34 Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a writer, a reader, a cook, an explorer, a steadfast friend, a terrible liar, and a marginally effective flirt. I find happiness in simple things: a well-made meal, a cozy space, a sweeping view from the top of something I climbed, an intimate and meandering conversation, laughing until I cry and my sides ache, the warm/sweet burn of a bourbon neat.

I moved here a year ago from Chicago, and I remain proudly and resolutely Midwestern. Also an ambivert (ENFP/INFP depending on the day).

Trained as a chef. Can't cook your way out of a Munchery bag? I can help!

I'd love to find someone who doesn't need to be needed, but very much wants an enthusiastic co-conspirator for good conversation, laughter, home-cooked meals, and adventuring near and far.
What I’m doing with my life
Seeking new experiences and genuine connection. My people are my world, and I've been told that you can tell. I'm intentional about maintaining the relationships that really matter to me, and my favorite way to do that is by experiencing new things together.

I recently started a new job managing marketing/comms and special projects for the internal food program at a big tech company with strong values around sustainability. On my first day, I nearly cried when I found out there was an employee-maintained community garden on the roof. My coworkers are a delightful mix of old-school hospitality types, creatives, nerds, and weirdos. It's brilliant.

Nights and weekends I'm exploring my East Bay surroundings, hiking up (and often back down) mountains, taking weekend road trips, and trying to determine who I need to sleep with/kill to get a reservation at Lazy Bear.
I’m really good at
- stringing words together
- cooking tasty things
- connecting with people
- parallel parking
- remembering useless details
- killing houseplants (although improving in this area — I'd characterize my thumb as merely greenish-brown these days)

I'm really not very good at:
- sleeping in (although I try valiantly)
- budgeting at the grocery store
- hand-eye coordination
- patience
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Current reading: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Current viewing: re-watching The West Wing as a salve

Podcasts: Dear Sugar, NPR Politics Podcast (when I can stomach it), Radiolab, Good Life Project, Freakonomics Radio, Hidden Brain. Also, lately I've found 90s alt-rock strangely...comforting?

Current eats: obsessed with poke bowls, and ❤ tacos forever
The six things I could never do without
NPR/podcasts (these dishes aren't gonna do themselves)
Morning tea
A sharp chef's knife
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Recently? How I used to laugh at "preppers," but since the election not so much...
You should message me if
Take your pick of the below...

You're genuine, naturally curious, engaged with the world and passionate about something. You approach the world and other people from a place of humility with a desire to learn and an awareness of what you don't know.

You consider yourself a feminist, and aren't afraid to say so. (Hot!)

You care about and actively seek out news about current events. You're not afraid to get political.

You agree that the truth is always sexier.

You take calculated risks.

You want to wander around aimlessly exploring a new neighborhood, try a buzzy new restaurant or that hole-in-the-wall you've walked past dozens of times, take the ferry to Angel Island and hike all afternoon, go to a talk on a subject we know nothing about, or flee the city and find an adventure somewhere.

Or if you want to go hang-gliding with me this weekend.