41Manassas, United States
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My self-summary
Note: if I message you, I read every word of your profile, possibly more than once. I know it's weird that in this twitter world someone actually pays attention to what was said and knows how to compose letters with actual paragraphs, but no, it's not 'cause I'm stalking your page or something. I'm just a bit of a throwback to a more patient and articulate time. Perhaps it's just being a southern gentleman. If I'm interested, I should want to know what you've taken the time to say.

That said, I probably also wrote tons more than you, so skimming my profile fine with me. :)

What I'm like depends on where I am. I was an elementary school counselor for 5 years, and in front of a classroom of kids I'm jumping around, imitating Spongebob while doin' a playful comedy routine complete with an (imaginary ;) laser-light show and random explosions. :P Of course, there's always a moral at the end of the story.

I'm always an easy-going guy. (not so much an interest, but liked the neat highlighting :P ) But catch me in a political or philosophic debate and I'm all passion and seriousness. If you see me at work I'm all clean lines and professionalism. When I'm with kids I nurture and provoke their little brains to thought. When I see something that I think is wrong I'm a (polite) battering ram. When I'm relaxing, I'm 100% goober.

I wanted to start out mentioning this because it could be a confusing thing to grasp if you only see me in one context.

My other interests include a deep love for God, philosophy, art, music, guitar, politics, science, computers, sci-fi . . . well ok, just about anything that involves the use of brain cells. :)

I would LOVE to find someone who could sing the 3rd part harmony with me as we drive along listening to John Mayer or heck, even Breaking Benjamin ... they've got good harmony parts! Obviously the singing thing isn't that important but it'd just be so fun. :) I used to draw, and write poems or songs all the time, but with no audience I really haven't for awhile ...

So, what old dreams can encourage YOU to dust off?
What I’m doing with my life
Just completed my LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) after a b'zillion years .. give or take 3. So that's nice. Makes me much more potentially mobile .. not that I'm intending to mobe, but it's more of a possibility now.

So I had said once I got my LPC I might jump into something completely different ... but honestly right now I'm thinking about getting training in hypnosis. I know, kinda weird and for some reason it doesn't strike people as legit, but it's evidence-based and has been helping people since Freud .. plus, it's like crazy spooky and I could wear a cape or something! ;) That'd make it all worthwhile! :D

... ORRRR maybe I'll drop it all and just make a living writing limericks and playing guitar on the side of the road. Eh, we'll see.

OH OH OH .. MAAAYbe I'll get a little organ-grinder monkey and do street shows!! That sounds like fun too! :)
I’m really good at
I believe writing is one of my greatest skills, and it's certainly one of the things I most enjoy doing.

Entertaining kids ... or ADD adults. ( :D myself included )

Fairly good and getting better at mind reading. :) heh heh. Ok, I suppose I should call it "the science of body-language and facial expression recognition" but ya gotta admit, "mind reading" sounds SO much cooler! :D
The first things people usually notice about me
My presence ... it's kinda hard to start out noticing my absence.

-- BOOM -- Sorry, random explosion. Did I break your concentration? :P
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Just a short list ... heh, or long one ...

-- Books--
Fiction: Les Miserables - Hugo; Musashi - Eji Yoshakawa; Anthem & The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand; Illiad - Fagles' translation; Harry Potter series; Dragon Knight series by Gordon R Dickson

Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice; Othello

Kid's Fiction: Horton Hears a Who - Dr. Seuss; Pirates don't Change Diapers - Long; Unlovable - Yaccarino; Santa Kid - Garland; (and 3 potential tear-jerkers) Giving Tree - Silverstein; You Are Special - Lucado and Bad Rats - Drachman.

