20Spokane, United States
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My self-summary
Hey, I'm a Christian, aspiring filmmaker, coffee addict, and folk music fan. I'm on here looking for a friendship and/or relationship. I'm also very positive for the most part, if that's relevant. However, I'm also a bit of a critic at the same time. A skeptical optimist...
Good luck getting through the rest of my bio. It's a little long, but I like being descriptive in things I know a lot about, and I certainly know a lot about me. If you're a) a curious person, b) a big reader who will read anything that you can get your hands on, or c) thorough, you'll get through it. I left a few links throughout for side entertainment.

Also, I'm looking for someone to dance to "This Must Be the Place" with. Always wanted to. :)

"My two favorite things are commitment, and changing myself." - Flirt Bot, Futurama
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently working on two screenplays, one of which is a real-time crime comedy/drama about a convenience store theft, the other of which is movie about a man making a documentary about a man making a movie. It's very meta, irony layered on top of irony and so on, but incredibly hard to arrange properly (hence why I'm still working on it. Total reconstruction after the first draft).
I’m really good at
Writing, critiquing, debating, slipping into small spaces, and drinking coffee.
And drinking milkshakes. (I know this reference is reaching, but I just wanted to throw this one in here somewhere)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Disaster Artist, Room, pretty much anything with a movie based on it.
Movies: Way too many to list. If it's critically acclaimed, chances are I like it. I love Dr. Strangelove, 8 1/2, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Silence, The Aviator, Goodfellas, The Godfather, Magnolia... I could go on
Shows: Fargo, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, Breaking Bad, House M.D., The Office, Parks and Recreation, IT Crowd
Music: Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, Father John Misty, Switchfoot, Talking Heads, Bon Iver, David Bowie, Arcade Fire
Food: Spaghetti, Chicken Wings
Six things I could never do without
No particular order:
1. God
2. Film
3. Coffee
4. Music
5. Love
6. Meaning
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Film, Philosophy, Christianity, Love, Beauty, Stories, Writing, Friends (not the show, though that too, I guess... I'll be there for you)
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching a movie, writing a movie, drinking coffee, and messaging or hanging out with friends. Or reading. Or all of the above. Or something.
You should message me if
you are one or all of the following:
A fellow film buff
An actress
A Christian
A coffee addict
A non-nietzschian philosopher (no nihilists, please)
An indie folk music fan
The two of us