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My self-summary
Beastly Beardy Photos
My seasonal beard starts in early fall and lasts until late winter. After that, my chin goes "nekked." The extra big beard in the photos was an anomaly grown for my class reunion, so... at least you know what the worst-case beard looks like.

Why Am I Here?
I'm not looking for a wife or someone to move in with. I did that when I was younger, and that was fine then, but now I prefer to keep separate households. I've been divorced since 2000, and last actively dated in 2005, so I'm not exactly on the rebound or desperately seeking Susan. I'm not looking for someone to complete me or fill a gaping dark void of desolate despairing desperation (1/2 + 1/2 = 1), but rather another whole and complete person with whom to perform improbable math and maybe sometimes achieve something more than the sum of the parts (1 + 1 = 3.14159).

FYI I'm not a paying member, so I cannot see who Likes me. I apparently have a nice pile of Likes, which Cupid holds hostage and demands a ransom for, but no dice. So if you "Liked" me and never heard back, my apologies.

Online Dating
This whole online dating thing is pretty weird, huh? I did a bit of this some years ago, with mixed results. Currently I'm tossing the line out there again just to see if anyone knocks my socks off. Only three people have ever had that effect, and I married one of them. I'd say the odds of finding that online, or elsewhere, are very low, but one never knows, so here we are.

That said, I have contacted a few people just because I found what they are doing with their lives to be an interesting deviation from the norm, even if my socks were still firmly in place. Feel free to do likewise, if you feel so inclined.

My Socks Are Still On
Over the last seven years, or so, I have declined a number of opportunities for fairly reasonable relationships. Basically, if I can pass it by, then it has not knocked my socks off, and I am content to continue my uncomplicated life. So if I do not take the opportunity to have a relationship with you, it only means that my socks are still on, not that you are in any way lacking merit or that I would not have pursued such an opportunity in the past.

Basic Self-Blather
I'm likely the one who chimes in with an odd or ironic perspective of a supposedly humorous nature. I enjoy discussing everything from religion and politics to science fiction and music. I enjoy this even with those who disagree 1000% with my opinion (for example, any sort of belief in the supernatural), as long as they can keep the discussion in the realm of ideas and not resort to impeaching my lineage or blowing up their shoes.

Creative Stuff
I grew up in a multi-generational household where art and DIY were practiced. I'm into both, and reasonably accomplished with the latter.

Photography has been an intermittent hobby of mine for decades. Favorite subjects include: urban/industrial decay oozing back into nature, moody wide-angle scenics, architecture, tree bark, and nighttime photos.

I miss Kodachrome, but still have some Kodak EIR Color Infrared in the freezer. Lest that sound like I am a total Luddite who mixes his own emulsion for glass plates, I do have a perfectly modern DSLR, and I really appreciate the modern miracle (in the deity-free sense) of extremely high ISO.

Guitar... I own a vintage electric with which I make noise. I do not claim to play; I just fiddle about in my own way. It's fun! I may, or may not, ever attempt to learn proper technique, music reading, etc., but I have fun regardless (not that I would inflict it upon anyone else).

Block Prints and Silk Screening are art forms that I like a lot. I like the simple, solid blocks of color and how they define negative space. I see the same thing in some northwest Native American art. I'm currently playing about with silk screening T-shirts (largely text-based, but including some simple graphics). That's my outlet at the moment, but eventually I'd like to do more with this.

Writing is my day job, and despite what people think, I try to keep those manuals largely non-fictional. I have two novel projects that are still far from being complete first drafts, as well as other projects in lesser states of development. I work-shopped one of the novels and am still digesting that feedback.

I enjoy short stories and have many in various states ranging from finished to a single barely legible "sentence" scrawled with a skipping pen on the back of a restaurant receipt.

Random Personality Insights
I sit meditation style on the counter at work and read the funnies (uhm, the few days I go in to the office). This seems odd to my coworkers... it seems odd to me that I'm the only one who does it.

My Myers-Briggs = INTP
(That's on the full, real paper test. The short (10 question) one on here gave me ISTP.)

Are We Defined By Our Contradictions?
"It's just contradiction!" / "No it isn't!"

- I was a vegetarian / I ate veggie burgers with bacon and cheese
- I hate musicals / The Blues Brothers is my favorite movie
- I don't like spicy food / I love wasabi
- I'm independent and enjoy time to myself / I'm among the first to arrive and the last to leave

You are something along the lines of: Nice, Intelligent, Independent, with some creative interests (art, music, writing, roadkill taxidermy...?). It would be nice if you were in reasonably good shape and of generally healthy mind and body (not too unfit or afraid to hike up a hill). You think for yourself rather than following the trends of the day or the dictates of some god, government, or guy. You think about the whys, hows, and what ifs of how the universe at large works and enjoy discussing them. You enjoy walking around town and hiking in the woods.
What I’m doing with my life
Apparently providing information to this web site.
When I'm not doing that, I manage a little reading, writing, gratuitous automotive modification, T-shirt printing, photography, and gardening. At some point, I'm supposed to junk the day job and semi retire into semi self-employment. Uhm, when does my free health care start?

