26Stockholm, Sweden
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My self-summary
INFP - (Funny how I figured out this term after i added my anti-homophobia rant here. :P)

(Warning! Angry rant!)
I don't wish to start of this introduction on a negative note. But, I notice more and more of this as time goes on, and I want to save myself the utter IDIOCY that is... That people think gay couples can/shouldn't raise kids!
And this, coming from people that think they are well educated, and philosophical and open minded - saying they have nothing against gays... News flash you homophobic asshole... You are indeed VERY homophobic and do show you have something against gays!
If you can't open your eyes to the notion that they, as persons, are as well equipped to raise kids as you and me... Then get the Fuck out of my face, and I hope to not see you procreate...
There... Done! :(
PS. This also counts for all ethnicities! We are all human!
(Angry rant over!)

Truth be told; I am actually... a superhero!
I have super strength, super speed, heat vision, x-ray vision, invurnebility and flight
My only weakness is the proximity to space rocks. It nulifies all my powers.
Considering the earth is one giant space rock... Well, that's why you see me taknig the bus!

Despite what you may read here, I am actually a quite energetic and fun guy. ;)
You just don't get a clear cut case with me, that is all!
You may see the smile on my face. Only a selected few hear the words behind it.

I am expressionate a lot as I speak to convey my words.
So, speaknig to me, you may see me almost topeling over - only as I describe how much I enjoyd something!

I am not your traditional guy, and I rarely go by the traditional way...
But, for those that would call themselves traditional;
"The only traditional thing about traditions, is that they must, and always do, change." ;)

This isn't that much of a self-summary - but it will have to do for now...
What I’m doing with my life
A question asked daily...
Finding the answer to that question is my goal right now.
I’m really good at
I'd like to say writing.
Altough, I am aware of my flaws, and try to improve upon them.
I think that is why I have always received high praise for my writing.

Anyway, I have a passion for story telling, and it's something I burn for. :)
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, it's more what people DON'T notice about me!
That my apperance, and the way I act - I am always misstaken to be older then I really am.

Which, sadly, no one here will get to experience first hand.
It's better discovered when you have spent while with me, and suddenly you ask "How old are you?".
And seeing peoples jaws hang low, as I answer! :D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am a lover of msot melodic, and instrumental tunes. Peices of music that often leaves it up to you to paint the picture belonging to it.
One example :
Canon in d - Pachelbel
A classical masterpiece! :3

A modern favorite with lyrics;
Chant of Immortality...
A simply breathtaking peice of music. With focus on questioning Immortality - and notice the sad tone that lingers throughout... ;)

That said, I also love songs with... in a lack of better words... "Balls to the walls action!"
Like Denied by Sonic Syndicate. From start, to finnish, it's an absolute blast of notes that makes you just wanna DO SOMETHING!

All of Christopher Paolinis books!
He is a young, but highly talented fantasy author.
He is also a great inspirational for all young authers out there - me for one!
Jules Verne's books were a bit of an obsession of mine as a kid!

When it comes to movies... there is to many to list them all!
But a few won't hurt! ;)

First, I'd like to mention the two best sequells any movie could ask for - sequels that took certain cult movies, and made them legendary: Terminator 2, and Aliens.
James Cameron did his damndest here!
Both honoring, and improving on both of the movies - even with Aliens wich he didn't do the first movie of.

I also feel I need to mention: Kan du vissla Johanna? ("Can You Whistle Johanna?")
A swedish classic that is aired on TV each Christmas, based on a swedish author.
I mention this, as to how I noticed how I have changed over the years while watching this. From the kid who didn't understand, or bother with this sort of movie - to last christmas as I watch it from start to finnish, again, and notice more that I had never noticed before.
The subtle hints of mortality and sadness that make this movie. Such as seeing a white tie... and knowing what loss is related to that tie...

The Witcher. As I played, and loved the first Witcher game (after they remade it, tough), I have yet to play the second. And with the third game in the near future, I need to take my tiem and play trough what I feel can be a masterpeice!
I mention this, as it is based on a polish book which I have a great deal of intresst to read - but... I do not feel the need to support the auther, with the claims and words he expresses against the game, and gamnig in general!
It's the stigma of an old, close minded fool who shuns the notion that games can be, and ARE, a very good medium for tellnig stories!

Dust: An Elysian tale.
This game... is fantastic! It was made by one man... just ONE MAN!! (Apart from the music and the voices.) But coding, design, and msot of the script - all one man!
Not only did he spend 4 years maknig it. He spent 1 year porting it, by himself, to be able to be played on PC.
And, apart from being nothing sort of an amazing guy to manage it all on his own, it really is a great game that can put a lot of AAA-titels to shame!

Ori and the blind forest.
Recently played, and completed this little golden teardrop of a game...
The atmosphere, the controls, the challenge, THE MUSIC...the art style... Ooh, God, the art style!
An amazing game I would recommend to non-gamers, and hardcore gamers alone! :)
Six things I could never do without
Mental simulation.
To talk and share stories, or the experience a good story - be so movie, book, game, or even a story told trough music!

Might add more later...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Mostly useless, philosophical things...

What would life be without pain or suffering?
How would you describe happiness, if you never knew sorrow?
How would you feel love, if never knowing hate?
How would you know longing, never experienced loss?

Even the brightest star is not visible in the light of the sun...
You can only see the stars beauty because they are tiny specs of light in an otherwise dark void.
Much like our lives...

You know... useless stuff! :)
You should message me if
you want to.
No need to be so formal... A simple "Hi" can be enough. :)
The two of us