70Santa Monica, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an open book pretty much. What you see is what you get. That doesn't mean that I wear my heart on my sleeve either though. I grew up in Europe and went to school and college over there and came to the US in 1970. I've lived up and down the East Coast, Mid West and now the West Coast since 1990. So I'm reasonably urbane and well travelled. I love music of all kinds but especially easy listening, 70's, pop, love songs, classical and, yes, country. I've also attended operas and like the occasional concert or musical. I'm not a great dancer but can get by. I cook regularly and am good at the basics but would like to be able to produce a more varied menu. I love to sing in the shower and am no stranger in the local karaoke bars. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering so I like a regular mental challenge. I do a crossword puzzle every morning as a wake up exercise. I love the company of intelligent, attractive women who can carry on a good conversation and have a good sense of fun. If you find any of this appealing let me know and we can take it from there.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a business executive in Santa Monica, California who's led a varied life in both Europe and North America. Most of my friends describe me as an easy going, relaxed and attractive individual with a well developed sense of humor. I am a low maintenance, fun seeker who loves the company of an attractive, intelligent and down-to-earth woman. I am your helper in your quest to find thoughtful, fulfilling and entertaining companionship. Your happiness is my goal.
I’m really good at
Friends tell me I'm really good at taking the common sense approach to most of life's problems stressing a simple attitude to even the most difficult problems. People say I have a refreshing sense of humor which shines through no matter what the situation. In addition, I'm told I'm a good conversationalist who can discuss just about any subject in some detail (or, at least, give that impression).

I am a former rugby player and long distance runner who has completed hundreds of road races including 38 marathons. Staying fit no matter what my age is important to me. I am currently in the process of getting a book about my many running experiences published.

I am an avid reader and movie goer who uses these experiences to color various stories I have written and hope to publish in another forthcoming book.

I am also an accomplished public speaker who has spoken on a variety of subjects on a voluntary and competitive basis for many years.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile. I can't help it. I am an involuntary smiler. I love to see people smile back. I think life is too short to be taken too seriously. My motto is "life is for the warm and willing".
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love biographies of successful people. I read the occasional self help book because I think focusing on improvement is always a good thing and I'm still an evolving experiment of one. I've read all of Malcom Gladwell's books because they are thought prevoking. The same is true of Geoff Colvin. I am always reading popular fiction. I've read just about every book that John Grisham has published mostly because they are very readable, interesting, stories but also because I'm trying to figure out what he's doing because as a, hopefully, successful future writer I need to know what works. Another favorite is Harlan Coben. Girls, does that guy have a way of telling a story. My most favorite book is probably a written version of William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. The speech of advice by courtier Polonius to his son Laertes before his trip to France is a gem of unending proportion. I am a constant movie goer. The urge to sit in a theater and watch celluloid (and now digital images) started at age 5 when my Dad took me, to pass the time, to see a movie at the Green Cinema on Stephen's Green in Dublin, Ireland, the capital city of my home country. The movie, in full Technicolor, was The Adventures of Robin Hood. It's still a favorite. So are The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca and the original Sabrina. The Ipcress File with Michael Caine and, of course, Alfie are movies I can re-watch at any time. Fellow Irishman, Pierce Brosnan, reminded me in the Fourth Protocol that he was a terrific actor if given the right material. Similarly, Liam Neeson just about owns the screen in every project he's involved in. I love all kinds of music and that extends from Opera to pop to 70's to jazz, easy listening and country music because of all the storytelling. I even have a CD of Balalaika music. I love Italian food. As a runner, carbohydrates are important so pasta is a big staple. I also try to get most of my protein from fish. However, I am willing to experiment and the right companion with a curious palate can get me off the staight and narrow.
Six things I could never do without
(1) My Family
(2) My Health
(3) The friendship of amusing people, especially women
(4) Good Books
(5) Good Food
(6) Running Trails
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I can do better with my life. From where I began I have been very successful. However, that's doesn't mean that I'm going to take it easy from now on. Far from it. I think my life will get better if I keep exploring new things, new ideas and meet new people. As an amatuer athlete I have enjoyed a great life of physical activity but as I grow older I need to move from physical endeavors to more cerebral ones. That's why writing and public speaking are becoming more important for me. I don't have an advanced degree (which is nobody's fault but mine) so I can't teach but I can influence people. That's my next "big plan" -- Changing people's minds.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually, I lift weights, plan my weekend and take it easy. But the right woman can change all of that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a major dislike of halitosis and brush my teeth three times a day and four whenever I get the chance.
You should message me if
You like a reasonably charming, intelligent and curious man who wants to meet a woman of equal standing. A woman who likes companionship and enjoys a good laugh. A woman who loves to cuddle, loves to kiss and is willing to share her life with a supportive, understanding and compassionate alter ego.
The two of us