34Fairfax, United States
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My self-summary
I was born in Indiana, raised in Rhode Island (after a couple years in Boston), lived in Arizona for 10 years, I spent 4 good years in Seattle, and one bad one that ended with me moving East again. I keep the accent at bay but there's still a whole bunch of New Englander in me, so if you don't like the water and sarcasm I'm probably not your kind of person. I didn't much care for AZ's heat, don't let anyone tell you "a dry heat" means "not so hot." I love Seattle, though, it's a great city with some really cool people. Just didn't work out this time.

I'd like to travel abroad more. I've driven up and down both coasts and crossed the continent by car, I fly to see my parents every year (wherever they may be), and I've done a good amount of urban exploring but haven't gotten across an ocean yet. I've lived in the Suburbs for most of my life, but I really prefer a walk-able city or at least to live close to one.
I’m really good at
Swimming. Listening.
The first things people usually notice about me
Glasses and a goofy grin?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Big Larry Niven fan. Have enjoyed a good amount of Arthur C. Clarke, RIP. Really into Glenn Cook's Black Company series but I'm lukewarm on some of his other work. I've been working my way through John le Carré's works and really enjoying them. Have a growing Mike Mignola library. I dabble in other authors but haven't really clicked with any in that way that makes me dive into their whole library. Always on the lookout for interesting SciFi. Lately I've built up my nonfiction collection with a lot of Byzantine (Medieval Roman) history.

HBO's high on my list. Rome was great, especially the first season, and I'm really enjoying Game of Thrones. Community may not technically be "TV" anymore but still a big fan. Death in Paradise (from the UK) is pretty great. I miss Craigy Ferg, and Jon but at least Colbert is back and now we have Larry and Hardwick's @midnight. Enjoyed Hell on Wheels, Justified, Louie, Wilfred, Psych," and others. I may decry reality TV but I must admit I get plenty of enjoyment from Deadliest Catch and (for some reason) Bar Rescue.

I miss Battlestar, Star Trek, and Firefly a great deal. I don't have cable so I haven't caught The Expanse yet. Since I count Lost as a separate category and Stargate: Universe was crap, it's getting to be a long time since I had a good SciFi show to watch.

Love the current crop of Marvel films, for the most part. I hope the next Star Trek isn't a let down. Ep7 was really good but the prequels really burned me badly so I'm still nervous about future Star Wars films. I don't get the hate out there for Brave and Dark Knight Rises, and felt Prometheus was watch-ably bad rather than offensive. Fury Road is a fantastic movie that everyone should own..

PC and PS3, kept meaning to get a 360 too but never pulled the trigger. Haven't gotten into this generation yet, tight budget. Strategy, RPG, sometimes MMO fan. I'm into Shooters but I've avoided many of the recent ones because they didn't bring much "new" to the table, while people were lining up for MW3 and Gears3 I was checking out other stuff. Assassin's Creed games had me seriously hooked, then III came along and I haven't been back since. I've a backlog of games I want to dive into like Witcher III and DA:Inquisition, tried a trial of TOR and liked it but not at a $15/month level so I dabble in free-to-play mode. XCOM is great, the paradox strategy games keep trying to consume my life, and I'm really hoping this time VR really is here.

Never been good at categorizing this, I like what I like and that tends to cover a lot of territory.

I BBQ up a storm when given the opportunity. And yes that's BBQ, low and slow, but I also grill. Getting better cooking indoors, with a recipe I'm pretty dependable. Eating out I love a good sandwich, just no mayo please. The americanized version of Chinese food that kids in the US are raised on I love but I'm trying to get more into authentic Asian cuisine. Also into Gyros, Pizza (shocker), breakfast for any meal of the day, and some fast food. I don't eat seafood, it's not that I object to being around it but it's not my thing in just about any form.

I homebrew beer, though not at my current apartment for several reasons. Would love to get into distilling, though not in a mason jars in rural South Carolina sort of way. For all that I don't drink heavily, I don't really enjoy being drunk and it's not the cheapest habit.
Six things I could never do without
The Internet (I'd like to say I could, but I'd be lying)
Soda (sadly)
A nice place to sit and enjoy the view
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The 2 books I'm trying to write. One's SciFi, the other's alternate history set in the Renaissance. I go for walks to help get the creative juices flowing.
You should message me if
You want to hang out, want a buddy to explore the area with, want to go somewhere not alone, think I should change my profile picture, think I'm cute, or whatever floats your boat. No hate.
The two of us