30Cullowhee, United States
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My self-summary
UPDATE: I literally broke a rib within 10 minutes on my last first date. I have nowhere to go but up.

UPDATED UPDATE: Actually it turns out I broke two ribs. I'm an overachiever.

Cullowhee -> Chapel Hill -> Seattle -> Cullowhee

There were some other pit stops but they weren't nearly as complicated.

I'm more of a Goofus than a Gallant, who likes to learn about trivia and interesting stories far more than big t Truth. I'm culturally voracious. I watch movies / television shows/basketball, read too many books / magazines (longform junkie)/ clay tablets, and listen to music because I am a human being in the 21st century. I like stuff.

I'm up for a beer and interesting conversation. I will be nice and, if the stars align and I'm really lucky, I might even be funny.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a librarian who does, in fact, work with dusty old books.

I moved across the country to go to grad school in library science. I was largely motivated by the fact that the my GRE scores were about to expire. I was also motivated by the movie Party Girl. Then I moved back across the country.

Oh also, sometimes people pay me to write about all kinds of stuff. An example of said stuff? I've written about the true story of the aftermath of The Great Escape for Wired magazine and a shocking amount on college basketball for websites, newspapers, and the odd radio station. It's definitely more a hobby than a career at this point in my life, but I enjoy the hell out of it.
I’m really good at
bar trivia and impersonating Wikipedia. I retain things that I read at a pretty high rate and I read a lot about everything. It's a really dorky super power.
The first things people usually notice about me
My long, prehensile tail.

(PROFILE NOTE: Sometimes I ask people what they think about my profile and they almost always say they don't like this and that I should take it out, but it's the only thing on here that I 100% like, so there.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
What people like isn't as important as what people are like. People are more than the sum of their particular taste in media. Let's talk about the "why" instead of the "what". I don't care if we don't like the same things. I'd much rather take turns explaining the "why"!

Books: Calvino, Borges, Pynchon, DFW, the usual stuff and all that jazz. I have a real soft spot for Icelandic sagas, Hamlet, Beowulf, and the Lattimore translation of the Odyssey.

Movies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Persona, Yojimbo, Network, Do the Right Thing, Junebug, and Jurassic Park. I like a lot of movies, which is an understatement.

Television: Deadwood is the best. Eastbound and Down, The Americans, Party Down, Parks and Recreation, Louie, Archer, Terriers, and Justified. The other stuff too.

Music: I went to a Jandek show and then spent the next 48 hours throwing up. It was awesome. I pledge allegiance to the Wu Tang Clan. My favorite songs are SOS by ABBA and Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. It's just music and I like a lot of it.

Food: My last meal would probably be a cheeseburger with avocado slices and sweet potato fries. I like to put pistachios on my pizza with artichoke hearts. It changed my life.

Sometimes people add an extra section here for podcasts or graphic novels, so if you want to talk about My Brother, My Brother and Me or Laika, that would be just swell.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. I fall down Wikipedia holes a lot, so I decided to keep track of the interesting or weird stuff I learn about. You can see that here if you want:
On a typical Friday night I am
Prepping for the big game, coaching the young men of Dillon, Texas. Giving inspirational speeches, saying "Boy, I tell you what," and then taking off my hat, wiping my forehead and mussing my own hair. Unless it's an off-week in which case I am probably helping out Tami or Julie with one of their subplots. Just another Friday for Coach Taylor. I meant me. Whatever.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I really love answering the questions on here even though I think a lot of the questions and answer options are terribly formulated. Reading the explanations other people write for questions is what I actually enjoy the most.
You should message me if
... you are a wizard.
... you want to share your pizza.
... you are a pizza wizard.

... or if you want a reply. I am a replying machine. I will reply to your message like it's my job. I will ignore my actual job to do this, especially if you are some sort of pizza wizard.

(PROFILE NOTE: Somehow, "liking pizza" has become a cliche. I am aware of this and am open to suggestions on changing this blurb.)
The two of us