32 Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
I'm basically here to meet people (random adventures, new friends, casual dates with potential for romance) and make genuine connections. Also [insert people watching made simple] because lezzbehonest...self summary boxes reveal an array of characters and people are interesting! As for meeting the love of my life? Mmehh, I'm not holding my breath OkComputer. I am interested in finding 'my person'...but it seems to me that the juxtaposition of planning to fall in love is counter-intuitive. Inherently, I believe that life is full of serendipitous opportunities and generally prefer that to awkward orchestrations of connection. Truth is, meeting people at bars feels increasingly super-superficial, with all those egos like hairdoos. Figuratively, this is me shaving my head after a cold winter. Real talk: I could probably never shave my head in real life.

Nutshell: I'm an idealist and a realist; in being realistic, I would say i'm a lot more idealistic. I'm very mindful of being authentic. I'd do just about anything for my family and friends. I like putting things in order. I crave experience. People intrigue me. I want to do too many things with my life. Sometimes, I get caught up in the moment. I need periodic adventures/road trips to preserve my sanity. Apathy is extremely unattractive to me. I believe we can learn something from anyone/everyone; we are all students and teachers of life. I think it's important to not take yourself too seriously...although I think the ability to be serious is a necessity.

I am:
Passionate, Verbose, and Human.
What I’m doing with my life
Overall, I am enjoying the company of good eggs, getting into something outdoors, yoga/bicycling or otherwise trying to stay active, planning new projects, appreciating unconventional art, experimental gardening, reading, exploring, creating, hanging on roofs/porches with beverages & conversation, spending time with family, and continuing to learn & grow.

Occupationally, I am a Social Worker & Therapist. I've worked with lots of different folks: primarily at-risk youth & their families --which involves the systems that surround them. I've worked mostly in residential treatment, home/community, and school settings. The work is crisis-oriented & fast-paced, and each day brings unique challenges & opportunities. It can be exhausting, but I'm grateful for the experiences I've had and the growth its inspired.

As of late, I'm contemplating a shift towards Private Practice; a change in pace that will allow me to continue to do the work I love, as well as pursue other interests. I think a lot about where I'm headed, what interests me, and how to live a balanced & fulfilling life.

Additional interests include: teaching at a university; consultation & advocating (prog. evaluation & innovation, improving service delivery & trauma response, implementing SAP supports in schools/colleges); and/or starting my own nonprofit for at-risk youth. My alter-ego would most likely travel the world as a photographer or journalist ...or settle into something more localized involving creating and/or designing.

I know, it's a bit much!
I’m really good at
artless self-disclosure. being intuitive. listening. making lengthy to-do lists'. procrastinating. building campfires.
lovin' on the nearest dog or cat.
thinking on my feet. being a team-player. self-awareness. seeing the big picture. making others feel comfortable.
putting out fires. snugglin'

Practicing (bc why not?) getting better at:
finding balance. growing vegetables.
pausing. being in the moment.
eating more fresh, local, organic.
getting (back) into shape.
carving out me time.
The first things people usually notice about me
I can be a serious conversationalist :)
Or, if inspired..dimples and [sparkle in my] blue eyes
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Brene Brown
Perks of Being a Wallflower, By Nightfall, Tuesdays with Morrie, Stone Butch Blues, Post Secret...
Also, anything Shel Silverstein/Dr. Seuss I'm really just a big kid at heart.

Pay It Forward, Serendipity, Crash, High Art, Fried Green Tomatoes, Under the Tuscan Sun, Goonies, Hoosiers, Good Will Hunting, Empire Records, Princess Bride, Fight Club, Documentaries...

Greys, The Wire, SVU, Modern Family, Lie to Me, Sex and the City, L Word, Friends, In Treatment, Graceland, Orange is the New Black, Blacklist, The Fosters.

I ♥ music. I cannot begin to capture my music interests here via simple list.

I love trying new foods, new restaurants, and new recipes. Ethnic, vegetarian, meat & potato, comfort food. I love a home cooked meal, cooking together, and occasional ordering-in.
Also, Peanut Butter is essential. If you've a peanut allergy, we prob shouldn't be kissing...ever!
The six things I could never do without
Family & Friends
Human Interaction
All 6 senses
"Aha" moments

Random ♥'s: Animals, bubble baths, graffiti, starry nights, city lights, snow days, people watching on the path train, gratitude, campfires, comfy pillows, trash to treasure, children's laughter, ocean waves crashing, friendly strangers, thinking outside the box, crickets and porch swings, curiosity.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...why I spend so much time thinking! I'm thinking about human interaction, psych stuff, art, sex, philosophy, improving social service delivery, gender, politics, identity, culture, ect., and more meta (thoughts about thinking).
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with friends: dinner, drinks & dancing, meeting new faces, live music, poetry, random adventure, sports event or a show of sorts.

Staying-in decompressing after a long week: cooking, snuggling with a furry friend (or human, when applicable), music, movie, good conversation, TED, reading.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Least favorite essay box. OkCupid's attempt at nudging one in the direction of vulnerability? Thing is, people generally have fairly lame responses that are: otherwise obvious, blatantly guarded, or unsuccessful attempts at being witty. Occasionally, an adorably quirky response elicits a smile.

I'm all about open disclosure. If you have a question, I'm likely to have an answer. I'm not all that private of a person. That being said, I totally value and respect others privacy.
You should message me if can inspire me: to get out of my comfort zone, to spontaneously erupt into a fit of deep-belly laughter, to cheese so hard my cheeks hurt, to see or think about something differently, or to be speechless (a rare & pleasant phenomenon). read this entire book report and
you find my quirks endearing.'re pickin' up what i'm puttin' down ;)