27Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
From a recent New Yorker article:

"Roger Ebert gave EJC90 two thumbs up, stating '...he's definetly good at doing human stuff. Walking, talking, eating...this guy has got it down. I was especially impressed with the ease and range he showed in his breathing. Truly a remarkable performance for the ages.' Mr. Ebert went on to refer to EJC90 as a 'great example of someone who's really mastered the art of blinking', 'alive', and 'the best thing that's ever happened to sleeping.'"

Brooklynite, Midwest transplant, recently graduated from a Master's program in music therapy, and currently looking for employment in the field
What I’m doing with my life
-Becoming a music therapist...yes, it's as awesome as it sounds :-) I work with anyone from young children with autism to adults with mental illnesses be everyone in between. Hoping to find a job at a city hospital in mental health care
-Biking around Brooklyn as much as possible. It's amazing the places you can go and the things you can see when you're not limited by public transit
-Teaching guitar and voice lessons to children and young adults
-Soaking in the summery goodness (while working on a grad thesis...dun dun dunnnnn)
-Scouring the city for new spots for coffee, food, and drink
-Jamming with friends / busking in parks for kicks
-Trying out a new recipe at home at least once or twice a week
-Making lists on this site, apparently
I’m really good at
-Musicing in an infinite number of ways (definitely have to use that word as a verb). Love singing, rapping, writing, playing, etc.
-Therapizing (also a verb)
-Producing and mastering songs / albums for myself and friends...anything from dreamy synth pop to hard-hitting gangsta rap to Chechnyan folk (if that's what you're into). If you can dream it, I can make it!
-Faking a Scottish accent
-Acting as a vast encyclopedia of mostly useless facts (see also: wannabe Jeopardy! champ)
-People-watching like a professional
-Lounging around like I own the place
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably that I'm whistling some sort of jaunty tune

Or that my eyes get incredibly squinty when I smile or laugh. Every time, without fail
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This section is entirely too long for anyone's good or sanity. But remain here it shall. Here we gooo...

-Music (in no particular order): Radiohead, Talib Kweli, Modest Mouse, Flying Lotus, Joe Pass, Medeski & Scofield, Grizzly Bear, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Animal Collective, Brad Meldhau, Nickel Creek, Charles Mingus, MuteMath, St. Vincent, Talking Heads, Chance the Rapper, Tycho, LCD Soundsystem, Yo-Yo Ma, Tame Impala, Cinematic Orchestra, Sunfold, Pink Floyd, all kinds of jazz, funk, blues, classical, etc......basically everything, you name it, and I'll listen to it

-TV: Arrested Development, Walking Dead, Psych, 30 Rock, Cosmos, The League, Breaking Bad, Archer, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, House of Cards, Always Sunny, Futurama, Looney Tunes

-Reading: Catch-22, Great Gatsby, A Clockwork Orange, Brave New World, Trainspotting, Doors of Perception, any David Foster Wallace / Camus / Sartre, Frankl, Harry Potter, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Watchmen, Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao, The Road

-Movies: Wes Anderson, Christopher Guest (Waiting for Guffman, anyone?), Scorsese, Coen Bros., Del Toro, Tarantino, Kubrick, plus lots and lots of others (sorry George Lucas, I love you, but you didn't make the top list)

-Food: I have yet to meet food that I don't like or wouldn't try at least once
Six things I could never do without
1. Music (if you couldn't tell). It's the lifeblood of my universe
2. Food
3. Love
4. Wit
5. Dreams
6. Family
7. The number 7 (ha, website, you can't tell me what to do)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Life (is that cliché?...probably), and various existential crises
-How to take over the world
-Other people and ways to connect with them
-Finding ways to avoid standing in lines
-If you've read down this far
-How to break the fourth wall (in everyday life)
-What IS the deal with airline food?
-Cosmic fate or choice
-What stops sequels from being as good as the original
-Places to find great noms...Yelp usually has this covered
On a typical Friday night I am
Exactly where I am meant to be at that moment.
You should message me if
You realize there is much more to a person beyond these little white textboxes we're trying to cram our souls into.

Or something you read above made you either chuckle, snicker, guffaw, or some combination of the three. A guffickle, if you will...just realized that word sounds dirty when you say it out loud.

Hoping to connect with someone that I can vibe with on multiple levels. Creatively, philosophically, culinarily (google says that's a word), etc....Basically a partner in crime to get into general fun (*salutes*), revelry, shenanigans, deep conversations, explorations, and various (mis)adventures with around the city, drinking in the beauty (and/or booze) and sheer ridiculousness of the world around us at every turn.

And who knows? Maybe I AM the droid you're looking for.
The two of us