27Sausalito, United States
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My self-summary
Hello I'm Estelle. I love all things out of the ordinary. Animals Make me happy, the water is my happy place. I talk faster then I think. My hair color is forever changing. The best days are spontaneous adventure days. I love to smile. I like talking to strangers, come say hi!
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I work at whole foods, which is soo super exciting, but not bad. I am trying to figure out what to do with myself more long term, as I feel most people are these days , I am searching for my niche I suppose. I have a kick-ass five year old daughter so I am very often blowing bubbles. coloring , chilling at the playground or going to the aquarium for the 8millionth time ( I got the year pass y'all , Im ballin). When I actually get to be an adult and not a juice bar robot or a children's entertainer I like to attend one of the many wacky street fairs in SF, see my poor neglected friends , sit in the park and drink beer , dance my ass off, get lost in the city and see what happens. Try new tasty food places do something completely different and new!
I’m really good at
Im really good at forgetting to do stuff , that counts right?
I can bake a pretty good cake.
I am awesome at shower karaoke
not being an asshole
getting lost
doing really crazy eyeshadow.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well my hair is currently pink, so that.
I am usually some sort of glittler/ neon/ leopard print/ tye dye , so basically I could be in an 80s metal band/ super powered girl group.
I also usually look stoned as hell even when Im not ( you try looking alert and on top of it when you have to be at work at six am)
Im annoyingly perk once I do wake up.
depending what I did that night I may smell like beer and perfume hah.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: harry potter series is my all time fave , a clockwork orange , hitchhikers guide to the galaxy , whatever else catches my interest

Music : I'll be the first to admit I have terrible taste in music I Love 80s and 90s pop , probably thats most of my ipod, I love the beatles , I like lots of types of music , but mostly stupid pop music :)
Food: I am very open to new foods ill try anything , some of my favorite foods are liver and onions , lobster , pretty much anything asian , french fries, sour candy , BBQ , beer (counts right?) , mashed potatos

Shows: Buffy the vampire slayer, lots of animes: FLCL , Cowboy bebop , Excel saga , Elfen Lied , Azumanga Dioh , Oran Highschool Host club , shin-chan , outlaw star , Dirty pair Flash and growing!, South Park , American dad , Old nicktoons, Boy meets world , kenan and kel , I love lucy , Family guy , aqua teen hunger force , robot chicken , Adventure time , sponge bob , Glee , Raising hope , Angel , Monty pythons flying circus , (tryimg really hard to think of whats in my netflix que right now and what I am tivoing right now) futurama, if theres any nature docs that catch my eye , I really like blue plant and the planet earth series , I also like shows that take a look in to other people and cultures lives (and I don't necessarily mean like reality tv shows I mean more like documentary type things , like if anyone has ever seen the show taboo on the nat geo channel that kinda stuff) , Powerpuff girls
my super guilty pleasuse shows: teen mom/ 16 and pregnent , Rupauls drag race , My little pony : friendship is magic (where my bronies at ?)

movies: ack so many Ill name a few I really like , Zoolander , disney movies!! I love them so much they could be in a seperate catagory , don't judge me hee , beavis and butthead do america (yes I know) , the wedding singer , requiem for a dream , the last unicorn , road trip, Eurotrip, Zombieland , austin powers , (I like stupid movies lol) , Dead Leaves , Spirited away , Totoro , Howl's moving castle , princess mononoke , Paprika , ummm arg I will update list if I think of more (and I will )
Six things I could never do without
My friends
My baby
good food
somewhere comfy to be
my phone , or a way to keep in contact with people
I spend a lot of time thinking about
oh geeze all sorts of silly things, Usually I am just making myself laugh in my head with my own dumb jokes, or getting caught up in some fantasy
On a typical Friday night I am
Sleeping haha, or seeing a movie, hanging at home, but best case scenario im getting into mischief.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I totally still play pokemon on my gameboy

I dance in front of my mirror in my underwear (but really who dosn't do that )

I have justin beiber on my ipod (don't judge me)

Ill probably admit more if you talk to me long enough

also I hope justin beiber isn't cockblocking me , that would be sad
You should message me if
you're bored and want to meet new people
you like to laugh
you find akwardness cute (cause I can be akward)
u like cute babies
if you have a kid ! , even if nothing romantic comes of it my daughter needs more baby friends and I would like more parent friends !
you want to challenge me to a pokemon battle
you're awesome
if we seem like we have somethings in comman
you like to cuddle
you like just wandering around
you like good food
you like animals
I love people so talk to me , I can be hesitent to make the first contact but once I know someone wants to talk to me I talk a lot , please don't be shy I'll always respond IM me to :) I love talking
The two of us