43Fair Oaks, United States
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My self-summary
Let me start off with I AM ME, I will not be fake, just to impress you. I am ALWAYS real, and don't believe in being phony. As a result, you will either love me or hate me. That's all up to you.

I am a FULL TIME (not HALF time, not PART time) Dad of 3 kids, so my time is somewhat limited (they are with me about 95% of the time). I would love to meet an attractive, confident woman that would like to talk, have fun, and see what happens.

I AM looking for someone who wants to meet in real life, not an endless email/text thing. I crave REAL human interaction; touching, smiling, laughing, smelling your perfume; those types of things. You know, the things that come with being in the same room as another person.

So, now that you know what I want, let me tell you a little about me. I am a 40 year old SWM, 6'3" tall and weigh about 220. I have a shaved head (a style I chose more than 10 years ago, and love); and a pretty long goatee. I am a hopeless romantic and despite a failed marriage, I still believe in "true love"; I also believe in having fun along the way to finding that.

I enjoy most outdoor activities; camping, hiking, biking, 4 wheeling, and I ride motorcycles (dirt & street). I am a bit of a fix-it hobbyist, I enjoy working on just about anything from electronics to engines. I do like to watch movies, and enjoy just about all types of music. I love to cook, and even more so, to eat ANYTHING with lots of flavor (this tends to come out in my cooking in the form of lots of seasoning). More than anything, I enjoy doing just about anything and everything with my kids.

I can truly say that I am tired of being alone; I have been on my own for a little over 3 years now. My marriage was over LONG ago, but I was still married, so I didn't look to fill the void outside of that. NO, I do not know how to lie & cheat in a relationship; let alone it be my default. However, just because I was married and we lived in the same house, doesn't mean I wasn't alone for a LOOOONG time!!! Now that I am legitimately "available" (and I have spent some time re-finding myself), I would love to meet someone to spend some quality time with.

I do NOT smoke, and would prefer that you do not either. I DO NOT do drugs, and considering the previous statement, YES, I consider Pot a drug (even with a Dr. note). I do drink on occasion. I have my own place and my own car. I am not looking for someone who wants me to take care of her; I already play "sugar daddy" to 3 (munchkins that is) and don't need someone else taking away from them.

Please understand that being a Dad is my #1 priority at this time; but when I am off duty, I am still a man and want what a man wants; a woman to make me feel like a man. I want to find someone to hang out with, have conversations with (yes, I really want to talk with a woman) and see what happens. I would really like to meet someone that I can connect with and eventually introduce to my kids.

All that being said, if this sounds like something you can accept and respect; drop me a line. Oh, and I'm not interested in "seeing your profile on another site". I will insist on a PUBLIC meeting for our first face to face (someplace like Starbucks or a local bar). This should be sufficient for you to feel safe and not be afraid that I am a psycho or stalker. I am real, you please be too.

Hope to talk to you soon.
What I’m doing with my life
These days, the bulk of my time is spent just enjoying my kids. I am quite busy with 3 little ones, but it is all worth it. Now, that doesn't mean I don't have time for someone new in my life. It just means I typically require a bit of forethought & planning. Unfortunately, I'm not able to spontaneously run off for a weekend, or a night on the town (at least without a bit of time to arrange a sitter)
I’m really good at
Honestly, there's not much that I can't do. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I'm one of those people that can do just about anything (and do it well) if I truly am determined to do so.
The first things people usually notice about me
Then, maybe my eyes. I've been complimented quite a bit on my eyes. Then, maybe my goatee. I've actually been approached in a bar & had women want to pull on it (more than once), as if they expect it to come off in their hands.

As if my physical appearance wasn't attention grabbing enough, I can be quite vocal as well. When I get passionate about a conversation, whether it be anger or excitement, I'm often told to stop yelling. Although I'm not actually yelling, my vocal volume does sometimes exceed my surroundings, by A LOT.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - I'm not a big reader. I have been known to enjoy a good Clive Cussler novel. But more often, it's a business success manual, like Good to Great.

TV - My tastes range from cartoons with the kids to intense dramas. Often, I may be found deeply engrossed in a sci-fi series. I'm a Netflix power user, along with Amazon & Hulu; so I typically find a show & watch it from season 1/episode 1 through to the finalé.

Movies - My all time favorites include Tombstone, The Matrix Trilogy, The Fast & Furious franchise, The Notebook (hey, I admitted I'm a true romantic), Gattica (Never heard of it? Find it, it's worth it)

Music - I truly listen to almost anything. From classical symphonies (Beethoven, Bach, Brahms) to hardcore gangster rap. I enjoy blues, especially live; country (new & old); classic rock; raegae; etc. Pretty much, if it's got a good beat, I'll listen to it.

These days I listen to a lot of bubblegum pop; primarily because that's what my kids like. Not because I allow them to run rampant & take control, but because I want them to know that their opinion & taste is relevant.

Now food - I could go on for days talking about food. I like (& therefore cook with) lots of intense flavors (Garlic, strong herbs, lemon pepper, etc) I am a big meat eater - beef, pork, and chicken. I especially enjoy a good steak medium rare. I do have a strong dislike for fish - both the flavor and the texture (meat is NOT supposed to crumble). Although, I do THOROUGHLY enjoy shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab, even oysters when smoked). I love Italian food; they use such intense flavors.
Six things I could never do without
1.) Steak (well, meat of any sort). I'm a ravenous carnivore.
2.) Pepsi - It is my one addiction.
3.) A good, close shave. I can go a day or two without, but I really feel myself when I'm nice and smooth.
4.) A pair of Levi's 569's. I don't mind getting dressed up, but everyone's gotta have a good, comfy pair of jeans.
5.) My kiddo's. Life just wouldn't be the same without 'em.
6.) A hot shower. Nothing beats washin' the day away and relaxing with a steamy soak in the shower. (well, I can think of one other thing, but we'll save that for a later discussion)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- That the stereotype of guys shying away from a woman with children is greatly exaggerated; while there are so many women afraid to get involved with a guy that has kids...


- Why so many women I've encountered answer "No" or "Never" to the drug use question, YET they smoke pot REGULARLY!!!
On a typical Friday night I am
Curled up on the couch with my munchkins, watching a movie. I know, exciting, right?

On the rare Friday that all 3 kids are somewhere else, you'll usually find me at a local watering hole. There are 3 that I visit on occasion (Shakers, The Couch, or The San Juan Club); & all 3 are within a couple of miles of my home.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My first real love was killed in a car accident when we were only 15. Our love was still in that akward "afraid to say it" stage, even though EVERYONE around us knew it. So I learned that life has no guarantees. Love deeply, love openly, and love freely.
You should message me if
OK, apparently I'm "RIDICULOUS" because I will not give out my phone # until I've met you in person. AND apparently my requiring a first meeting in a public place is not enough security for your safety, without you having my # first.

Well ladies, if you agree with the above statements, then BUUUH-BYYYE!!!

On the other hand, if you can respect my cautiousness with my phone # (not all wierdo stalkers are men, ya know), since my kids sometimes use my phone;


You want a guy who actually cares what you want to do,

Then here I am...


You were NOT born with a penis. Sorry "girls", to each his (or her) own; but if you were born a boy, you are genetically a man. I'm into REAL women.
The two of us