33Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
fun guy with a Boston accent. The amount of sports I watch will annoy you at some point. I'm always down for an adventure and more often than not it starts out as a bad decision but always makes for an incredible story/experience.
What I’m doing with my life
Theatre, film/ tv, production design, carpentry projects,
I’m really good at
Surviving and MaGuyver type stuff. I can build anything you could imagine. Finding the most efficient way to do things. I'm highly competitive and make everything a competition...everything.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'll just put the most recent one of each
The graduate, apocalypse Now redux, hereafter, due date, never ending story, the fighter, Drive, every season of the Wire, Brolin... I watch on average three netflix movies a day.I don't sleep enough I can never calm my mind down it's in a perpetual state of flux. It's exhausting and prevents me from enjoying a decent nights sleep

A shitty palahnuick book, cats cradle, Tesla autobiography, Einstein by Isaacson, Arthur C. Clarke, UNBROKEN by laura hillenbrand, Douglas coupland, McCarthy, LeHane, Elmore Leonard, Pynchon Blah blah blah.

Minor threat, Phillip glass, Snapcase, Gorilla biscuits, 311, Broken Bells, joe strummer, third eye blind, Radiohead, wu-tang, LCD soundsystem...its very very broad I'm not gonna list everything. can't go a day with out music.
Six things I could never do without
Family/friends, sports, movies, sex...often, beaches fresh or salt, internet, cold water to drink, music, iPhone, information,conscious decisions. Exploring/ risk taking. Grandiose movie theaters,Tools and a stick puck and skates, skateboard, bike
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Guilt for not seeing my grandparents, mom and sister as much as I wish I could. Space travel, Nicola Tesla, what I'd like to build, repurpose, re-engineer next. Quitting drinking and being more productive with my time. Mark Twain. What type of person my kids will grow up to be. That I spend too much time watching movies and not making them. Exponential growth, transistor. Why I have the most intense dreams every night. How I ended up working in theatre with people who don't play sports and have nothing in common with me except for an appreciation of science fiction.Nicola Tesla The complete absence of patience for a bad work ethic. when can i play hockey. Where are my skates. Harison Bergeron. Shackleton. My atrocious grammar at 4am and What ever I heard on Radiolab that day.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually out with the same kids ive been hanging out with since second grade causing a ruckus, swearing loudly and being the catalyst for an over all volatile situation. ( not an exaggeration just an overly honest warning ) get ten guys who have known each other since kindergarten and great times ensue. We also have quiet laid back beach/bike ride/travel/ roadtrip/ movie days which in all actuality are like 98% of the time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like girls with freckles and positive attitudes. Elisabeth Shue in cocktail with a few tattoos would be nice. A decent set of personal ethics is required. Also have a thing for girls with Minnesota accents. Not sure why. Too many hockey movies growing up maybe.
I've been told I have a sibling type relationship with my friends from childhood. I speak with/see them daily.
You should message me if
Your not boring... ? You find this whole thing pretty strange. Maybe you have freckled cheeks and are not afraid to get your hands dirty in your backyard during the summer. I can take you skiing or snowboarding. You won't mind if I go play hockey and don't sit and watch from the warm room. I'm not a sit and watch type of person. Definitely don't if you have to put makeup on before you go to the gym or for a jog/bikeride. You enjoy cooking Crabs or lobster and eating outside on Sundays.
The two of us