61Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Decided life is too short and it's time to revisit OKC. Let's see if trading a few playful sparks allures us toward even better time together!

comfortably normal, just enough interesting...

Note: this guy who can write such a crazy tale here also has a serious side. (Do check "click here" links to images and videos--don't miss tantalizing Johnny YT clip) Humorous TMI story (and photo captions) for every fish's fun, even if you don't nibble. If we catch each other, so much the better!

Yes, this page is too long, but if you find it's funny, worth your time.

A spontaneous test drive--almost always a thrill, whether you're serious about the purchase or not. What's worth discovering behind the wheel of this classy Mustang? (Click ➜HERE) Press your dainty toes on its genial pedal to make this energetic humorous short story more than a story. And yes, my invitations are sincere.

Smiles are the perfect refresher! I'm looking for a girl who is her own person but lets me bring out her smiles, because that's what makes me smile, too.

Often the very best finds come from impulsively opening the door to that old shop because an item in the show window makes you curious. Uncover ridiculous unanticipated prizes at humble garage sales? If you prefer attentive creativity and playful wit invitations intentionally interwoven cautiously between the lines--to tired cookie cutter bios, if you've got some girlie girl, if you've ever escaped into a romance novel, if once in a while you venture to color just a little outside the lines but try to do life mostly right--don't just pass Go & collect $200-- read on...

And flitter a few seconds after to REPLY, to at least begin an entertaining conversation. Wordplay and a date or two can be surprisingly pleasurable even if we don't turn out to be long-term. Oh, c'mon, it takes zero to send a single sentence token...however your merciless teasing and tickling may cause predictable outcomes!

[If, for some odd reason, you don't want to keep me for yourself, maybe you have a girl friend who'd get a laugh from a link to this profile:]

Comfortably normal, just enough interesting. How about you? How long has it been since you--indulged in a dreamy tongue twister...let yourself scream...or surrendered to a little crazy? (Me, too. What are we waiting for?) A brief diversion to do something totally off our radar often becomes a treasure that we recall time and again.

Me: A dependable, upstanding guy who's a lot more than the Good Humor Man and too many silly euphemisms. Prefer doing something with you to watching sports (yet like certain huge games). SWM, fun, funny, confident, considerate, optimistic, competent, youthful vigor, conversational, creative, responsible, supportive, sensitive listener, respectful of your wishes, and lots of other likeable attributes to choose from. I look forward to making you laugh and the path of discovering all the things that make it delightful to be with and think about you.

We'll have a great time simply because we're both ready for exactly that. Whether we turn out to be a one-time page (even just for fun can be great), charming chapter (some of my favorite reflections), or exhilarating book (and my steadfast companion), we're into making our story delicious. Let's be open to the spirit of magic and see what happens.

Only your opinion counts here, but women of all ages, vocations and lifestyles seem to enjoy getting to know me and find me genuine, affable, attractive and pleasing--to their friends, too. So take a chance. Reply now, because finding out whether we click might be almost as fun as clicking.

Let's meet at a relaxing place over a beverage. We love flirting, clever hidden surprises, and thoughtful romance, too. We get that sharing a mere cup of coffee becomes magnetic when we choose to let ourselves sensitively savor the experience full bloom. And when our lips surrender to trade chocolate drips and then kindle our new connection, we won't care if it's cold and damp outside.

As we toy and get to know each other, we'll kiss and cuddle on the couch with a delightful video. There is nothing better than treating a lady like a lady. Nuzzle me with your soft nose, and with your affirmation I'll progressively inspire your twin cinnamon candies and entice your little peppermint sugar cane with a dedicated dreamy tongue twister. Giving, to a joyous receiver, is what makes it exciting for me.

Eating out is such a beautiful way to get to explore what makes us giggle and grin. Life is short and we deserve to do it more often. Sometimes giving ourselves a momentary unconventional revitalizing serendipity is just the abracadabra we need to open doors to an amazing relationship. If not, just getting to know you sounds yummy.

Just a thought: if by chance you happen to have an unexpected open time slot, message or IM me (whimsical short notice can be a kick!): maybe I want to put off doing laundry, too. (Click ➜HERE) We can do something way better together, I'm sure. (Maybe not a bikini burger, but we can talk about it if you like.) Seriously! We'll have a terrific time. Spontaneous dates can be priceless, even if our excuse is folding your toasty Downy-fluffed socks.

So what are you waiting for? Send me an email to make me smile. It's easy and costs nothing. Careful with the merciless teasing, though. But I'd love the opportunity to see you giggle and grin! Let's see what happens.
What I’m doing with my life
trying to cope reasonably in this economy, while discovering the joy of at least some of the many things I've never tried

not doing: answering too many more endless okcupid Qs (the tests, though: distractingly seductive despite being possibly unreliable)
I’m really good at
many things, actually, including googling, floral consulting, gazing longingly into your whispering eye, lip service, whistling in the dark...but seriously, "comfortably normal, just enough interesting"
The first things people usually notice about me
my optimistic enthusiasm
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My Interests:
email from unfamiliar damsel
only 1 girl friend
savoring because it is your turn
occasionally watching sports
gardening, fishing
delicately shampooing your hair
cooking and BBQ
eating out
a screamin' tasty juicy no-cal bikini burger
gazing up into your alluring lips
hiking, biking, walks
wide variety of the many activities and fascinations we all have
embracing the beauty of momentary opportunity

ClickHERE for the cutesy lyriced youtube video where Madeline Kahn sings "You'd be surprised". Can't believe how 1919 Irving Berlin is so relevant ;) Do you have an easy chair?
Six things I could never do without
creative writing, witty humor, meaningful conversation, the golden rule, our freedoms of choice, people I care about
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why, if we could figure out how to land on the moon and Mars, why we can't even try to fix our own earth to be a fairer, nicer world...and why government leaders think it's at all acceptable to manipulate and fight like selfish kids, instead of making our system run smoothly and preventing the extreme tail(s) from unfairly wagging the entire dog.
On a typical Friday night I am
too often doing something interesting alone at home, because you and I somehow never connected yet
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that what happens in private stays there...but it sure is nice when we feel comfortable enough to let something happen
You should message me if
your Friday or Saturday night becomes free and you'd like to see if I can make you laugh in the kitchen while I show you a simple recipe that I hope makes you ecstatic about French cuisine, too
The two of us