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My self-summary
Looks like it’s time to get vain in a manner that suggests otherwise. Fact: no one can really subjectively describe themselves without sounding like an idiot, me included. I am not here for sex. That last sentence was utter rubbish, but admitting it is more fun than typing it and trying to mean it. In reality, I’m here to cast out a net to catch someone real, yeah sex is nice but not the main goal here otherwise I wouldn’t be as brutally honest as possible. Honesty is a concept that is lost with most and I can't for the life of me figure out why.

I'm newly single and now know what I definately need to stay away from, so that should make things easy for the both of us. If you have an issue with communication or have the 'let's just not talk about this core aspect of something and maybe it'll just go away' mentality please leave my page. Communication is sexier than sex.

Just say what you’re thinking, what’s the worst that can happen? No one will like you? People will talk shit about how real you are? Your dog will stop being excited for you when you come home? What? A Strong woman speaks her mind, girls mind their speaking. I know what i want....kinda. Do you...kinda? Perfect let's talk about it!

I'm mainly trying to find ladies to laugh with.

I also like long walks on the beach, and mojitos and shit.
What I’m doing with my life
Building my portfolio, making a name for myself with the pictures I take and telling stories with the lens. Making new friends every chance i get, making you and the rest of the world laugh every chance i get. Road-tripping. Getting lost in France, bottle of wine in hand singing Elliot Smith off key. Screaming at the top of my lungs on a mountain top Garden State style.

I have fallen in love with my camera, do you love the camera? Maybe we can have a private shoot? I know how that sounds, but I refuse to think that was the creepiest thing you've read on OKC today. When I say I love my camera I mean being behind it, but if you love being in front of it I think we will get along quite well.

I’m getting lost, I’m finding Waldo, I’m not trying to make sense when i don’t have to. I’m finding the best part of people so i can love them on a deeper level (superficially speaking). I’m a photographer, if you really need a title so badly. I’m alive and kicking why isn’t that enough? I’m awake and if you know what i mean by that without asking then you’re already on my good side. I have a shit ton of projects i want to finish and I want your help, you face, your input. I’m always on the hunt for a muse, shooting buddy, an escape from this place as it continues to not make any fucking sense. I’m constantly creating and if you are too then we need to get together and get proud of something before the sun comes up.

I was primarily trained as a high fashion photographer so that means that I am completely tired of what is considered to be conventional beauty, I like curvy women.

To answer your question OKC, i’m making a mess.
I’m really good at
What the fuck kind of question is this OKC? I’m good at everything, thats why i'm looking for love on the internet. I just stick with what i’m interested in and that is making some damn good art. I have all my teeth, so chewing. I’m also really good at being myself, if that means nothing to you then obviously there's someone out there better at being you than you are.

Talking things out and making sense of the senseless. Delving into the core of any given complex situation and over time reconfiguring it to fit my needs, or yours.

Toying with social norms, people take themselves way to seriously. If I can offend at least 10 people a day just to jar the senses I would, we are so wonderful as people we just need to remember to be human and stop bitching. I'm not a player, i just breach a lot.

Just really connecting with people is what i love.

Maybe i just should have said i’m really good at moonwalking 0.o
The first things people usually notice about me
You can't trick me okcupid, this is that part were girls reading my profile get a chance to see what attributes i think people notice first, which if you think about it is rather vain, because i'm not other people and I don't ask people what they saw/and/or noticed first about me and/or my personality so in reality how the fuck should i know?

Periodically, when ignorance meets tactlessness the phrase "you don't sound black'' falls out of someone's mouth. People who voice this observation aren't really worth my time.

I look a lot younger than I am, for one. I still get carded by bartenders i used to tutor which is either sad or whimsical I haven't decided yet.

Also, people always notice my thick British accent, unless they’re a theater major, then they notice my fake British accent.

I have a smile, and if I like you i wink a lot.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
{a}My favorite author was chuck palahniuk, and his book Invisible monsters is one of my favorites, but I'm a little disappointed with his work of late. David Sadaris,Agustin Burroughs,Ginsberg, Wolfe, Vonnegut, Kerouac and Leary just to name a few. Transmetropolitan, Y the last man.

{b} Movies, sigh. I'm really bored with formulaic sub-plots and translucent characters show me your favorite anti-hero dark brooding psycho thriller and we'll redefine Netflix and chill.