Non-Fiction: Bible; Gift of Fear - De Becker; Outliers, Blink, David and Goliath, and The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell; A Dissociation Model of Borderline Personality Disorder - Meares; The Sociopath Next Door - Stout; Clinician Intuition - Marks-Tarlow; Mother Tongue - Bryson; Liberal Fascism - Goldberg; Kierkegaard for Beginners - Palmer; Emotions Revealed - Ekman; Gestalt Therapy - Pearls, Hefferline & Goodman; Gestalt Therapy: 100 Key Points - Mann

Philosophy: Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning - Frankl; Meditations - Aurelius; Man and his Symbols - Carl Jung; Hero with a Thousand Faces - Campbell; Fear and Trembling - Kierkegaard; Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu; On Becoming a Person - Rogers; On Liberty - JS Mill; Finite and Infinite Games - Carse; God Freedom and Evil - Plantinga; Farther Reaches of Human Nature - Maslow

-- Movies --
Les Miserables; Magnolia; Scott Pilgrim; Jerry Maguire; Kick-Ass; John Adams mini-series

-- TV -- WARNING: I reserve the right to inflict some of these shows on anyone I date long-term:
Gotham; Big Bang Theory; Elementary; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Dog Whisperer; Dr. Who; DS9; Farscape; Glenn Beck; Heroes; Lie to Me (went to a seminar by the actual scientists the show is based on and have read his books); Psych and Invader Zim

-- Music --
Imagine Dragons; Christina Perri; Ghost Beach; John Mayer; Skillet; Muse; Nora Jones; Rise Against; Fireflight; Flyleaf; Breaking Benjamin; Bob Dylan; Foo Fighters; K's Choice; Natalie Merchant; Regina Spektor; The Rasmus; Tom Waits; David Cook; 3 Days Grace
Six things I could never do without
Heart, lungs, brain, spine ...

... sorry, couldn't help myself. ;)

Books? Technology? Reading books with portable technologies?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Right now: Suddenly it occurred to me that I want to create The God Algorithm. (already named it, yep, that's me.) But literally, if there was a computer AI the logical outcomes are it exterminates us or benevolently rules us over time. People fear AI because they expect it will choose the first. But what if there was an option, beyond the 3 laws, that would essentially make it a decision making replica of God? This algorithm would have to have several obvious parts: respect for human life, respect for human free will, desire to alleviate human suffering but not at the cost of human free will, and an ability to either not interfere or solve problems resulting in only win-win outcomes. That's the basic design specs as I see 'em right now. Thoughts?

Anyone want to help? No math or programing needed, I'm not looking to make it directly functional, rather a proof of concept that can be tested with various situational dilemmas.

In general:
Witty phrases I can throw into random conversation.

Psychology, God, ethics, metaphysics, art, politics, clients / kids / how to help people I care about, existentialism and maybe a little bit o' epistemology ... ya know, just as a hobby. Yeah ... I've even had philosophic debates in my sleep ... and I'm so not kidding.
On a typical Friday night I am
Recently I've discovered that the gym is almost entirely empty on Fri and Sat nights! Yay. :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Is it wrong that I get a kick out of people's inconsistent answers to the OKC questions?

Example: Those who say they're annoyed by people who are super logical, then say yes to the question If "some men are doctors" and "some doctors are tall", does it follow that "some men are tall"? (The answer is no - some men are doctors, some doctors have breasts, some men have breasts -- um, well I guess some do but that's not the point.) If you got it wrong that's fine ... you haven't learned to follow a logical syllogism, the world won't end.

BUT then I love it when they ALSO say they don't believe that low IQ people should not be allowed to reproduce ... based on the syllogism and logic questions it makes me want to ask them if I should call the government to their house so they can have their tubes tied. Of course they always politically identify as "liberal" which is to be expected based on wanting to mess with people's lives but ironic since liberals want to pretend to be defenders of the disabled - such as those with low IQs.
You should message me if
... you actually read the stuff I wrote.

DM - you'r/the're
(Which means: don't message if you don't know the difference between spelling you're and your, etc, etc, blah, blah ... ya know, I just figured it needed an abbreviation since that's what everyone seems to type here and why have to repeat it so often? ;) Aren't I awful?)

Oh, and extra points for your using gerunds appropriately! :)

Also, I tend to think if you're over, maybe 20% (?) on the enemy rating there's probably a deal breaker in there somewhere. - of course that DOES depend on how many and which questions you've answered. Ok, so briefly - Christian, philosopher, libertarian tea-partier ... if ya've gotta problem with that then just "move along, move along, nothing to see here ..."

I wonder if you have a high enough enemy number if you can get like a status change to "arch" heh heh. MuhahahaaAAA!!

Uh, yeah, probably a bad idea.

'Sides, we all know how it turned out for Julia Roberts.
The two of us