67Kansas City, United States
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My self-summary
Hi. Self-summary, or 63+ years in 63+ sentences? LOL. Not likely. I cannot count AND summarize, so here goes....

I come from a dysfunctional family in a conflicted culture. There was a lot of it going around at the time. I lived the 1st 1/3 of my life in Oklahoma City, then Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, respectively. I lived the 2nd 1/3 of my life in or near Madison, WI. I may be ready for another move for the next 1/3, plus.

I became single again 8 years ago. My ex and I are friends. My 3 kids have all grown and flown. We are also friends. The kids live in the Rockies, Northwest and Northeast. They are married, and the eldest and youngest have my grand-kids. I could see them all more (a reason for a move?).

I like the cleanliness and roominess of small town and neighborhood living. I like being where people know, socialize with, look in on, and support each other. I like travel, too, have seen much of the continental U.S., and enjoy being somewhere long enough to feel integrated into the fabric of local culture.

I am happy and healthy. I live simply. The golden rule works for me as a balance of taking care of myself and serving others as I would have them do likewise. It all starts with taking care of oneself part, I figure.

My pastimes include dancing, singing, biking, paddling, reading, hiking, chatting, crafting, and playing music. On occasion I employ singing and playing music in my professional occupations of educator and entertainer. I am also a dance caller, and folk artisan. I work in paint, cloth, natural materials, found objects, and up-cycled things.

I speak fluent English and conversational foodie. I love eating tasty, living foods, and find preparing them easy with patience and a little knowledge of spicing and the science of cooking.

I enjoy hosting and attending parties, particularly with co-planners and co-cleaners. I don’t own a tv. I find reality more engaging and encouraging. I like movies, listening and reading. In the latter two the pictures are better. LOL. I get much of my news on the internet. I love nature and when the seas of life get stormy I find peace and calm there. I like seeing things humans have created, too.

I have flaws and issues. Does anyone not? I have independent and opinionated streaks balanced with cooperative and communicative veins. My potential long-term relationship partner and I accept and celebrate our respective weaknesses along with our strengths. I love to laugh. I prefer no drama in day-to-day living. On stage is different. LOL.

I relish most live entertainment, and easily imagine and suspend disbelief in plays and movies. I have toy stuffed animal mementos of past pets. I am politically moderate. I value freedom, responsibility, courage, and commitment; and I like humane, functional, and accountable government.

The combo of kindness, compassion, activity, intelligence, and humor are my greatest aphrodisiac. I don't need someone always like me. I need someone different from me, too. When my beloved and I see things differently we talk & celebrate resolution with tea and cuddling (less fattening than crumpets, but I like crumpets, too).

While passionate and serious about some things, I am generally easy going, and fun company....or so my friends say. Enemies are good opportunities to reflect and give ourselves attitudinal enemas, I find. Let us walk side-by-side and be friends.

At my (advanced?) age I've figured out a bit of what matters and is most important to me. Top of the list is relationships...with family, friends, and the rest of the world.

Woman, if you have read this and feel interested in sharing yourself and learning more about me I invite you to send me a message.

Thanks and best wishes.
What I’m doing with my life
...is enjoying friends, family and community activities; actively taking part in the fun of living; relishing the thrill and satisfaction of doing things that benefit the world; and earning a living with occupations that beautify and nurture.
I’m really good at
...reading almost anything (result of being a delayed reader as a kid. lol); learning, working and creating with my mind and hands; recreational bicycling and kayaking; social dancing; vegetable and flower gardening (wish I did more); teaching, listening, speaking (with practice - LOL), massage, and loving (saved the best for last).
The first things people usually notice about me
are...perhaps the glare off my bald head...or the goofy hat or socks I may be wearing. Take a look and tell me what YOU notice. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many fave's to list, but here's a sampling. Books: Water for Elephants, Fathers and Daughters, Sex at Dawn, & The Fifth Agreement. Movies: Wizard of Oz, Shindler's List, Harry Potter series, True Grit, The Help, As Good As It Gets, Hunger Games. Shows: Sound of Music, Oklahoma, anything Shakespeare, Little Prince. Music: mostly old time and related string band, esp. w/an edge; then swing, big band, r & b, jazz, latin, & vintage & folk rock....generally folk and danceable move me most. Food: almost anything but meat and potatoes, fresh preferred, and weighted toward vegetables whenever possible.
Six things I could never do without
children, elders, integrity, imagination, activity, rest, friends, joy, health, and clear fresh water! ...yes, that is over 6 things and it took self control to stop there. ;?)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...what to create next; where and how to spend the rest of my life; what I am learning about people and relationships; what the world needs most and what I am doing to benefit it; and how to work less, earn more, and live better.
On a typical Friday night I am
...whatever "typical" is, I may be dining on fish, listening to or playing music, dancing, seeing a movie, talking with friends, or relaxing with my beloved or on my own.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I might dance around the house naked (not a spectator sport..lol).
You should message me if
you have the energy after reading this profile, and you...take good care of yourself and give good care to others; ...are happy, confident, comfortable, and loving; ...are a compassionate, kind, fair fighter; ...like who you see in the mirror and have an adventuresome spirit; ...like joyfully getting out of your head and actively into your body; ...are comfortable thinking outside of boxes; ...are interested in and available for making friends, dating, relating, and active companionship; ...are okay doing things on your own and with other friends; ...like an active sex life; ...find me tolerable, interesting, attractive, and acceptable; ...and if you like both light and driving Celtic/oldtime/Appalachian/contra dance/klezmer/jazz/Cajun/blues music and feel joyful while dancing it is a plus...an added plus if you play music, too. ;-)
The two of us