32Nashua, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a Joker... No, not a comedian, a Joker that you'd find in a deck of cards. I live my life very fluidly, with little plan to what might come next, armed only with the knowledge and confidence that I can adapt as the situation demands. I can be the King, or a lowly 2, if needed. My career exemplifies that lifestyle. I have gone from Mechanical Engineering, to Ski Instructing, to Outdoor Retail sales, to Software Development. I have no idea what's next, but I am excited for what it may be.

I am also a scholar. I love learning new things, and learning to do new things generally more than I actually love doing them. Because of this I find myself with a very large list of hobbies, most of which I picked up long enough to get decent or good at, and then moved on. This list includes: Hiking, Video Games (I was a WoW addict for a few years back in the day,) Skiing, Board Games and other table top games, Snowboarding, Miniature modeling, Rock Climbing, Live Action Role Playing, and now more recently Kayaking (both flat and white water.) I also love teaching all these things. I would love to find someone that shares this passion for learning and teaching.
What I’m doing with my life
Living it one day at a time, and trying to get the most out of each one. I am presently working two jobs, one is full time web programming, the other is part time retail for EMS. My full time job gives me the flexibility in schedule to get out and enjoy the day when needed, and the retail job allows me to fuel my hobby addictions with good deals on gear.

Because of the flexibility on where I work from and when, I have decided I'm going to be spending this Winter in Colorado enjoying the western ski scene on my off days. I have visited a few times, and love it there, though at the moment this move is tentatively only temporary. However, their motto is "Come for the winter, stay for the summer." So I may get bit by the Colorado bug and never come home.
I’m really good at
Patience, and Teaching. I have taught skiing in the past, and I have a part time job at a outdoors outfitter where I love teaching our customers about the outdoors, and the gear they should have to enjoy them responsibly. I also love passing on tips and wisdom that I've gained for any of the hobbies I do, or just general life advice.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I look like I'm deep in thought. (Generally, I am.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite books are Siddhartha, The Alchemist, and Into the Wild. If you have read any/all of those, you will notice a common theme of adventure, self-discovery, and exploration into the purpose of life. I have also recently (finally) started reading A Song of Ice and Fire. I absolutely love it! (No, I have not watched the TV series yet. I plan to eventually, so no spoilers please.)

My favorite movies is a tough question, because there are a lot of good ones. Comedies are generally my favorite, with Mel Brooks' movies towards the top of the list. I also love really bad horror movies.

I don't really watch TV any more, so I can't say I have any favorite shows. LOST was the last series I really got into. There are some shows I would like to get into, because I've heard great things, but I just can't find the time to sit in front of the TV. I'll usually make a point to watch Patriots games during football season, and Bruins playoff games though, but that's about all the use the TV gets these days.

My music tastes are all over the board. I like most everything, with modern rap/hip-hop, and country being the only real exceptions. Even then, I don't mind most country, and there is some I like. In general, my favorite genres are Rock, and Electronic, while I also like some classical stuff, and love violin and cello music. Artists that in some way combine one or more of those genres, or just blur genre lines are awesome! Some artists that I have recently spent a lot of time listening to include Lindsay Stirling, Blackmill, Mux Mool, Phutureprimitive, Pretty Lights, and Chromeo.

As for food, I love food. I love trying new things, but I do have some main-stays that I fall back on a lot. Chinese and Italian are my two favorite cuisines, with Sushi, and Barbeque being very close behind.
Six things I could never do without
- Living somewhere that I can experience all 4 seasons
- Mountains
- Being healthy and fit enough to do the activities that I love
- Having good friends and company to share life's adventures with
- Games (board, card, computer, etc. I love them all)
- An employee discount... because seriously, gear is expensive.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The reasons for my actions and feelings. One of my favorite quotes is "The most important lesson in life, is learning what we're running from, and to, and why." I honestly have no idea who said it, but I read it somewhere, and it stuck. "What is it that drives me?" Is what I find myself thinking whenever I have a moment to stop and reflect.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out for dinner or drinks with friends, staying in relaxing with a video game, climbing at the gym, or off playing Magic.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a suit of leather armor that I made for ren-faires.
You should message me if
Given that I am leaving the New England area in a month, it's safe to say I'm not about to jump into a relationship, however I am still interested in good company for dinner, adventures, or just a coffee and good conversation. If things go well, then there's always potential for something more when I get back. If you're interested in any of these, or just want to get to know me better, please say hi!
The two of us