28 Saskatoon, Canada
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My self-summary
Hard femme, sex worker, therapist(kinda) who sometimes struggles in making good choices in her own life and cant sit in silence.
I can be real aloof at times but if you catch my eye, you have it big time.
I love joy and think its a worthy endeavor. Im towing the line between wellness and deep unwellness, putting my feet in both and splashing around and learning to do wholesome heart type stuff that still feels real and true to who I am in this world. Healing is nnot linear and not always beautiful.
I tend to laugh too loud and normally too long as well.
I have some really big ideas/critics or whatever of this world and the awful lives/dynamics etc it can produce.. mainly i mention that on okcupid because i don't want to get into frustrating conversations on dates, that being said i can talk about lots of different shit not just the stuff I hate.
I love children and have some really important lil boogers in my life who i love to do fun stuff with and have real talk with. And am working towards fostering someday.. I'm a mega moma bear with a thin pointy shell and gushy ❤.
What I’m doing with my life
Being moderately charming......I spend most of my time wadding in the river, crying out of joy and or sadness (its not a big deal), picking plants and stuff. eating snacks with good friends, femme stuff,watching birds, trying to cause less harm(not bodily harm/more like poor choices harm) to myself and others. watching sporting events, gardening(not much anymore but maybe and hopefully again someday), running(because im late) and trying to think of scams to get by on.

I am also a really good auntie.
oh also...lately I've been looking at every ad as I see it and trying to figure out how they make real meaning out of their life. Cuz I'm not so sure about this all..on a volunteer basis I run therapeutic groups for abusive men.
I’m really good at
Guessing what time it is, understanding what people are trying to communicate without being intense about it, nattering, acting way tougher than I am, figuring out what acronyms stand for, being messy like REALLY messy and explaining things by using metaphors.
I also really enjoy doing things which I am bad at, such as socializing, gardening, herbalism, singing folk songs..
The first things people usually notice about me
The way I talk with my hands and oscillate between a awkard wallflower and a social natterer.
I am rude. but i am just a insecure lady with a big heart.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I dont read ever.
i don't really listen to music, i know wierd, but i dunno how to download it and i am not responsible enough for a protable music player.. I like songs that no one person sings, aka folk songs and music my friends listen to.
I have a slightly complicated and not perfect relationship to food, but I'm trying to heal and find nourishment, in all areas of my life, specifically eating. i love when my buds cook me food l and im trying to figure that stuff out for myself..i like to make soup stock though.
The six things I could never do without
I loose things so often that there isn't really anything i couldn't live without. But I really love my family, chosen and birthed.
I truly do loose allot of stuff, like hundreds of i.d, debit cards (im not jk) its not a cute little quirk...ask any of my exs or friends.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to be in relation.
Narrative therapy/The stories people tell about their life/self/circumstances/relationships.
Privilege (ugh that word almost means nothing at this point tho) , trans-formative justice, small town Saskatchewan, capitealism, how this world centers whiteness all the god danm time and what as a white person I can do to lessen that. How to not be re-circulated into shit i hate. Being okay with that when it happens and trying to help folks cause less harm (incl me)
Having babies, poly shit, how messy my room and car is.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing cards, fire, reading, dancing, ,snoozing , or cleaning my messy messy room.
Crying about polyamory.
giving up
starting again
Thinking /being anxious about cleaning my car. It's really messy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There is serous apriori issues with this and I'm pretty open about my shit so this questions a little zzz. I have little shame and have learnt recently to yell my faults out from a far, they look less big up close that way.
You should message me if
Youu love to go to the river and are not apose to swimming in it,.
You wanna tap maple trees
You wanna go on a date
You are okay with people who have sex for money/strip
Your not scared away easy
You can hold multiple truths and the contradictions of being a person in this world.
You can handle dating fat femmes and like actually, if uve only ever dated skinny ppl I'll be skeptical..need to be OK/supportive of weight gain
i dunno about poly/monogomy, but it has to atleast be a conversation.