31 Ann Arbor, United States
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My self-summary
--—-- TL;DR --––--

Polyamorous; tactile; cuddly; sexual; zen; caring; blunt.

I assume we're both here for sex and connection, you're in the tl;dr so: cliff notes.

I'm very sexual, not looking for a hookup, but looking for sex, since it's important to my relationships; also someone I like, trust, cuddle, love, fuck, care for, befriend and show myself to.

You are: Tactile, cuddly, sexual, caring, busty, trustworthy, blunt, INTERESTING, cuddly and 420.

Let's meet, those first 5 minutes are so telling.

Hello, I'm Louis. Nice to meet you, in a fashion.

I am a Burner, a Morris Dancer, a Maker, a Dancer, a Cuddle Fanatic, Tactile, a Hooper, a Night Owl, Sexual, Adventurous, Loving, Funny, Sociable, Kind, Emotional, Stoic, Zen, an Introvert, a Learning addict, Outgoing, Self-Contradictory, Well Spoken at times, a Blundering Fool at others. I fit more places than you think; I'm a little jadded; I'm told I'm more interesting than I appear, take that as you like.

Looking for the "selling features"? I'm Honest, Straight Forward, Caring, Well Endowed, Understanding, Intelligent, Independent, 420 Friendly, Financially Stable and I get great Gas Milage. Okay, the last one is a fallacy, drinking gasoline would probably kill me, let's not try it.

We all have our flaws, I am no exception, flaws make us who we are, perhaps more than our strengths. I sometimes lack tact; I'm particular, hedonistic and forgetful; I suffer migraines and fatigue; I fail at mornings and getting places on time; I'm forgetful and competitive; I'm not into spectator-sport culture. I'm annoyingly self aware; not a flaw you say? I beg to differ.

Myers Briggs says I'm a ENTP and while it is, like all classifications, a generalization, it is spot on. I'm very honest and happy to be blunt, if there is anything you'd like to know about me, my intentions, my desires or my dreams, start a conversation.

I work as a Software Engineer and have been in he feel for over a decade, which makes me feel uncomfortably old. I have many, widely varied hobbies. A few of my recent ones are Sound Tech, Electrical Engineering, Sewing, Gaming (Computer, Board and Card) and Dancing; I love dancing, any kind of dancing.

In a lover, I'm looking for someone Adventurous, Durable, Sexual, Unique, Complicated, Busty, Clever, Positive, Cuddly, Eloquent and Interesting. I want someone who is more prone to taking risks than I am and will talk me into doing things outside of my comfort zone; because that's where life is.

I'm smart and responsible, but I like to take risks, to do things outside of my existing experience. Whether friend or lover, I like people of a similar tribe.

Sometimes you read, watch or see something and there is a person you become totally absorbed by, an individual that you feel lessened for not being able to know, to have in your life. It's rare, but there are people that you get instantly drawn into. I'm looking for that person, who feels the same in return.

You can grow into love, into friendship, into comfort and familiarity, but what I'm looking for is someone with that instinctual attraction, that unexplainable know-it-when-you-feel-it click. Someone I can feel connected to, feel desire for and desire from, someone who will be my friend, my lover; my companion.

I'm looking for someone to be with, but I am not looking for any particular type of relationship or structure. I'm not monogamous by nature. What I'm looking for is probably closest to a "primary", but I like to let relationships develop naturally, whatever whatever is best for our personalities and comforts.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm exploring life, myself, others and existence. I'm learning. Discovery is my favorite thing, that moment you know something for the first time.

I believe the most important thing to do with ones life is to learn to exist, to enjoy the world, to better yourself and to explore.

I've listed hobbies in the above section, so lets talk "work". Professionally I'm a Software Engineer and have been since 2005. At this point I'd say I'm pretty successful in that, though that obviously doesn't mean I've lost interest in evolving my skills, professionally or otherwise.

I work full time, maintain several long term personal projects, such as my core involvement with a very successful charity and sugnificant ownership of two small tech companies. If you know anyone who's owned tech companies, that's neat but not quite as impressive or profitable as media portrays it.
I’m really good at
I've been told by quite a few people that I'm exceptionally good at cuddling, if that can be called a "talent". I've also been told that I give exceptional hugs, am good in bed and am unusually good at self-analyzing, but again, are those "talents"? Skills, more likely.

Otherwise I'm good at many things and above average at many more, I tend to be a jack-of-all-trades, as a result of my obsession with learning. I have a talent for picking things up easily and as a result change secondary interests often and sometimes drastically.

I'm good at becoming very good friends with people most wouldn't expect me to get along with.

I'm also particularly good at Air Hockey....wanna play?
The first things people usually notice about me
Socially: Awkward, friendly, kind, strange, obtuse, stoic, funny.

Personality-wise: Clever, ineffable, funny, unique and witty.

