24 Davao, Philippines
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My self-summary
♀ ELIESCZHAE KEITH (Ekaie) is someone full of contradictions, surprises and a whole lot more! ♀


~ Im basically someone. .

`who sleeps all day but stays up late the whole night.
`who is chubby but survives 8-10 hours hike and a day without an actual meal.
`who sucks at programming but lasts for 21hours in front of the computer.
`who can sleep for only 3 hours a day but very rarely gets eyebags.
`who doesn't know how to dance but loves doing tectonic at discos.
`who scribbles notes here and there but leaves it unfinished.
`who reads any reading material but owns only romance novels.
`who wears GOTH style but listens to all types of music.
`who sings K POP but speaks a bit of Japanese.
`who loves to eat but doesn't know how to cook.
`who drinks cola to stay awake and drinks coffee to sleep.
`who loves blogging and surfing but loves online gaming more.
`who appears behaved but literally rolls on the floor at a joke.
`who looks like i keep to myself but has a really hard time containing info, joke or critic to myself.
`who likes cute guys but doesn't want to love one.
`who looks like a tomboy but actually likes men. very much(?) tahahaa.
`who comes on very strong but is actually fun and friendly.
`who is a bit mean but has lots of true and loyal friends.


~ Im kinda amazed that I . .

`can actually hear gossipers or backbiters at a distance which is considered by other people as out of ear-shot.
`can literally write what i wanna write in a reversed form as quickly as how fast i write normally.
`can literally read words written in any paper positioned upside-down in a quite fast pace.
`loves calling people with their names reversed. LOL. ^___^

~ wheres the "a whole lot more" part? well, guys. that's your job to find out. tahahaa. ^__________^
What I’m doing with my life
`concentrating on helping out my family and friends.
`set aside my personal wants.
I’m really good at
`i might say. xD
The first things people usually notice about me
` strong personality.
`innocent and expressive. [ thats what they say. xD ]
`i walk like a man! [ rock n roll, baby! ]
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

`The Da Vinci Code
`sci-fi books.
`almost anything. as long as i get something useful from it.


`He's Not Just Into You.
`Deathnote [ anime ].
`anything entertaining.


`Ghost Whisperer.
`documentaries and stuff like that. educational and up-to-date.


`ROCK [ and sub-genres ]
`Pinoy songs.
`KPOP [ super love! ]
`im a music lover. i appreciate any kind of music. be it rock, electro, mellow, or what. i love singing.


`i love to eat. hence. im chubby. xD
The six things I could never do without
~ basically.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
~ my future.
`my family, how can i help them.
`my friends, how can i help them.
`my work, duh.
`music i wanna listen to.
`books i wanna read.
`places i wanna travel
`internet and sites i wanna go to.
On a typical Friday night I am
~ up and awake. cant do anything but stroll. surf the net. chatter or drink up with friends. maybe, do a little boy-hunting [ just looking at boys at ex: park etc. ]. go karaoke til dawn. or just read a book.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
~ my only weakness. BOYS.
`i fall hard.
`i fall fast.
`easily deceived.
`and i hate it.

You should message me if
~ you would like to befriend me and know me a little better.