{c},Admiral Bailey & Mad Cobra,Aesop Rock,Air,Alison Krauss,All Time Quarterback,Amon Tobin,Aqualung,Arcade Fire,Architecture in Helsinki,Arctic Monkeys,Artefact,At the Drive-In, Atmosphere,Azure Ray,Basement Jaxx,Bayside,Beck,Ben Folds Five,Ben Gibbard,Bjork,Bloc Party,Blockhead,,Blondie,Broadcast,Cake,Camera Obscura,Cannibal Ox,Cat Power,Ciara,Circa Survive,Daft Punk,Damien Rice,Death Cab for Cutie,Dido,Elliott Smith,Eminem,Fat Freddy's Drop,Fatboy Slim,Feist,Fiona Apple,Fischerspooner,Flying Lizards,Frou Frou,Fugees,Gabriel & Dresden,Goldfrapp,Gorillaz,Hot Chip,Hot Hot Heat,Imogen Heap,Incubus,Interpol,Interpool,Islands,James Brown,Jamiroquai,Jem,Jets to Brazil,Justin Timberlake,Kate Havnevik,Kenna,Kings of Convenience,Kings Of Leon,Lady Sovereign,Ladytron,Le Tigre,Led Zeplin,Lily Allen,M.I.A.,M83,Made in heights, Massive Attack,Metric,Mindless Self Indulgence,Minus the Bear,Mirah,Missy Elliott,Moby,Modest Mouse,Monocaio,Moving Units,Muse,New Order,Nine Inch Nails,Oleander,Out Hud,Outkast,Peter Bjorn And John,Pinback,Pink Floyd,Placebo,Poloroid,Portishead,Q And Not U,Queen,Radiohead,Ratatat, Regina Spektor,RJD2,Robots in Disguise,Rock Kills Kid,Roisin Murphy,Röyksopp Kate Havnevik,Santogold,Secret Machines,She Wants Revenge,Sia Furler,Silversun Pickups,Sneaker Pimps,Spoon,Stevie Wonder,Sublime,T-Bone Walker,Taking Back Sunday,Tears For Fears,Tegan and Sara,Telepopmusik,The BLOW,The Books,The Cat Empire,The Cranberries,The Doors,The Dresden Dolls,The Engine Room,The Faint,The Fugees,The Killers,The Mars Volta,The Police,The Postal Service,The Rapture,The Silos,The Spill Canvas,The Theme From,The Theme to,The Unicorns,The Used,Thievery Corporation,VHS or Beta, Wax Poetic,We Are Scientists,White Town,Yeah Yeah Yeahs,

{d}...anything Italian.
Six things I could never do without


3. Live shows

4. Smash Brothers

5. Puns

6. snarky women
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The opposite sex, and why some girls like to say 'I'm not like other girls', because disassociating yourself from your own gender in some way makes it seem like that's the only way to appear unique, because that's ridiculous.

But mostly how fundamentalism ruins awesome people, so if you're reading this with a cross around your neck were probably not going to have sex, mainly because I find it hard to preform with Jesus watching.

Also, I'm really into sustainable living, so if you're an agriculture genius or a permaculture wiz hit me up!

How to continue staying true to myself even though my flaws and quirks seem to drive the people I love away half the time.
On a typical Friday night I am
Dancing with middle aged women, making them feel 20 again.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I eat cheese when I'm depressed. I like to watch movies starring Maria Cary. My dreams for the future involve batons. One day I hope to star in my own one-man show about the hardships of Multiple personalities in America consoled only by frequent open mics revolving specifically around tofu-based product. Sometimes I cry for no reason and then I realize that the reason is because Matlock is no longer on television. I watch court TV not for the litigation-related drama but more so so i can find new fashion tips. My favorite make-up purveyor is Revlon. I enjoy long walks on the sidewalk. My ultimate dream is to be a featured singer on American Idol. My favorite animal is the duck-billed platypus. I dress up like Shakira to go to her concerts and squeal if she happens to make eye contact with me...maybe i just should have said "i like Shakira"

I think Astrology is complete bullshit, i know half of the women reading this and all the gay men take great offense to this statement but I'm afraid i couldn't give a shit. I know, that was so Taurus of me, right?!

Green eyes are my kryptonite.
You should message me if
You knew i was kidding about that last question, you have awesome curves, or if you like skinny guys with a sense of humor. I love my video games, so if you wanna learn or play with me that works too, (no) pun intended. If you're looking for a good time whether it be in a friend, a free photo shoot or a people watching partner.

I made my opener to this profile harsh and somewhat repulsive on purpose, just so you get a clear view of both the best and worst my personality has to offer, if you made it this far you're clearly a masochist, or fucking awesome. (like there's a difference)

I'm not here for spits and wiggles so you should message me if you're wittier than most, quadruple points for a fat ass.

Please message me if you think the whole meeting in some bar bores the shit outta you but you find yourself doing it anyway just because we as people don't really know how to get to the important parts of each other's personalities in a more efficient and intimate fashion, because that way we could find a better way to do so. Together. Send on over a message if you're NSPP. I wanna meet you!

I'm well versed in the ways of polyamory, but in my heart of hearts, monogamy would be ideal with the right person, but until i find you I'm going to polly it up.

There's something to be said for a woman who is fearless in the way she operates, laughing at pre constructed social guidelines. I'm not a hypocrite I blindly follow them sometimes too, but what I'm getting at is, ladies who message me first gain my attention hard core it says alot about you.

Thank you, for time.

Ok, let's spark notes this shit:
Fiery Redheads? Yes please.
Tattoo sleeves
Funky hair
Eclectic vocabulary
Big butt
Likes to play outside
Nice fanny.
Roller derby ladies have a special place in my heart.

Do not message me if:
You are unable to tackle the concept of subjectivity.
You want to have a one night stand with me without saying so, that's just rude.
you are not so affectionate.
you are materialistic.
you are impatient.
you had to google any word in this profile.
you are 23.

Instagram: romerex
The two of us