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My self-summary
I am a visual designer who can build very complex web sites but doesn't know how to work the copier. I am a life coach who can help people overcome very difficult issues but I can't even read my own hand writing. I like to do things that challenge me and get me well out of my comfort zone, like getting my black belt in aikido after "only" 9 years and performing improv theater shows which still scares the bejesus out of the nerd in me.

As the youngest brother of 5 sisters, I have been well trained at how to respect women, like putting down the toilet seat you know, while honouring my own boundaries.

I am feeling the Bern.

I am not an alpha male, more like an Omega male, whatever that means. But not quite like this guy either :D

I don't expect you to message me first, although if you did that would be awesome. After all it's a social norm for men to take the first step. I get that and respect that. But for me to get a signal TO take that first signal, I depend on your gesture of "like". I use "like" as a principal way of gauging your curiosity to know a little bit more about me. If you do "like" me Its extremely likely I would take that first step of sending you a quick message.
What I’m doing with my life
Update: May 2016.

A lot has happened since I last updated my OKC profile. Here are the most notable highlights:

As somebody deeply interested in healing my wounds so that I can be of service to the universe, I am always looking for ways to expand my capacity to be a better vessel for the Divine Love, Light and Magic. In this spirit I have been so deeply touched by the work of connecting with my own inner Goddess/Shakti. I have completely fallen in love with the spiritual process of Womb Wisdom, and started working wit this sacred ancient teaching. http://sacredshaktifire.com/

Last year I completed 10 levels of Template ceremonies which has started the process of changing my my Divine Blue print. http://thetemplateorg.com/ceremonies.html

As of this moment i am going to go back and get involved again with the OMing practice with the OT organization. I used to be involved there but there has been a long hiatus.

I am also thrilled to be working in my industry for a prestigious spiritual organization close to where I live :)

lately it feels like I have been so blessed to be living in 5th Dimension :)


I have always believed it's possible to do good while doing well, and only recently started feeling it in my bones. This has gotten me super fired up to work on expanding my business.

I went to a business conference that completely blew my mind away, and made me realize how my obsolete way of thinking was blocking any opportunities in expansion the same way a big bouncer wouldn't let anybody in that fancy A-list party.

I see myself one day having my laptop and a carry-on travelling the world and helping people wake up to their own amazing potential by having them appreciate the Everyday Magic :)
I’m really good at
• Listening and holding space
• Leaving vm messages in different character voices
• Learning languages and communicating in a few
• Reminding people just how awesome they are
• Investing in people in critical times.
• Not giving up on things I love to do
• Being grateful to be alive
• Making a delicious juicy portboello burgers and yam dessert
• Staying up all night when fired up
• Taking responsibility and not taking things personally
• Giving young people hope
• Sensation play, bondassage http://divinexperiences.com/okc/clawflogger.jpg
• Not letting reality come between me and my dreams
The first things people usually notice about me
•That I like to play because as they say we don't stop playing when we get old, we get old when we stop playing
• My not so subtle, yet apparently pleasant accent
• That under my calm demeanor there is great intensity
• That I really don't like to take things too seriously
• That I have no time for drama
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A very small sample of what I love, top 4.


Now reading magnificent Elizabeth Gilbert's "big magic" I highly recommend you to listen to this incredible treat: Liz interviewing Brene brown on creativity :)

soul shaping: Jeff Brown
The only book that spoke to me so deeply that I couldn't stop highlighting every line

Wolrldbridger: Juliet and Jiva Carter
A book that completely changed my world view and my entire perspective of how reality works

Spontaneous Evolution: Bruce Lipton
Reading this I saw the incredible potential that I have and every single human being has as well as our collective

the new IQ : David Gruder
This book helped me understand what are the most essential needs in every human being


Matrix trilogy
The most important movies I ever saw, completely changing my point of view about everything in this world

Inside Out:
a triumph, pixars most amazing work showing how numbness is the real culprit in our lives

A gorgeous movie with a powerful message that opened my heart and blew my mind away

American Beauty
A profound movie that so beautifully communicated the power of human spirit, and how we can always change

Peaceful Warrior
A movie about the power of human transformation beautifully showing the triumph of human spirit over adversity

Whoa, after I saw this masterpiece and walked out of the theater I had a hard time assimilating back to this reality. Its an amazing juggernaut with whopper of an ending :)

TV Series:

The most important series ever made by creators of Matrix. What does it really mean to be ONE viscerally? an exploration that penetrated my soul and took me on an incredible journey.

