25Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
Introvert turned mostly extrovert. Tech-buff who hacks brains about as often as computers. Generalist. Dancer. Constantly craving authentic connection, and to know what it's like to be you.
What I’m doing with my life
Travelling Europe for the summer. France, Germany, Spain, Estonia.

Meta-strategizing for my life (and others). Turns out it's the most useful thing to do before anything else.

Adding way too many explanations to my OKC questions because my answers rarely fit into a single option. I consistently like people who do this regardless of match percentage, so if you do this too, shut up and message me now.

Talking to as many interesting people as I can handle

Improv partner dancing [here, laugh at me]

Just kidding, that dance was great

Cross-pollinating people in my life to grow the awesome community of cuddly technically-minded philosopher-dancers in my life who want to optimize the world
I’m really good at
I'm a fast learner, and I'll do well at anything I'm interested in. My particular skill areas include just about anything to do with computers, thinking about complex concepts, and meta-strategizing . Other things include, but are not limited to: martial arts expertise, partner dancing, cooking, mastery of computer games, film production, photography, not getting into terrible arguments, and combating the forces of evil.

I also give really good hugs (references available upon request.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The spirit of this question seems to be "Favourite Media", so I'll answer that.

Not an exhaustive list, but instead a list of the not-quite-mainstream things I like, because including mainstream stuff doesn't mean much.

Dresden Codak, Goblins, Flipside, perry bible fellowship, rice boy, Hark! a Vagrant, pictures for sad children, Gunnerkrigg Court, Girls with Slingshots, Subnormality, Paranatural, Problem Sleuth, minus.

if you follow and enjoy most of SMBC and XKCD, you might be my favourite person.

Websites/Blogs: [Slate Star Codex][Wait But Why][Lesswrong, the website where it all started for me]

Games: Portal, Stanley Parable, Antichamber, Papers Please, Little Inferno, Sanctum, Civ.


Others: Inside Out, Blue Is The Warmest Color, The Martian, The Imitation Game, Interstellar, Her, Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, A Village Called Panic, Koyaanisqatsi, Network, Being John Malkovich, The Game, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Limitless, Catch-22, Easy A, American Psycho, Groundhog Day, Office Space, The Invention of Lying, Wall Street, Looper, Loaded Weapon, the IT crowd, ReBoot, Dollhouse, Daybreak, Firefly.

Music: I listen to mostly Instrumental music when I'm doing something else. I used to think I didn't like pop songs or music with vocals at all, but it turns out I'm just very picky.

Books: The Moral Animal, Calvin and Hobbes, Foundation, Dune, More than Two, Ender's Game, Permutation City, Stumbling on Happiness, The Righteous Mind, Godel Escher Bach, How We Decide, Three Worlds Collide, Rationality: From AI to Zombies (RAZ), Focusing by Eugene Gendlin, Thinking Fast and Slow, Crucial Conversations, Immunity to Change

[Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality](HPMOR), TED Talks
Six things I could never do without
1. The Internet/web/tube/blag
2. Things to fix or optimize
3. Physical expression, be it dancing or cuddles
4. Cool people
5. My brain
6. The San Francisco Bay Area
7. The freedom of creative expression, such that arbitrary limits are more like "guidelines."
I spend a lot of time thinking about

But seriously:
How to optimize the world
how people think
unknown unknown unknowns
how to leap huge [inferential gaps] in a single bound
how to avoid having dumb arguments
[how fun virtual reality would be]
dancing AI
how people think their secrets are unique and no one else has them
[where some feminists went crazy]
[where feminism got it totally right]
how monolithic concepts are actually a lot of different things with nuances
speaking of monolithic concepts; [MOLOCH]
whether I'm approachable or intimidating
what other people do with all their time
if someone will get distracted with all these links
how not to be a [Sphex]
how to be incrementally better next time and not get too stressed out about being imperfect.
On a typical Friday night I am
A global average of my friday nights would be ridiculous, in the same way the average human has one testicle and one ovary.

anyway, in the spirit of the question, I'm probably partner dancing (west coast swing) at some event, or at a party where we discuss how to take over the world before someone else does.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This is like the "what's your greatest weakness" job question, isn't it?

Interview "makes me look good" answer: I used to be a Nice Guy™, but then I got better.

(I was going to make a corny joke about being a "nice guy" but I couldn't think of a way that would be obvious enough because of [Poe's Law], so there's this instead.)

Actual answer: I dislike, even though I understand the reasons for, common informational privacy, secrets, and the like. as a result of many people telling me their secrets, it's become effectively impossible for me to be judgemental. I have this fantasy where suddenly everyone has access to everyone else's secrets, and I imagine after the short-term kerfuffle, everyone is a lot more empathetic to each other.

That being said, I know not everyone reacts the the way I do to uncomfortable truths, and so for now, some secrets are necessary.
You should message me if
The decision theory for you is clear; if you prefer the world where we are friends already, over the world where we are not, click message and start typing right now. you miss all the shots you don't take, etc.

Some good indicators:
-we have a high match percentage (90%+)
-you want to meet up and be friends!
-you found something interesting to talk about on my profile
-you want to go dancing with me
-you want to introduce me to something awesome I should know about, given my other interests.
-you need more meta in your life
The two of us