37Austin, United States
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My self-summary
*Update: Recently moved to Austin, will eventually get around to changing info below*

How do people normally start these things? This is my first crack at it, I'm sure there are multiple revisions forthcoming. Born and raised in San Antonio, I moved to the area recently for a change of scenery and trying something new while still staying in Texas. Turns out there are a lot of Mavs fans up here (who knew) but thankfully the old Spurs Mavs rivalry seems to have cooled off somewhat. I've only encountered good natured ribbing and joking from Mavs fans whenever I'm wearing a Spurs shirt (seeing as about 50% of my wardrobe is Spurs related, this is a good thing)

I think I'm funny (opinions vary) and charming (definitely wrong there). I'm a good friend to several, a great friend to a couple of others, and a lousy friend to the rest. My family seems to think I'm ok, but that's what family is for (though I do make for a pretty good uncle)

I'm very decidedly non-religious. Most if not all of my friends/family are religious to varying degrees and therefore I have a healthy respect for the beliefs of others, but I recognize that my non-religiosity may be a deal breaker for a great many, so best to be up front with it now.

How do people normally end these things? If I think of some better way to end this, I'll fix it in post. Otherwise......... the end?
What I’m doing with my life
5 or 6 years ago (FSM, has it been that long ago?) I decided that I hated my job and vowed that I would pursue my dream job. Shortly after that, I managed to talk myself into an entry level position with a company in the field. 5 years of hard work later, I'm firmly ensconced in the company and we're still growing. It's not the exact dream job I had my eyes on originally, but it's a parallel path that I'm quite happy with, and I'm very interested to continue and see where it takes me.

Working so hard on the professional side of the equation means my personal life was somewhat neglected during that time. I'm ready to start rebalancing that side of things, hence this profile.
I’m really good at
Not taking the bait and endlessly bragging about myself. I'm really quite something in that regard. Also computers.
The first things people usually notice about me
I honestly don't know. I'll poll some people and get back to you
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Neal Stephenson has somewhat ruined books for me. I liked a lot of things. Then I read Anathem, Cryptonomicon, and The Baroque Cycle. Now nothing else seems nearly as good. (I really enjoy Neal Stephenson)

Movies: Only because I was going over the AFI top 100 with a friend the other day, and marveling at how few of the movies on there I had seen, here are the ones on there that I had seen and that I really liked: The Godfather, Butch Cassiday and Sundance, M*A*S*H, Duck Soup and A Night at the Opera. I suppose it's possible that I'm not a huge movie person. It's also possible that there are a lot of movies I like in addition to those, but that seems like a representative enough sample. Oh the Big Lebowski is pretty good too. and LoTR.

Shows: The West Wing (I've watched it far too many times) Arrested Development (same thing), The first 5-ish seasons of The Office, and just about anything with Jon Benjamin voicing a main character (Home Movies, Bob's Burgers and Archer). I know I'm forgetting something, and it's a really great show. Just pick whichever show you really like that isn't on that list. It's that show. I swear. EDIT: Louie! I forgot Louis CK in general and Louie in particular! I mean damn that was close. But also your show. That's on there too. I swear.

Favorite Band of All Time: Clutch
Guy who's music I've enjoyed for a lot of years: Ben Folds
Favorite album where inexplicably I don't very much like any other albums by that artist (I mean some of the other stuff was ok, but I LOVE this album) :We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank by Modest Mouse
Favorite oldies: CCR
Current band that I'm digging quite a bit of their stuff: The Black Keys
Favorite band based in Austin that started in Denton that I found out about before I moved here, and then was randomly excited to find out that they started in the place I just moved to: Mingo Fishtrap

I don't like cheese. Is that weird? I've been told it's weird. I'm pretty ok with it (I've had some time to get used to the idea) but it weirds some people out.
Six things I could never do without
1. The Internet
2. Access to The Internet
3. Coke Zero (cherry, preferably)
4. Beer (Shiner, preferably)
5. Friends (generally)
6. Parentheses (apparently)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Learning new things
How to not get distracted by cat pictures on the internet
What should I be doing right NOW?
How do I make this funnier?
Cat pictures on the internet
On a typical Friday night I am
Working. Hopefully that will change this year.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I recently discovered that I may have minor OCD tendencies. No where near enough to be diagnosable or to require medication, but I think it made it way too easy to procrastinate and keep putting off things I was always 'meaning' to do. So I'm working on that (setting up this profile is part of the 'working on that')
The two of us