33West Mifflin, United States
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My self-summary
I like doing lots of different things. I'm equally at home outside as I am in (although I tend to get sunburn very easily [...thanks, Mom]). I tend to shy away from overcrowded venues (bars, clubs, and the like, though oddly I'll be more than happy to attend a sporting event--go Pens!)

I like taking long walks, and I'm a fan of the Boston trail, as well as Boyce Park, and I'm no stranger to Schenley and Frick parks!

I also like shooting pool, going bowling, and used to be a super-avid dek hockey player, although in recent years it's been hell trying to get a team together to play just to have fun.

I suppose I should also note/warn people--I'm still in touch with my inner child. I wouldn't say that this makes me immature, but I will say that I think nothing of running around and roughhousing with my little cousins at family functions, nor taking a running leap onto the middle of the suspension bridge at the Pittsburgh Zoo the last time I was there.

I could also say that I'm optimistic on life overall, even though I may have a cynical bend at times. I will acknowledge that there are evils in the world, but I still believe that overall, people are good, that everyone deserves a chance (and occasionally second chances), and that true love, fidelity, and happy endings are not outdated, nor extinct.

I also love to read, I'm not big on watching television, and I enjoy playing video games every now and then, although most of that should be covered down in the "my favorites" section.
What I’m doing with my life
Sleeping the afternoons away, working the nights away, and putting up with school a few mornings a week to boot. At least I get every weekend off.

I'm also trying to fulfill my dream of becoming a published author! I haven't had much luck with agents so far, but I'll be damned if I'm going to give up.
I’m really good at
Being myself, taking my own twist on recipes, being there for my friends, and listening. Coming up with insanely out-there ideas, acronyms, and concepts (I blame my imagination!). Rocking the color green, singing in the car (no you can't listen! D; ), making awesomely golden-brown pancakes, and perhaps occasionally talking a bit too long/too much. Hah. >.>
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm either very quiet or else causing a ruckus and laughter. I'm not sure if there's an in-between for me!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a) ANYTHING by Stephen King, especially the Dark Tower series. His Dark Materials (a trilogy by Philip Pullman, and it seems there's more meaning in it each time I read it) The Chronicles of Narnia, and Tad Williams' Otherland series is great as well, and his "Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn" trilogy is phenomenal. I shouldn't forget the Book of Swords, either--the ending was totally unexpected and very interesting.

(b) I'm not much for movies unless I have someone to watch them with, most times, but I enjoy action/adventure, horror, and comedy.

(c) The Cardigans, The Creepshow, KT Tunstall, Florence and the Machine, and The Eagles

(d) lasagna, spaghetti, chicken and noodles, chocolate chip pancakes, beef stir-fry, Thanksgiving dinner, to name a few. I'm willing to try almost anything once!
Six things I could never do without
-family (I would go crazy without them, no matter how much I might say they drive me crazy now)
-my car. It sounds materialistic, but really, I don't know how the hell I managed to make it on public transportation for several years.
-computer. My writing, my music, and the easiest way to keep in touch with most of my friends.
-foodstuffs to insure my continued existence
-music. It might be the single greatest thing to keep someone sane in this hectic, crazy world.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The story I'm writing and trying to get published, why so many people run around and skirt issues instead of being straightforward and honest, and life in general.
On a typical Friday night I am
Writing, hanging out with friends, reading, or maybe playing video games. Or slaying monsters. Possibly.
The perk of my current job is that I get every Friday and Saturday off.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I wish to eventually learn how to tango and/or salsa and/or waltz.
You should message me if
you'd like to talk, exchange recipes, hang out, or think we should get to know each other better.
The two of us