Mr Robot:
The power of hacktivism and the sheer ugliness of greed spoken poetically in a stark story that pulls no punches.

Orphan Black:
A triumph of acting while having a compelling story that talks about some of the very strange things happening in this reality.

The Blacklist:
What does it mean to love someone, and not being able to tell them why. The incredible kindness and vulnerability of a criminal

I just started watching it, and I feel I am hooked. The show deals with humanity, kindness, and being more than we give ourselves credit for. I love the line that says" we need to learn to live together, or we will all die alone" so true.


I have wept to Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence
for hours feeling this is my journey, and humanity's collective Hero's journey

I have loved her since 1984, she has fascinated me for 30 years

Pink Floyd
The deep lyrics, the masterful music has never stopped amazing me

Their gorgeous haunting music enchants me

Katy Perry
From deep transformational lyrics to dance music she will never stop fascinating me


I love persian, italian, indian, thai food. They are all very delicate, carefully put together, rich with spices, gorgeous looking, scrumptious and fragrant
Six things I could never do without
• The incredible joy of being on stage during an improv scene
• Kindness
• The sweet smell of baking a cake
• My tears streaming when my heart is blown wide open
• The ability of human spirit to triumph over adversity
• Feeling the sun over my skin, the sound of rain pouring gently
• Exquisite beauty everywhere from the blade of grass to ocean
I spend a lot of time thinking about
• How to become a better undercover rebel who can be unique and still be invited to parties.

• How to start a movement proclaiming goats without beards are not goats and bunnies without standing ears are not bunnies! I am not sure what they are. What can I say the movement is very much in progress

•If I will go back to burning man one day, when will I get to go to Berlin, and my beloved Rio

• How many shirts, pants should I take on every trip so that my suitcase doesnt explode
On a typical Friday night I am
After trimming my beard I take a hot shower putting on black jeans, jacket and vest and my fedora. I will be going to my theater company next to Lanesplitters, where I will be performing an improv theater show in front of a full house. Afterwards I am ready to go the all night costume party in the city, no worries I brought the kilt and my faux fur coat. I can't wait to be with creative musicians, jugglers, artists, and fellow adventurers for the night.

Lately I would be doing a type of body work which is guided by Divine Spirit. I would do this while using aromatherapy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes I cry watching an infomercials or award shows and sometimes I hiccup while I cough, very annoying.

I find eating dessert a very sensual experience. You can find that and my other interests in my profile on FL.

I probably am at 1.11 in Kinsey scale, accounting for my interest in passable pre-ops.

I am not a demisexual.

One time I told this woman that I was shallow. She told me to admit to my shallowness means that I must be deep. My answer to her was that was the depth of my shallowness :p

My profile may come off as deep with me having deep thoughts (not unlike SNL's Jack Handey ;) ) but make no mistake I am here on OKc looking for playful physical connections and for like-minded women enjoying the same thing, not somebody to have deep philosophical conversations with in person or online. I do love having very deep transformational conversations with a lover as long as the physical part is strongly present. I am also not looking for pen pals.

I put my status as single because OKC sadly doesnt have "its complicated". In fact, i don't know what single means really. The only label I could agree with is open and open to being open.

I consider myself unlabelable not monogamous, not poly, just no labels. The reason for it is best portrayed by Khalil Jibran: https://k1.okccdn.com/php/load_okc_image.php/images/40x41/760x761/0/1552884984756605353.webp?v=2 Then what am I committed to? I am committed to my own self growth in a relationship. So I seek relationships where I can have the highest growth. That in itself means my partner in this relationship would support me in my growth. I will stay in a relationship as long as it helps me grow. Being committed to growth in relationships means I seek a partner who herself is seeking growth. Being in such a relationship helps us both grow. At the same time if I feel my partner is not growing, that means she is not committed to her growth, which means the relationship is not a way for me to grow. At that point I know I need to step away from that relationship.

