on.

Despite my tendency to workholisim, I look to do what's most pleasurable each day and would spend my life studying art, language and history and nothing else if I could. My weeks are usually spent teaching in afternoons, writing and rehearsing some days. On others I'll read and read and read and watching and researching.

I enjoy creating works of art and seeing lost of beautiful and interesting things. Absorbing knowledge and experiences.

When I can pin others down I like to spend long hours in conversation about anything, playing games and spouting ridiculous ideas.

When I can’t pin them down I write long emails and the occasional text message full of bad puns. Terrible ones.
I’m really good at
Conversations. Entertaining. Putting together bizarre outfts. Writing. Dreaming large impossible things.
The first things people usually notice about me
What I am wearing. How loud I get. My abillity to enjoy most potentially awkward situation.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite is too hard.. Last ones I read/watched/

eat, pray, love.
Small Gods
An Acrobat of the Heart
When Harry Met Sally
Episods of Scrubs
Ben Lee
Gnarls Barkly
Mum and Sorjn
Six things I could never do without
words. paint. pens. paper. an empty room. others
The two of us