Physically, on the positive end: presently, hair; I hear "pretty" and "cute" a lot, though the later is just a often cute "kawaii" as cute "sexy".

If you ever meet me let me please let me know what the first thing you notice is, I enjoy knowing how the word sees me, others are the only mirror I have.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
You know what...fuck it, this section is so out of date I'm deleting it. I suspect it will bug me enough that I'll get it rewritten soon.
• 3/20/16 •
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Love; life; sex; things to come and things long lost; time; nothing; music; people; sentience; emotions; opinions; motivation and drive.

Lately I wonder if the ease of survival in modern society inures the soul. We live easy lives, yet we create such malady and strife for ourselves. I think that, on a deep level, we are unable to accept the simplicity of our situation, the ease of surviving. I think that we need to fight for our survival, It’s in our nature to fight, to work relentlessly to secure the right to exist and the right for a future. We never feel so at peace or content as when we are fighting a battle of need and overcome. Out in the forest, hunting for food, did our ancestors get this constant tug that there was something important that was missing from life - or did they exist content and assured of their place in the world and their reason for being?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Admit to the internet? The PUBLIC internet? Seems a little, contradictory...

Since this section makes NO sense, I instead present you with a number of non-private facts that just aren't likely to come up in normal conversation, which are interesting but don't come up or people don't like bringing up for reasons of social taboo:
-I drink more water than you.
-While I'm mostly a dominant in appearance, I'm a bit of a switch in all aspects of my personality; a few of my personality traits are extremely submissive and often only come out in my writing (on here/via text)
-I like to shower in the dark, I don't remember exactly when I picked up the habit, I just find it extremely relaxing and meditative.
-Incidentally, I have very good spacial skills 💮
-I like to make my bed, but don't every day. Getting into a nicely made bed is very enjoyable though.
-I straight up enjoy cleaning my house up.
-I really like music in languages I don't understand.
-I get migraines, they are the DEATH.
-While I think cats are really cute, I think that Chipmunks might be more cute, I <3 Chipmunks. After that, Giraffes might be a third, I don't know why, but Giraffes are awesome.
-I'm cute. I'm male. I'm ostensibly straight. Deal with it.
-I like playing pretty much all sports, even though I don't like watching them. I'm not good at most of them, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them.
-I am against the oxford comma, I don't know exactly why. I don't believe it is objectively better not to use it, I just prefer it's absence.
-I've always wanted to have sex outside in a thunderstorm. If we become sexual partners and wouldlike to, this constitutes an invitation.
-I own way more clothing than most people do, even women.
-I've got quite a bit of body hair, my heritage is pretty much all from cold, snowy places.
-I'm a breasts man, both in that I'm extremely attracted to breasts and that I like very large breasts.
-Also, I've very attracted to redheads.
-I like being asked personal questions, it's fun to be asked about a subject I a the sole verifiable expert on. Ask me something, I dare you :p
-I have a great memory for many things, but terribly memory recall, so I'm often forgetful in practice. It's a very strange phenomenon.
-I was once literally the worst person at remembering names I had met; I am much improved but still only about average at keeping people's names straight, if I forget yours, please accept this apology in advance.
-I'm well-endowed (7"+ Long, 6"+ circumference]).
You should message me if
I want a best friend. Not just a friend I get along with, but a "We're fifteen and do everything together" best friend. I want someone to be by my side, someone to mean the world to me and for me to mean the world too as well. I want someone to have sex with, and to cry with. Someone I can trust with my everything, someone who I will not doubt; someone who will tell me everything, even when it hurts us both to do so.

I want someone who knows that it's sometimes hard to tear down the walls we build for ourselves and someone to help me tear those walls down. I want someone to adventure with, someone to help me to explore this maddening world. I want someone to make bad choices with, someone to pull me along on a journey I'm still to afraid too make alone.


Message me if you're an old soul; you're unique, with all the good and the bad that come with it; you feel deeply; You know there's more out there; You need to explore; you're willing to take risks; you think life is about more than keeping up appearances; you want to understand.


If you have a lot of "explanations" on your questions, kuddos, I love the explanations, the little window into the way people think, far more than most peoples profiles. If I messaged you or you message me, I promise you I'm gonna read all of those little answers of yours. I probably won't tell you, but I certainly didn't message you without reading them, even if I'm not great at introductions.


Let me know if you think you'd like me, you're interesting and you'd like to grab dinner or a drink sometime, even if you aren't usually the sort that start conversations. I know girls don't have to do shit on here, everyone on the planet messages you almost indiscriminately. But I want to know who you are, because people are interesting and who knows, maybe we'll fit. It's worth finding out. Let's meet, those first five minutes are so telling.


Being honest though, we all just wants to connect with other people, so any reason you have for messaging me is a good enough reason to start a conversation. You never know what you might find until you try.