In other words when I commit to my own growth in a relationship everything else works itself out, and I dont worry so much about labels.

My okc profile is constantly evolving. As Oscar Wilde said: "Be yourself, everyone else is taken". As an effort to be fully and unapologetically myself, stating my desires and speaking my truths tonight I added "casual sex" to my list. However there is a caveat to that.

There is nothing "casual" in the casual sex that I am interested in. That means I am interested in NSA deep connections. Where we enjoy exploring and experiencing things together without any expectation, obligation, or attachment to a certain outcome. While we fully acknowledge, appreciate, understand, honour, embrace, respect and celebrate each other. Casualness to me does not mean not keeping my promises, and it definitely doesn't mean either of us "casually" ignoring our boundaries. Casualness in no way means not telling the truth, not being completely honest and maintaining impeccable integrity. In all the years I have lived my life I have come to learn the most precious thing in my world is my respect for myself. i do everything in my power to never lose that, and I would do everything I can to make sure my partners never lose respect for themselves either. As you can see within a casual container I believe in taking the connection very seriously, and with reverence. What matters to me the most is the depth we can reach in each connection, rather than worrying about the length, duration and outcome of such a connection.

What can I say life is too short so I take play seriously :D
You should message me if
Now that I am getting more familiar with Okc, I keep tweaking my profile to focus on the right connections for me, not just any connections. To that end to summarize I am looking for physical playful strictly open nonmonogamous connections with no attachment to outcome. I also really like passable preops. Also if you are curious about me I would love to hear from you in form of a message. If you are shy please "like" my profile that way I would message you. Just visiting my profile no matter how high our match percentage is won't mean I will contact you.

While I really dont have a physical type --be that appearance, age, societal characteristics, or anything like that; since I believe that can interfere with the magic that universe will create-- I do have a certain type as far as energetic qualities are concerned.

Granted this can look like a lot of qualities I am looking for, I am going deep within myself, asking myself who is your ideal match who you can best serve, and be your ideal playmate? It takes a certain authentic vulnerability and audacity, humility while not settling for less than amazing to ask for what I want. And I guess your ability to read and accept these qualities in itself is part of what makes you attractive to me :)

Please know however just because I have a list does not mean I expect all these qualities. I strive to be an open person, therefore I don't take this list literally rather in its spirit if you will. If you feel intrigued by what you read, and if you feel aligned with me please don't let the list stop you from reaching out :)

I recently made an image of my ideal person that summarizes the following paragraph. In case you want to see it in a quick glance here http://k0.okccdn.com/php/load_okc_image.php/images/150x150/558x800/25x25/460x460/0/14207432153761997514.webp?v=2

The type of woman I find attractive tends to take care of herself physically, without being obsessed. She is in flow and can be spontaneous but she keeps her promises and is not a flake. She knows herself well enough to know her strengths and also is able to allow others to support her . She is passionate and playful while still able to be disciplined and serious when needed. She is open to change, open to new possibilities. She is open minded, and has a beginner's mind, while being nobody's fool, and very able to think critically for herself, and respect herself. She strives to honour herself while honouring others, knowing fully well how tricky that balance can be. She is able to spontaneously break out into a dance or be silly, as much as she can just sit still and have a very deep sustained connection. She can be intensely active at times while she is able to hang out and do nothing joyously other times. She is inherently kind, sweet, and effortlessly caring for others but she knows how to set boundaries and not to be taken for granted. Just like me she will enjoy being of service to others as part of her expression of being. When I speak with her about things that deeply move me she will have an impassioned opinion either in agreement or disagreement but not indifferent. If that sounds like you, "like" my profile or send me a message and we will take it from there. thanks :)

hey to get started I would love it if you play this game with me. http://divinexperiences.com/okc/game.png
The two of us