37Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
I'm so glad that OKC finally got hip! I used to hate having to explain being both married and available. We're not swingers, and we're not poly ... somewhere in the middle. The term we use (and the basis for my username) is "friends with benefits." This means I'm not looking for "nice shoes, wanna fuck?" or "let's be madly in love and move in together!" Every now and then, we schedule "play dates" either one-on-one with someone else, or in a group setting.

Our rules are pretty basic - you be honest with us and we'll be honest with you; and my husband reserves the right to meet any new people first and has veto power (no questions asked!). If you're not OK with that, just move on. Also, if you're married/otherwise partnered (and they're not on here as well), I do insist on confirming with them that everything's kosher; I don't condone cheating.

Life is pretty busy these days, with three kids and full time jobs, and two cats, and a house, and all of the domestic duties that follow. When we do have free time, we like to hang out with friends and family in low-key get-togethers. Sitting around a fire with an adult beverage in hand, BSing and laughing our heads off is always good. When the weather doesn't cooperate, we like board games, movies, and trivia. Camping and associated activities (such as drinking around a fire and canoeing) are thoroughly enjoyed when we can get a sitter for the weekend, which is very rare.
What I’m doing with my life
Working at a job that is physically, mentally, and emotionally stressful at times but also gives me a great sense of accomplishment at the end of most days. And relaxing hard core when I'm off work!
I’m really good at
Cooking homemade meals, making people laugh, remembering obscure facts/stories/trivia, dancing poorly, and drawing blood from the medial saphenous vein of a cat. I can also recognize most of the AKC dog breeds at a glance (except for some of the super-new ones ... haven't studied the breed book in a while). Oh - and wasting boatloads of time lurking on Reddit. Damn, it's addictive.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have a really big smile - my eyes practically disappear when I'm really grinning. I like to talk a lot and laugh really loudly. And I have nice cleavage.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'll read just about anything that catches my eye, but I'm not really into sci-fi / fantasy. Recently, I decided to try out The Hunger Games trilogy and was pleasantly surprised. I devoured everything by RA Salvatore in high school; maybe I should give it another chance. I have read all of The Wheel of Time and while the middle dragged the ending was fantastic. Other authors I enjoy include Judith Tarr, Patricia Cornwell, Tom Clancy, Jane Smiley, Faye Kellerman, Phillipa Gregory, Stephen King, Anne Rice, JK Rowling, Harry Turtledove, Barbara Kingsolver, Alice Sebold, Jane Hamilton. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to sit and read uninterrupted these days, so I'm mostly content with magazine subscriptions, and the occasional weekend reading binge when I go through an entire book in two days.

I usually like outrageously funny movies that don't require deep thoughts to enjoy. My husband and I met at a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast party, and used to be Brad and Janet together, while we were engaged in real life. Is that cute or what??

Movies I like: Deadpool, Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, Anchorman, Something About Mary, any Monty Python movie, Harry Potter, and we LOVED "This is 40". That's not to say I don't also enjoy more serious movies, but right now my life is serious enough that movie time is for funsies.

Most of the TV I watch is thanks to the kids. Do you have any idea how many iterations of Power Rangers have been created in the last decade? I do! After they do to sleep, we'll put something on that's easy to watch. Currently, we're on That 70s Show. We recently finished the 2nd season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (yeah, we're behind) and can't wait for more.

Dave Matthews Band is an old favorite of mine. We try to go every summer, but things like having babies and going to the Police reunion tour get in the way some times. Some artists I like off the top of my head: Lorde, Katy Perry, Mumford and Sons, Lady Gaga, Jack Johnson, P!nk, John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, and Harry Connick, Jr.

Food-wise, I'm pretty open to most cuisines. However, I don't like seafood (yes this includes sushi!), mushrooms, raw onions, or super spicy food. Mexican, Thai, Italian, Greek, Japanese (yes there is Japanese food that's cooked), Cajun/Creole a la Yats, good ol' Midwestern comfort food ... so long as it's got good flavor and none of the above ingredients, I'm game. I'm interested in trying new cuisines, so if you know of a great ethnic place, let me know and I might be interested.
Six things I could never do without
High speed charging cables
Corrective lenses
Occasional naps
Fresh cold water to drink
My memory foam mattress pillow
And laughter - not just a giggle or a chuckle, but the overwhelming belly laugh with tears running down your face that leaves you breathless and then comes back again until you're worn out
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How weird it is that while our cells constantly die and regenerate, the new ones pick up where the old ones left off, seamlessly. Like, how many times have the cells in my muscles been replaced since I was born? And yet, I can still walk and talk and eat and swim. I guess it's a good thing that neurons stick around to send those same messages. Deep, eh?
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing something family related, and trying to go to bed on time. I work every other Saturday at 8:15. On the rare occasion that we have a babysitter, we'll go out for dinner and a movie or a walk on the canal.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm an open book; ask me anything.
You should message me if
You realize that I don't have much time meet right now and may not for a while but are still interested in talking on the rare occasions I have enough free time to compose a coherent message. If you can't be bothered to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar I won't be bothered to send you a reply. Yes, I know you're on your phone, but it's not that hard.

I don't generally reply to anyone who's less than a 70% match (previous history) or has spelling / grammar errors on their profile, and will not reply to "hey i think ur hot r u dtf?" Does that shit EVER work?! And you need to have some sort of profile filled out ... give me something to go off of.

And please be local. I don't have time to drive an hour to see / meet people.
The two of us