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My self-summary
My 2011 Burning Man ticket says "Admit One Transitional Being." I meet that description better than most burners. For the past three decades I devoted myself to my family and my profession. I'm a lawyer and scientist by training and I practiced environmental law nationally and, to a lesser degree, internationally. I was the lead lawyer for Saudi Arabia on the biggest marine oil release in history (during the Gulf War) and can explain why the dire predictions about the BP oil spill killing the Gulf of Mexico were totally ridiculous.

As a karmic reward for my hard work cleaning up the environment, I got to take early retirement five years ago curtesy of a large, but operable cancer in my right temporal lobe. Right after surgery, a rare, very painful drug reaction put me through agony but left me physically unscathed. This brush with death left me uninclined to keep my nose to the grindstone. In early 2014, I was diagnosed with a more formidable cancer and I'm spending most of my time fighting it at this point.

My wife of 33 years, none too keen on rethinking a life plan that was working out well for her financially, just finished divorcing my non-income-producing ass. Uncle Sam has graciously agreed to put me on a decent stipend for the rest of my life, so I'll have plenty of dough left to leave the kids, even after putting the ex-wife on easy street. My three grown kids are out of harm's way. I'm getting back to the interests that I no longer had time for when I entered the professional and parenting worlds (simultaneously). I'm also keen on catching up on some of the things that have developed, culturally (in the broadest sense), while I was at the grindstone and raising the kids. Companionship with bright, sexy women with compatible interests will help with both the "getting back" and the "catching up" and would, of course, be a worthwhile end in itself.

I know that health problems would generally be considered a downer, but as Churchill said, "There is nothing as exhilarating as being shot at with no result." Besides, the "bright side" of the drug reaction is that it left me with freshly regrown (and totally normal looking) skin on my lips. If that clue allows you to identify the rare disease I suffered, I will be extremely impressed with you. I am unusually upbeat for someone who has been through what I have and the prospect of finding a new flame to help navigate the transition is particularly inspiring to me. I feel that I have a lot to contribute to a relationship, but you ultimately will have to be the judge of that.

NOW FEATURING: More interesting surgical scars.
What I’m doing with my life
Undergoing periodic MRI's to make sure that the residual cancer cells in my brain aren't regaining momentum. Building burnable art for the annual Burning Man get together and several local events. You know, typical early-retirement activities.

When I want to break out of the mold, I work on settling into my "Keep Austin Weird" dome home across the street from Michael Dell's mansion. My container gardening is coming along , but I have big plans to tame the couple of acres around the house with gardens, arbors, deer barriers and raised decks that afford a better view of Mt. Bonnell and downtown. I also need to spruce up a 1960's vintage "Texas Maid" speedboat that was handed down to me by a friend.

I'm also exercising more and increasing general fittness to improve my endurance on long hikes, my mobility at tennis and, you know . . . .
I’m really good at
solving complex technical/scientific/legal problems. That's what clients paid me to do for them.
Standardized tests -- I have them convinced that I'm really smart.
I'm a pretty good cook too, for a guy.
Minimizing my environmental impact.
Long road trips
Promoting Burning Man as a life experience
The first things people usually notice about me
The ridiculous sideburns. There's a surprisingly serious story behind why I keep these things, which make me look old beyond my years when I leave them gray. I have silly fun dying them bright colors and monitoring the reaction of Austin-weird loving folks. UPDATE - They are so long now that they were blowing into my eyes while driving, so one of my sweet burner friends braided them, for a Braveheart look. I used to refer to them as "thigh buffers" in this profile, but my ex-wife cyber-stalked me and upbraided me for such salacious innuendo. They have regrown after the most recent chemotherapy and are once again ready for action.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My leisure reading interests started with serious science fiction and evolved at UT, via Kurt Vonnegut and FALILV, toward humorous turns at sci-fi (Adams), mystery (Hiaasen, Friedman), science (Mary Roach), politics (O'Rourke) and satire (Buckley). I've almost finished exploring Christopher Moore's work, which I strongly recommend.

Comedies (Woody Allen, Python, Altman, Farrelly Brothers, Coen Brothers, Mel Brooks, Mike Judge, etc.) are my greatest joy in movies. Science Fiction movies score highly as well. Wry and smart TV comedies usually get my attention, along with the news satire shows. The dramedy niche that includes Castle and my dearly beloved Moonlighting is a winner in my book. I never got the hang of the TV sci-fi series, except for the original Star Trek (yah, I'm that old), repeats of the Twilight Zone, Firefly and Fringe. Craig Ferguson was my favorite talk guy, but he's gone now.

Shows that I enjoy are comedic (Master Pancake, standup and improv), salacious (Bedpost Confessions and Air Sex) and live music where I know the musicians.

For music, I'm stranded in the sixties (as the Uranium Savages used to sing) and the early- to mid-seventies for favorite groups. I have a sense for more recent music, but I haven't followed music closely enough since 1978 to have any depth of knowledge. The music that I hear at burner events appeals to me, but I know almost nothing about it. I'm sure I could dance to it, with a willing partner.

I don't play favorites with food. There are few normal types of food that I will not consume a little of. My capacity is now modest since one of my doctors (members of The League of Sadistic Oncologists) made off with my esophagus and pared down my stomach to reconnect the plumbing. I sometimes travel out of town for excellent smoked meat, mostly to impress the uninitiated or for special occasions. Food and drinks with movies (i.e., The Alamo Drafthouse) rock and smart mocking on top of that (Master Pancake) quadruple rocks. I grow some of my own food, including citrus, pomegranates and berries (blue, black and rasp-).
Six things I could never do without
affection (after a long dry spell, I've had some lately and it's as good as it ever was. Also, burners are always good for a hug)
drinks with friends (proof that "god" wants us to be happy)
my wood burning stove (I heat a 2,000+ sq.ft. concrete house without using fossil fuels)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
plans for the big transition to "formerly alive" status; cosmology; bio-char.
On a typical Friday night I am
looking for something interesting to do. My nights don't fall into a pattern, except Wednesdays, when Austin burners regularly get together.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've never had casual sex, or even semi-serious sex, although I'm surrounded by people who have.
You should message me if
1) you think that a relationship or interesting friendship might be possible and we match reasonably well on things that are important to you. We should be able to identify a low-key context to meet in person and get to know each other via activities (I like hiking, SCUBA, tennis, ping pong, darts, pool, biking, movies, drinking coffee and/or alcohol and, to a lesser extent, recreational dining);
2) you are just curious about the rare lip peeling disease or want to know more about Burning Man; or
3) you just want to try the thigh buffing thing, now that I've got you thinking about it :-)
The two of us