36Lockport, United States
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My self-summary
I never really know what to write for these things...there's always the constant threat that I'll come across as extremely dorky sounding. Basically I'm a very friendly, and kind person. I like to make people laugh and my friends and loved ones are very important to me. It's also important for me to do everything in my power to help people and I pride myself on being a good listener for when people need a sounding board.

I will admit to being a bit of a geek. I love video games, comic books, science fiction, and anime/manga. I enjoy other things as well, such as natural science, writing, music, and movies.

I am gentle, effervescent, and open minded
What I’m doing with my life
I am an infant teacher for a local childcare center, I really enjoy it especially when they figure something out that they've been trying very hard at. The joy on their faces is wonderful an I love knowing I helped them get there. I've been working with kids for about 10 1/2yrs and the only downside to being in my own room is that I don't get to know knew students in the other rooms very well. I used to be found in any of the rooms which can be quite a challenge because I never know what the day is going to throw at me and a joy because I'm able to spend time with all the kids.

I have my Associates in Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education but I would like to go back eventually and get my bachelors in Environmental Science. The only roadblock I'm having right now is finding the right school and coming up with the money and financial aid.

When I'm not working I'm constantly working on a young adult novel that eventually I hope to finish and then start the long, tedious, process of editing. That is if I ever get passed the point where I stop wanting to rework the entire thing. My plan is to have my younger brother, whose an artist, draw the front cover. Though first I have to give him something of substance to read. Outside of writing I also do a lot of knitting and crocheting, I swear that yarn balls multiply around my apartment faster then Tribbles.
I’m really good at
Taking care of children, I'm not exactly sure what it is but when it comes to dealing with kids I'm just really, really, good at it. I'm also pretty good at silly things, like word searches and other puzzles.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height, I'm only 4' 11" so I get teased a lot for it after that it would probably be the fact that I can be incredibly bubbly. As for physical features I'd say my smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything by Kelly Armstrong, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Cassandra Clare. Though I do read several other authors, as well as manga and comic books.Asian music (Japanese, Korean, Chinese), strawberry crepes, Beetlejuice, and the Witches of Eastwick.
Six things I could never do without
1. A notebook and pen. I'm constantly writing, be it poems, short stories, or starting work on a new novel. If I don't have a notebook with me I can usually be found writing on whatever scrap of paper I have nearby. I will admit though that my grammar skills can be a bit sad at times.

2. My cell phone. My friends and family aren't in walking distance and I don't have a land line so its the best way for people to get in contact with me. Plus I'm rather hooked on text messaging, its most wonderful when you've got friends out in other states and countries and you don't want to pay the huge bills for long distance.

3. Fruit Snacks. Yes I know it sounds silly but I love them! My favorite are in the form of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang and has a sour green apple and blue raspberry flavor.

4. Books. I'm an avid reader and usually have a book nearby. I like historical fiction, romance, mystery, drama, science fiction, fantasy, pretty much anything as long as its well written the plot isn't full of holes.

5. The internet. A vast majority of my friends live in other states or in other countries this is the least expensive way I have of keeping in contact with them.

6. My pets Sookie (my cat) as well as my local friends. Living alone can get really, really lonely, its nice to have someone to come home to even if they are four legged and furry. It's also really nice to have friends nearby even if its only a couple of them.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
When things slow down and I get a quiet moment to myself I love to brainstorm the next scene in one of my novels or work on my most recent yarn project. So I guess I spend a lot of time thinking about creative things and also about my future.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am either at home enjoying a good book or out with my friends. I like to go out for sushi which is a lot of fun but I've yet to find anything to outrageous to do in the are. While I would love to be able to go out and do something thrilling and exciting I have to admit I've always been a bit more of the quiet type, though I do enjoy having fun!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I actually don't have a working television, I mean it will play my VHS tapes but I can't watch tv. I haven't been able to get the signal so no tv for several years now. Most of the time it doesn't sound like I'm missing much from the shows my coworkers but now that the Flash will have his own show I kind of wish I had tv.
The two of us