49 Peterborough, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
is my Blog NOT a competing website

ABSOLUTE SUMMARY (as the rest is long winded: truthful with a dash of humour) - I'm sexual, spiritual and sensual. I guess I could throw in spirited (and no I don't have a thing for Ssssss, nor do I have a lisp). My hormones dictate when my libido is off the scale; life dictates when I'm focused spiritually; and, sensuality depends on whom I'm with.

So many men ask for a princess and yet they want, you know, one-of-them. Hardly surprising as even The Bible categorises women into two distinct categories: whore and virgin... well men, know this: a decent guy will get to know a woman and be able to find both in her, in an appropriate measure to circumstances. So I wonder who I am today? ;)

Many men don't like to read so this profile will be a challenge but to save some guys some time,do not bother
If you lack both intelligence and humour
If you're intimidated by intelligence
If you do not like original introductions (I'm creative!!)
If you lie, and that includes telling women what you think they want to hear
If you cannot handle fluctuating hormones (go get an oldie)
If you want perfection
If you're in a relationship or just out of one
And physically if you are bald/shaven*, short, have peg teeth, skinny or obese, and have poor hygiene.

Where has everyone gone? ;)

*I am trying to look outside the box here :D.

Now for me :D

A woman...
Is she full of contradictions?
Of course
From classy lady to wild child
Spontaneous and yet premeditated
Pensive and yet a dreamer
Erotic and yet chaste
Intelligent and yet naive
A holder of old-fashioned values and yet a believer in equality*
Yes a woman...

*Equality? hehe should us women stoop that low?

*PICKY* Just cos I am short and cute ;) it doesn't mean I like the same, in fact I like tall (and cute ;)). I also like men with hair (what else am I gonna pull? *girlish giggle*), darkish hair. But not so long that I can plait it on any part of your body ;)

*WARNING* Sense of humour alert! If you haven't got the ability to comprehend sarcasm whether given through quick-wit or caustic sarcasm then :p

*GUYS* Any chance of when you smile for the camera you show your teeth? I really do not wish to offend you by asking whether you intend to be auditioning for the Jeremy Kyle show ;)

I've been asked in the past what I want, well I guess heir to the throne is out and since I'm no Cinderella I do not expect to meet Prince Charming. Ultimately I want to find that guy who I would most happily throw my hearing aid at, or swipe his Zimmer frame from when we've had words. And that same man who'll forgive my foibles and still see the woman he fell in love with 40 years earlier, and share the same passion and laughter, with age being an external, visual reminder but our hearts and souls not moving on from the day we became exclusive.

But I'm in no hurry to find my "soul mate" as perhaps I have lessons to learn from others I meet on the way, or vice versa people have lessons to learn through my acquaintance. But when I do find him I know he will respect my identity and need to retain it whilst evolving within our relationship. There is no need to be in each others' pockets. He will understand that at different points in our relationship we may have to lean on the other and that it is a strength to recognise one's own weaknesses and shouldn't be seen as needy/clingy. We will be singularly strong but together - awesome!

BTW if you haven't worked it out I have a very strong character and need the same in a man, one who knows his own mind and opinion. It is about give and take. It's about passion. It's about having the odd raging disagreement and the make-up s.e.x afterwards. (Gosh did I really put that? )
What I’m doing with my life

Apparently being angelic ;)

Active in my evolution, especially spiritual side.

Writing a dating advice Blog which are the baby steps to me writing a book.
I’m really good at
Reading people... have an acute female intuition... men of a disingenuous nature be very skeered
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile (and thankfully I still have all my own teeth).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have not the time for leisurely reading when I spend so much time studying 😲

Love the theatre. Phantom of the Opera in Vegas - excellent.

On a drive to read anything which will help me understand people better.
The six things I could never do without
Besides the obvious...
Spiritual awareness and growth
And I suppose I'd better add a few for materialism sake:
washing machine
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Medical stuff

sex and the meaning of life


On a typical Friday night I am
That would be telling 😋
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'd consider an AL relationship.

I have learned if you want quality from a man then you do not have sex on a first date!

I wonder if that works the same for homosexuals? ;)
You should message me if
If you like a challenge :D

BTW DO NOT look for someone to complete you but to complement you... I am :)

If you have more than one photo, at least one showing your eyes.