I'm debt free, already own everything I need, and have a low burn rate, so I do wonder why I keep the day job. I suppose it provides certain rewards in terms of geeking out on problem solving and writing/designing new stuff. Still, if we all had a preset (and known) expiration date, it would certainly be easier to plan for the future... should I be stockpiling cat food for a very long haul, or living like a grasshopper that won't live through the next winter?

EDIT: I am currently retired (down sized) from the day job and starting up my own business.
I’m really good at
- Writing clear, concise, unambiguous instructions (the day job)
- Silly/ironic/offensive ideas for printed T-shirts
- Mechanical intuition
- Writing this essay?
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair is long, so probably that, as these days more guys have gone buzz-cut or Telly Savalas.

As to something that is really me and not just appearance, maybe my willingness to deploy humor on anything at any time. With a little humor you can engage almost anyone in a conversation involving all those things you aren't supposed to talk about.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Non Fiction: I just read "The Story Telling Animal" by Jonathan Gottschall. It is a look into the role(s) of story in human society and how/why that may have come to be as it is. For me, it provided a new way to think about individual worldviews and belief systems, though that is not really what the book is about.

One interesting angle on this is our internal narrative: we are all starring in our own private movie (does yours have a cheesy 70's porno soundtrack, too?). But we are not trustworthy narrators; we delude ourselves in large and small ways. Else, people couldn't get out of bed in the morning and face themselves, much less the day. It is one of the great ironies that a self-aware intellect must mind-@#$^ itself, to some extent, in order to remain functional. It is no wonder that religion and superstition have such a strong grip on humanity, we are built to self-delude.

Fiction: I started reading science fiction and fantasy as a kid. Here are some of my favorite SF authors: J. Armstrong, Asimov, I. M. Banks, A. Bledsoe, P. K. Dick, R. K. Morgan, P. Rothfuss, N. Stephenson, Tolkien, Vernor Vinge. Authors in other genres: Raymond Chandler, A. C. Doyle, E. A. Poe.

A few short stories that come to mind: Killdozer - Theodore Sturgeon (1944), The Machine Stops - E. M. Forster (1909), Original Sin - Vernor Vinge (1972), The Things - Peter Watts (2010), and Poe's stories of "ratiocination," such as: The Murders in the Rue Morgue (1841) and The Gold Bug (1843).

Alien, The Big Sleep, The Blues Brothers, Brazil, The Cabin in the Woods, A Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, Dr. Strangelove, Duel, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Heaven Can Wait, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Planet of the Apes (1968), Pulp Fiction, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rare Exports, The Thin Man, Vanya on 42nd Street, Young Frankenstein.

I see quite a few small movies (stuff that shows at the Fox, stuff with subtitles, stuff made by local people), as well as big budget SF and such. Eclectic?

Shows (TV, I assume?)
I haven't had one since just before OJ took his drive in that white SUV. I got lucky on that.

I have fairly eclectic tastes and typically prefer to hear something new to me rather than a favorite song for the billionth time. I tune in to KBOO, now and then, to hear random unknown things; else I don't listen to much radio music as it is far too repetitive for me. More typically, I use the Auto DJ feature to hear a random assortment of the music I own (AC/DC to Zero One, Aimee Mann to Ry Cooder, The Buggles to the Beatles, Willie Dixon to LARD; The James Gang to Bill Frisell; Bonnie 'Prince' Billy to ML).

My favorite albums tend to be theme albums, albums that sound of a piece rather than a random selection of songs. A few selections from the Ms: Moontan - Golden Earring; Montrose - Montrose; Minstrel in the Gallery - Jethro Tull; The Motels - The Motels; Meddle - Pink Floyd.

Other random albums that do not start with the letter M: Beautiful World - Big Head Todd and the Monsters; Quadrophenia - The Who; El Condor Pasa - Paul Mauriat; My Aim Is True - Elvis Costello; Violation - The Starz.

I went to a lot of big concerts around the time I was in college. These days, I much prefer smaller venues. That said, I did see Joe Walsh a while back, and that was fun.

Mexican is my favorite. Others high on the list include Thai, Lebanese, thin crust pepperoni pizza, and Indian. I try to go light on the simple carbs, else I get nutty food cravings.
Six things I could never do without
Well, how about a few things I would prefer not to do without:
- Interesting things to read
- A fun to drive car
- Salmon
- Pepperoni pizza
- Interesting people to talk with
- Autonomy
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- How things, people, society works
- How to add on to my house, how to finish off the garden/landscaping (or some other such project)
- Novel and short story ideas
- How people come to believe what they believe
- We can put a man (or a dozen) on the moon, but we can't get rid of house dust? It would be the best trillion dollars ever spent.
On a typical Friday night I am
Plan A: Downtown eating, going to Powell's, catching a movie
Plan B: Reading or writing
Plan C: Watching my neighbor play in a local bar

My schedule is flexible. Other than C, I might be doing any of those on a Wednesday afternoon.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think I already said plenty of private things in answering over 500 questions and not hiding any of them. I added comments to a good number of them.

As for the Tests, they seem to be largely for entertainment value, and not very accurate in their conclusions, but some are probably better than others.
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