30 Bedford, United States
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My self-summary
Hey! How are you? I am a person. You are too? Oh. Good. (Oh god, how do people write these things?)

It's been a good while since I've been on this thing so I'm trying to update everything. And remembering how terrible self-introductions are. Whelp, let's dive right in.

Alright, so I'm pretty much your classic geek. Board games and tabletop RPGs are my jam (who the hell says that?), but I have my fair share of comic books, anime, video games, and fantasy / sci fi books too (and why are fantasy and science fiction always lumped together?) (Oh god, nerd alert, calm down, man, you can still seem cool).

I prefer smaller, more rural areas to the city, however that is probably because I'm in denial. Or because I'm used to the Amherst / Northampton region.

I want to own a corgi someday. I will watch him/her wiggle and/or waggle, and I will laugh straight from my belly.

For people who enjoy this sort of thing, according to the Myers Briggs test I'm an ISTJ, and in the Enneagram test I'm a 5w6. I figure that, while tests like these are not 100% spot on, they do get a lot of the broad strokes, so go nuts I guess?!?
What I’m doing with my life
Well I just moved to the Bedford area, so working (retail), looking for new work, and generally trying to hang out with friends whenever I can.
I’m really good at
I like to think that I'm moderately competent at anything physical or spatial: Building, breaking, fixing, cooking, anything that involves my hands or imagining the overall shape of a thing or place.

I'm also told that I'm good at explaining things, but I don't know about that. I like to think it's true (I'm an English major, it comes with the territory) but I've yet to see it come into play.

Also: Procrastinating! Though that seems more like something I'm bad at.
The first things people usually notice about me
People keep mentioning my voice. I guess it's noticeable? I've asked my friends and they tell me it's deep, and I remember an older man telling me that I should be a singer since I'd sound like Johnny Cash (I don't think that's true at all, but hey, a compliment is a compliment).

I've been told I should go into radio announcing or audio books, and a friend who had odd hearing due to an accident had to tell me to quiet down a lot since my voice resonated a lot more than anyone else's (or something like that).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Name of the Wind, House of Leaves, The Dark Tower. Yeah, a lot of fantasy and sci-fi.

Bands: The Mountain Goats, The Protomen, Death Cab for Cutie.

Food! Yes, please.

Movies? Shawshank Redemption, The Royal Tenenbaums. (I don't really watch many movies. I seem to inherently dislike the industry for some reason.)

Webcomics?! SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal), Dr. McNinja (which is ending. Nooooooo!), and Homestuck.

BOARD GAMES?!?! Arkham Horror, The Village, Agricola (I'm just now realizing that these are all games about dying terribly. Coincidence?).
The six things I could never do without
And now, not in any particular order, but in a numbered list:

1. My computer / the internet.
2. Friends.
3. My cooking supplies.
4. Books, books, books!
5. My leatherman. I love those things!
6. Uhhhhh... Welsh Corgis?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Games I want to play (board games, RPGs, video games, etc etc).
-Sex (Doesn't everyone?).
-Corgis (This is mention #3, for those counting at home).
-Good presents for friends.
-How I can't dance.
-How, even though I set my profile to look for 27+ women, it keeps sending me 25 year olds. Not that there's anything wrong with being 25 mind you, some of my best friends were once 25.
On a typical Friday night I am
...attempting to unwind, hopefully with a friend or two, playing some games and shooting the shit. I'm not the type to go out for a night on the town; I prefer the company of friends I know and like to hordes of the unknown.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I probably don't like your cat. But I will pet that cat all night long.
You should message me if
We can end that sentence one word earlier. You should message me. Talk to me, bring up a topic and we will discuss whatever. Let's both talk to someone random on the internet!