43Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary
Well, let`s talk sharp !
I`m not interest to “common”, I choose “special”.
I pay for quality but not waste time or energy on garbage. (like mc Donald)
I still have no idea how to start talking with a girl that I’m interest to. I don`t know hunting or forcing a girl attention. It`s funny, all my ex told me that I’m the worst boy at start of communication. I mean the moment that I must say, umm … maybe “Hello” or “This is interesting color” … or … I really still don`t know what to say.

Now, let`s talk normal ... !
On the other hand, I have around 500 friends which between 70 to 110 are close and only 8 or 12 are very close. I`m very communicative person and my key is, I have no fear about psychological situations or public interest. I have friends from countries and also friends from different levels of society. In one word, “Friendship” is something easy for me. Maybe because I born on January.
I love computer games. My long plan is to get PHD of Computer Game from CA and start working/educating this art at state. And let me tell you something , it is something I “love”. More than anything, in this planet. More than you.
I do joint, acid and mushroom. I was in GOA and Confest and find them lovely places to be. I support underground movement in cases of art, political, game culture, peace and love and internet virtual networks. If you type my id in google search, “Emperor Katax” you will find my pages and also my images on google image. My business samples are in my web site www.kataxco.com.
I do programming, 3D art and 3D animation, web site and interactive touch/3D applications.
My taste in music is pretty wide. From industrial heavy metal like "GODFLESH" to “carbon based lifeforms” which is such a nice electronic tune from UK. Also, I listen to local tones from other countries. I`m not a hip hop fan.

Love talk ... : ) ,, !
I miss my snowboard so much! Here in Australia I can`t do that in the way I love.
At sex, I can do that after I got a feeling of what you are. It`s more spiritual and emotional for me that an animal behavior. I don`t like violence in sex but it`s your choice. I don`t use condom, it is such a pain on my feelings. So I will ask blood test and prepare mine as well before we go too far.

That`s me … : ) ,,
What I’m doing with my life
I do game programming and 3D art and animation . I`m a Digital Artist... visit my web site if you like: www.kataxco.com
My short term plan is Game Design. My long term plan getting PHD on Game design in US ...
I’m really good at
Feeling environmental vibes, Digital Art, Strategy and music.
The first things people usually notice about me
Creative and Energic
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- Electronic music, Industrial heavy metal music and acid rock and acid Jazz as well.
- I like TAO.
- My fav films are "The holy mountain" directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky and "The Matrix (trio)" directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski , also respect to Stanley Kubrick and Jim Jarmusch .. but film is a big area .. to have a fav is big word to talk in a short text.
- I love milk and other memebres of this nice family (cheese, cream ..).
- Drink is something "Holy" for me. Drink is important. My fav is "Mansinthe" and "B 52" .
- I prefer vegy food than anything else these days. i know meat food very good but I prefer veg .. : ) ,,
Six things I could never do without
- my computer (PC)
- music
- my gf ( ...which i don`t have these days .. : | ,, )
- art
- my levies
- joint
- dance
- tea
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- New things of any kind.
- digital games (making and playing and discussion and RESEARCH as a cultural aspect in societies)
- political overviews based on historical and social REAL evidences
- spiritual freedome of mine
- support underground everywhere .
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing online multiplayer game or design art. Also , thinking on politics and alien issues..
Looking to the moon and get some vibes. It is good for communicating with other friends arround the world in real time. Try it deeply. I suggest... : ) ,,
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
sexual moments is the most private thing and it`s just for my gf, not anyone from bar or street ..
You should message me if
you choose.
The two of us